Sunday, September 11, 2005

Hitchhiker's Guide to Titiwangsa Station XD

Yesterday, had gone to watch Rakugo, a traditional Japanese sit-down comedy but in English, at the KL Performing Art Centre (KLPAC). Kezia tells me it's her first time going for a theatre performance like this, and I think, Heh, got friend to drag along the next time there's a play =D.

But that day, with the help of a trusty thumb, we hitchhiked, first time for both of us.

I meant it as a joke really. After the show ended, we were walking the long stretch from KLPAC to the main road (to flag down a cab) and many cars passed us so happily. It was hot and was getting bothered and we haven't even covered 1/10 of the walk to the main road. Then I heard a car rumbling behind us, and I jokingly stuck out my thumb, the universal hitchhiking sign, grinning to the unseen driver. Then passing us, the car. actually. Halted. I was like, !!!omigod!!!

Kezia was in front of me and so she didn't see me and she was quite blur (she later told me she thought that I flagged them down like a taxi, hahaha!). We half jogged to the car and saw two ladies in there, and one of them asked, "need a ride to the main road?" Hell yes! They didn't drop us at the main road either, they dropped us off at the Titiwangsa station. I kept stammering thank you soooo much. We shook hands, said nice to meet you etc.

Some small talk exchanged. They had watched Macbeth (a very powerful play by Shakespeare btw), and I stumbled across my words that I know that, did it for English Literature in high school but we watched Rakugo instead. They asked and Kez told them we are from LimKokWing and they said, "Creative ya!" and like a bumbling fool, I said, "Uh, Tak Nak campaign failed" (Good God! Can't I stop myself?), but at least they laughed. I think I said a lot of nonsense, but I can't recall. They are students of UIA, which am not familiar with. We didn't talk much because they are trying to figure out how to get me and Kez to the nearest LRT station. How sweeter can they get? Any more and I'll be injecting insulin in my veins. Anyway I hope they managed to find their way out after dropping us off. They had furry pink dices bouncing around the windows. We don't even know their names. That's all we managed to know about them.

What lead us to this predicament? Damn you taxi drivers who don't know where KLPAC is; even though it's deep in Sentul West, we gave you the full add and there are signboards and one operator cut off the line! We even pondered on acting like desperados by asking people streaming outta the theatre for a ride to the main road where taxi supplies are a'plenty. But with reputation at stake (and that we just don't enjoy watching people run like a cheetah injected with sprinter's-drug or smthg), we ended up walking.

But I guess, should thank 'em taxi drivers as we ended in meeting kind souls and a new experience of course.

The area around KLPAC is sp pwetty. It's serene. Nearby there's a quite completed Japanese styled house. They also had benches made out of wires, basically looks like wireframes, it's so sugoi! They even have docks over the lake. As for Rakugo, I highly recommend the it! It's really really entertaining. Haven't laughed so much lately until this show. However, they've done their last show here already, so p'raps they will be back next year.

Actually I've typed out a lot about how the show went, nearly a blow-by-blow account, but I think it'll just spoil the fun if you ever go and watch it. Pity though... finger-exercised so much, all gone down to the drain. (Gomen gomen, just realised this paragraph sounds a bit hentai)

BTW, found out about Rakugo from the Japanese Foundation website, Malaysia punya, so if you're interested in Japanese culture, it's a good place to start =). Also, here's the Rakugo in English website.


Currently, methinks me family is barking mad. Because my dad is barking at the dog. On other news, the pups have stolen my childhood nicknames.

Me mam comes home and yells, "GIRL!!!" and I rush downstairs and she says,
"Eh, hahaha, sorry, I was calling the dog."

My dad opens the door and he says, 'Baby!' and both me and my dogs look up and he says,
"Haha, sorry, I was calling Madie."

So today my dad was smoking a ciggie outside, I said,
"Old Man!!!"
and he looks up and sees me scratching Fido's ears (age: 11 human years).


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1. centerpide left...
Monday, 12 September 2005 2:27 am

hehe I gotta admit, that was one enjoyable read...especially the last bit where you talked about your parents and the made me chuckle :)

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Monday, 31 October 2005 6:10 am

hi, interesting blog, looks like you enjoy your life very much