Thursday, September 08, 2005

Muddy Story

I think I may be repeating myself, but I love rain. Especially when you've just snuck comfyly under the covers, a time just for you, and suddenly you hear the small hesitant sounds of *pit! pat!*, and it begins to rise, a crescendo, like a conductor guiding his Nature orchestra, until the loud humming of my air-con is drowned by the somehow comforting repetition 'pitpats' of falling droplets.

Even when I woke, the sky has stopped wailing, but more to sobbing. Usually when I catch the morning bus, at the end of the one-hour ride, my clothes stick to my body; irritatingly clingy. But this morning, it wasn't.

Whoever said a good cry won't bring any good?

I miss running through the 'sky shower' during secondary school; when me and my friends dash to Petronas. Or whenever my school has an annual run thing, the field is like a padi field, with the 'takungan air' and muddy squishy ground. And about 12 times around the field? We also joke that the school gets us as free labour for bajak-ing. After the run, we'd compare our baju sukan, 'arguing' who has created the best design, mostly spots, worthy to walk down the runway (less glamourous name: corridor XD)

Now it's impossible to love something wholly. There are time when I detest it, when I'm carrying my art works and it pours like cats and dogs.


Currently reigning supreme as a Blog-dict (with a T thankyouverymuch). Blog Addict if you still haven't made the connection. Initially wanted to put as Blo-dict but it sounds a wee bit too, well, erm... *scratch that*. Yep, self-declaration. How shameful. Shameful!

When one link leads to another. And another. It's an endless trail of falling dominos. Opinions that bloom over the net really opened my eyes -also cause a slight shift of me eyes' focus point- and introduces a whole bunch of interesting peeps. But cause a lil damage to social life though, haha.

I bet that there are other people out there whose eyes are just glued to the computer screen. Millions (?) of pixels working together to show us words, images, awww, semangat berganding bahu.


I'm even giving them personalities.

Next topic.

On LRT today, the train kept braking suddenly and sending the many innocent, sleepy-eyed passengers lurching forward (or backward, depending on where they stand) and a torrent of "Oh, Sorry! Ah, Maaf!" followed. All the way to Plaza Rakyat. Despite slightly bruised elbows, I'm quite amused that after every poorly applied brakes, at least 4 or 5 passengers glared so hard at the driver's door (driver protected behind this door, lol) that I'm quite surprised a burning hole hasn't started sizzling there. The driver should be sent back to train in tricycles. Pun unintended.


Sometimes I get too impulsive. It's like a nerve that never went through the neutrons in my brain to get a chopped and signed permission to proceed, but just do whatever the hell it wants her to do just then. I COULD justify that it's me. Take it or leave it. If you wanted me as someone else, go back in time and alter my DNA, genetics, and perhaps, just perhaps, I'll be perfect for you. But it rarely is. Yet it's within my knowledge that this impulsive decisions may harm. Me or you. But then again many well thought out decisions had failed. I have my fair share of good and bad turnouts.

Funny, I mellowed over the years. Mellow Yellow. *go listen to Oldies*

Just a passing thought: Parents dread the day when their children realizes that they are not perfect.

Laugh if you may. It could be you. Soon.


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gianne said...

from blog-city:

1. Seiji left...
Friday, 9 September 2005 8:05 pm

Huh? Blog-dict? Blow-dic? With a 'K' behind? Sounds interesting. GN should start practising on boiled eggs. >:) Hahaa.. anyway, nice and long entry

2. GenieOnTheLoose left...
Monday, 12 September 2005 2:02 am

Wtf, boiled eggs?? thanks for the idea! JOKING JOUDAN! am such an innocent person *tries to hide pitchfork and tail* hahaha.

demo, seiji wa ecchi na hito desu! but somehow i kinda knew you'd like that line... XD