Sunday, September 04, 2005

naked chefs and first world disaster

Sprayed me room about an hour ago. Because the bloody mozzies were making a wedding feast on my limbs (the worse I've gotten is the bottom of toe), and so murder weapon was summoned! Unfortunately sprayed too much, so have to evacuate room. Madie, my silly dog, came into my room while some dozens of mozzies were being murdered, and sat there. Her presence was not known until she started wheezing.

Oh by the way, didn't know if I blogged about this before, but she doesn't sleep with me anymore. I took care of her since she's a month old till 4 months old, but when my college started I put her to my parents' bed to sleep because I didn't want to wake her up so early in the morn when I have to leave for college. I feel a bit jealous because now she's closer to my dad. Milo's the same, but she's my mom's baby. I took care of them during their critical young age, milk feeding, paw washing because she stepped on her own poo (madie - uh she sometimes roll in them too. Eat oso.), training milo to sit/shake hands/beg, and had my share of training them to wee on the newspaper. Also suffered some bumps from tripping over them because they followed me too close. Oh well. Still sayang them. Including Fido, Mr Old Man outside (Old Man inside is my dad i suppose, lol), aka Beautiful Brown Eyes. Fact: All my dogs are brown, since Betsy and Keanny has left us. I still miss them sometimes... Betsy with her Soh-Poh attitude and calm Keanny with her penetrating eyes.
(*Soh-Poh: Stupid woman - Cantonese)

After hauling Madie out of my room and shutting the door to make an aerosol-sauna for the little bloodsuckers, I had to do something not-pc relate while the smell dies down. So I went downstairs and find me mam watching Jamie Oliver, a cook with the claim,stripping cooking down to the basics or smthg. He's quite good and whips up scrumptious-looking & seemingly easy to do dishes. I was aware of him about a year ago, when my colleague in JDH received an attached Microsoft Word file in her mail, titled 'Jamie Oliver : The Naked Chef'. She said it's a cookbook, want it? I said no prob, send it to my mail. Upon opening to my file at home, there's no naked cook in there,
much to my chagrin. Haha, just kidding la. I don't use it... Give to my mam to use. I don't cook, I burn. On the other hand, my mom is an excellent cook and baker. I'm an excellent tester for her food. Now why is his cookbook circulating the net? Because apparently, his publisher sent it to someone when it was still in editting, and that fella forwarded it.
I hope the publisher was only sauté-d and not deep-fried.

I just discovered that on Merdeka Day, all Malaysian blogged in Bahasa Malaysia. Damn, missed it... but then again, it's a blessing in red and white stripes disguise... my BM is absolutely atrocious. If it is exposed here in B/W, I might have my citizenship revoked or something. In high school my BM teacher thought I was from a Chinese school. I nearly failed every karangan exercises. It's still an X-files mystery on how the heck did I get A1 for SPM. I didn't even understand the karangan questions, but I guessed and I hit it. Nearly fainted with joy when Nazatul confirmed it was right. Mwahhahaha, see! Psychic powers are useful after all! (yea yea, psychic powers my ass rite? lol)
But when speaking Malay, er, can say it's better than my Cantonese la.

Currently, am editting some black and white pic on Adobe Photoshop. My Digital Imaging assignment. We're supposed to colour the whole pic, using selection. And my dear lecturer gave us a pic that has those palm tree leaves... so many crooks and crannies. I've done things like this when I was 15 and it is still a bloody tedious job. Very simple. Just really time-consuming.

Whoohoo! My 100th post! I'll celebrate by eating a whollleee pack of Oreos (fat: 30g, XD) all on my own. Yum.

Other than that, my condolences to the Katrina victims in New Orleans. When I first heard of the news, I didn't think much of it, since after all, USA, first world country, they can handle disasters. 4 days laters, I'm comparing it to the tsunami last year. Sufficient help haven't arrived. People are looting everywhere. Babies sleeping on cardboard boxes. Bodies decomposing on the streets. What the heck went wrong? We're talking about the 'Big Brother' country here! They always seem to be butting in one country after another, but this time, why has this internal problem has gotten out of hand? PY told me that it has to do with the poor and some racial issues. The rich managed to evacuate the area, but the poor didn't have the means to do so. And apparently, there are more blacks in that area; and on the news, when they show a black person, "he's looting", when they show white, "he's looking for food". And just found out it's actually photographs; two different photographs and from different photographers though (got this information from Wikipedia). Now they are getting their butts of the ground. And help will arrive... one thing I respect America for is their humane efforts (uh, is it called that?) like homeless shelter, giving free food for the needy, protecting children and so on. I'm sure the people there will do something about it. Hope I'm right.

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