Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Simple Things

Been staring at the screen for the whole friggin' day. *vomit* But that's just over-radiated brain, nudged at my vomit neutrons. Still not bored of pc. Don't know how I do it. But I did. Hah.

As a naive young human, had vowed to not to get jaded, to not grow, to be carefree. Keep that child-like heart. Things should be kept simple. Look how simple that promise is. Fast forward a few years, that promise is half-dead and now it's discovered. Nothing seems simple. Like Shrek said, onions. Layers. Layers, before the core.

I still have not say goodbye. Still want her back.

Maybe knowing isn't too good for one's wellbeing.

One step forward, two steps back.

Still am naive. Only it's in a different chapter.

A few more flips to the next, if am unlucky.

Perhaps in the future, this moment will be sorely missed and be blogged about.

This upward curve of the lips isn't the same like before.

Weirdest dream yesterday. Heart keep racing. Dreamt that I was in a room, 2nd storey, with some other teens. Apparently, a massive earthquake struck every single corner of the globe and things weren't looking too rosy. figuratively. literally it is, the streets were decorated with blood. My whole family is dead, and we get letters from other countries with people offering to adopt us. Internet was still available but all blogs I visited have a goodbye-world-kind-of-post, or 'Page Currently Unavailable'. Asking a guy there, he tells that England got a 'direct hit'. I kept crying because my best mate is over there, and there's no way to reach her. Then running downstair, whole family was watching the telly. They turned and said hi! robot-ically. Like a scene from "The Brady's". Then the ceiling. Woke up. Realise my friend is not even in UK yet. Calmed down.

Didn't get up from bed. Dreamed a bit more (own invention this time). madie scratches door. air con drips water. then got lazy sleepy self off bed, turned pc on and then brushed teeth.

'Get a life' store anyone? *holds discount coupon*

Cashier at GL store: (taking coupon) That sad, huh?
Me (through Paper-Bag-With-2Holes): Shhhhhhhh! Not so loud!

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