Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Slamming Doors and Being Vain

It usually fades in. But this time someone whacked the drums of heaven and the sudden impact made the pregnant clouds burst. An interesting way to introduce itself. Talking about the rain by the way. I treat it like a game of pinatas, showering colourfully wrapped sweets. But remember, too much brings diabetes while too little of it contributes to depression.

My neighbours must be thinking that this house has a very bad-tempered girl living in it as I keep slamming the door, in varying strengths. It went on for like, five minutes, actually. But the tremors are quite obvious la. The doorframe shudders everytime I pull the door back for another go. My left arm must be slightly bigger from the whole slamming thing. Lucky I ain't a guy, sure salah faham wan. Hmm. Dearly hope that no cracks will appear.

And the reason for slamming doors is not because of a hissy whiny PMS-caused fit. I'm doing 'Foley' aka sound effects. It's for my video animatics (and haven't finished it if I might add, tomorrow must let Lecturer see! Haven't even started on animation animatics...Dig grave, dig grave). Other sound effects I recorded with my trusted headphone punya microphone, are door knocks (used my table) and alarm ringing. Not much la. I had to do a one man show of dialogs and narrations as well. Felt damn stupid doing that... lol.

Heh. But foley... I kinda always wanted to do that ever since I visited Universal Studios in LA. They showed us how they made the squelshy-sound of marsh footsteps... it's for this hairy monster called Harry if I recall right... I took a Kodak moment with him, where he draped one of his leg around the back of my shoulder.

... yes, I'm both horizontally and vertically challenged. But that time I was only the latter as I was a healthy 9 year old. (then everything went downhill from there, XD)

Damn, lucky I live by the digital artist's motto of 'Thou must save thy work'. The lights and every single electrical appliance went *poop!* and was left staring incredulously at the blank screen, engulfed by the darkness. I DID lose some stuff, like a bit of this blog entry and one or two really anal adjustment on my animatics on Adobe Premiere. And at moments like this, my father and I reach a mutual understanding. Oh, he works at home, and uses 5 computers. Anyway, you'd hear two absolutely synchronised utter of 'SHIT!'. A perfect score!!! *clap clap* Such a Hallmark moment, ain't it? *sniffle*

Is it possible to wear make-up all the time until when you don't, your own mother can't recognise you?

Nolah, I don't do make-up, with very valid reasons.

About once or twice a year, I get the itch to try some make up (MU). It's not that I hate my face or something, I prefer it au naturel FYI, but have you ever seen those celebrity laydees when they have a nekkid-face? Erm, not that pretty la. Eye shadow, foundation, mascara and what-not REALLY transformed them.

Furthermore I'm a closet vainpot. Haha.

But so far, have been refraining from reaching into the dusty MU compartment. Then what happened?

XiaXue's blog. There's an entry where she posted pics up on how to put make-up (her style anyway). My eyes scanned with interest and my hands started a'itchin'.

So I try.

Anddddd T A D A!!!! The result is..... *twirls, put glasses on and gaze into the mirror*

WTF. I look like someone who has gone through Woman Abuse Prevention Hotline. If mirror could crack it would.
(sorry, no camera, thank gawd)

Hobbit tells me that MU ain't for me. He was showing his durian hairstyle over his webcam. Quite tall, that gelled hair. Compensating for height, I jest. Sigh. Anyway, the last time, I looked like a gawdy opera singer. And before that, a clown. I just never learn you know?

I give up.

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