Saturday, September 24, 2005

Snippets from Thoughts

An ant moving jerkily across my wrist. Quite jumpy than usual actually. On drugs?

A little girl in the train who reminded me of the women Fragonard paints. Rococo era btw.


Malaysia, practice what you preach. Religious freedom? Let Lina Joy fully embrace her new belief/path officially and not "cease to be Malay". What a ridiculous statement, it's a race la. So if I renounce Buddhism (or Taoism), would I be shunned aside and cease to be Chinese? Tis' impossible for this blood is streaming in my veins.


In Malaysian Idol 2 finals, Nita sung the 3 songs damn well, loved her 2nd funky retro song 'Big Spender', while Daniel only hit it on his last one. The song written for them, 'Mimpi' sucks big time. Rivals the big black hole in space. Currently wondering to vote or not to vote. [Nita btw, durrrr] Have only truly watched the final, and I used to hate at-the-end-only-voters (<--this when was a big HUMONGOUS fan of AI 3 and MI 1).


Faizul/KampungBoy was wearing some penguin-low carrot-cut pants. Looks weird and I laughed but got 'rocker' look la. Xerra dyed her hair blue. Niceeee. *thumbs up*

Loved the duet though, it was VERY nice. Phil Collins' You'll Be in My Heart, in Malay. When they're signing face-to-face, I noticed -> Nita so tall, Daniel so short, so cute, hahaha. Latter was wearing a suit with those smart shiny shoes. And the weird thing is? I felt strangely attracted to him. Never in the past weeks. Only this time. Why?!? Is it the grin? Is it the 'clam' hair colour? Chigau!!! (<-- that's 'wrong' in Japanese)

Then it hit me. Has been something my brain was mulling over recently. What is it?? *drumroll and thunderstorms* It's just that... well, there's something incredibly sexy about a suit-clad man. Coat, tie and all. Yea, including those shiny shoes. Whenever I see a guy who fits this criteria and has a lovely face and body to match, preferably with broad shoulders and moderate muscles, the little thermometer in my head rises fast and goes, "Ding ding ding ding!!!! Your maggee mee is ready!" Hahah, jk. Abt the Maggee mee. Anyway, they look so good. Put it this way. They're like solemnly wrapped Christmas presents that are just dying to be opened. Hold on, I'll have to use a bowl to collect my drool.

Maybe the suit makes them look intelligent or smthg. But then my taste is very versatile. Like Joseph Gordon-Levitt in a singlet would do just fineeeee.

Sorry, hormones raging. and typing. and drooling.

Must be the tonnes of Korean fried ikan bilis(es?) I had just consumed.

Gianne, out!!!! (Damn, I miss those AI-addicted days)

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gianne said...

from blog-city:

1. mob1900 left...
Saturday, 24 September 2005 4:01 am ::

"Rococo era" wow, I haven't encounter that word since my LimKokWing days. Mind me asking if you've study art history before? ;P

2. GenieOnTheLoose left...
Saturday, 24 September 2005 4:51 am

yep correct! I like art history... reminds me to gloat that I have PC programs to do all paintings instead of messing up the place. Like oil, takes ages to dry and it stinks. All I get using Painter is erm, radiations and slight eye sore. Hmm.. maybe not too good after all. erm, Undo button rules?

and coincidently, I'm from LUCT. Hiya, senior!

3. dreamer idiot left...
Saturday, 24 September 2005 3:32 pm ::

Just browsed your site...which showcases your colourful personality. Nice blog, you have a lot of interesting and insightful stuff besides your exciting personal life (I live a sleepy existence an 'ulu' part of our country).

4. Seiji left...
Saturday, 24 September 2005 5:18 pm

Quote: "They're like solemnly wrapped Christmas presents that are just dying to be opened."

How would you like to 'open' them? Rips them apart in a flash or strip (err.. I mean unwrap) them at a playfully-slow pace? >:)

5. GenieOnTheLoose left...
Sunday, 25 September 2005 12:31 am

dreameridiot: thanks for visiting my humble blog and for your compliments! =) which 'ulu' part? You can try KL if ye like... guarantee headache. jk =P. depends on how you like ur environment la... surrounded by the forest and getting fresh fresh air (assuming la) or live in hectic haze-infested kl...

seiji: apala, u only comment for the hentai ones??? (o.0) heh, see the situation la.but most prolly the former la. XD