Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Tastebud Treats for a 'Smart' Girl

Woke up from a slumber yesterday and wondering whether I had really woken up at all.

You see, amidst non-logical dreams, I thought I heard me mam tell me that there's more cake, courtesy from Papua New Guinea Independence Day mini celebration (She works with 'em). Upon discovering it's not me mind playing tricks on me, I headed to the fridge, ignoring dinner and Yowza! Three different flavours! Being me, the chocolate one had a red glaring BullsEye on it (<-imagination).

Look! The top is actually shining~! Wahhhh.... And if the chocolate cake wasn't stomach-melting enough, my mom chided me for tasting chocolate first before the white chocolate macadamia nuts. She went harrumph, I should had known you'd go for the chocolate. Eh, you haven't eat dinner?

Too late, have already cut a slice for self and was going to take a mouthful.

After a few bites, I suspected I have died and gone to heaven.

It's so so so so so so so so supercallifragelisticespially-delicious! Oishii! Sedap sedap! Hoe hoe sek ah!!!
*dies from diabetes*

Soft and creamy, and at the same time, you'd get the whole macadamia nut...

I'll never love white chocolate the same way again. BTW, it's a new one from Secret Recipe apparently. Someone please worship the creator of this cake.

The last one was Blueberry Cheese cake. A let down after the previous taste.

Have I ever mentioned before that I'm a VERY smart girl? So smart, sometimes am so totally marvelled at own fast thinking abilities.

Like for example, after lunch yesterday [nihon no tabemono (?)/ japanese food... soft-shell crab, mmMmMmm], just as I was leaving a shopping mall, saw an incoming bus and I prompted boarded it. I mean, knowing my country's public bus schedule, the next may arrive the next century.

Then it took me about 3 seconds to realise that this bus stops like 1km from my house and it was drizzling heavily.

I should had stayed in the mall longer shouldn't it? So the punishment for being a very smart girl, I walked 40 minutes under the rain, with a few stops of course. Also, at the bus stop approximately 3/4 of my journey, aka rest spot, there JUST had to be a crazy guy sitting there talking nonsense. He spoke to me for about a minute and I was being polite. Then I said, "ah, kena pergi la, basah, nak balik mandi. bye bye." (ah it's wet, want to go home to shower), waved and beat it. Along the way I took some pictures. Drenched from top to toe by the time I rung the bell. I read the newspapers then fell asleep, wet hair and clothes and all.

So far no sign yet of Ah Moi's sister, Ah Choo.

Okay, I admit it, that's a really bad joke.

Here's some shots on the way home whenever I could get some shade. (Digi cam courtesy of Kezia's kindness, heheh)

me, at first shelter. 3 minutes into the walk.
multiply the wetness 14 times = how i looked at my doorstep

Hey, borrow me your bike~~! (Am a ride-beggar, haha jk, i did NOT say that)

N0 mangoes? Nvm, nice operator-couple. Let me rest under their umbrella.

whattt? i like roof tiles.

(abv 2)pretty? colour was dull, so had enchanced it. photoshop rules.

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