Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Distressed Hippo is not a sight to behold...

Once upon a time, which was yesterday, a certain hippo was at her desk ready to start her lonnngg backlogged work starting with her 3D modelling. Her feet accidently nudge something. And then blank screen, restart, cannot detect NTLSR (or some shit like that). A burnt smell filled the air. Look down, it's coming from the hard disk.

The innocent hippo notices that, and goes,

"Oh. Fuckage."

Then she flees to her brother, who sniffed and prodded and restarted the PC, confirmed that the transmitter on the disk is barbequed and tells me to find Old Man Inside the House. She knows it's her fault for letting the harddisks hang out like exposed intestines without putting it in properly. She didn't think much about it. Until then. *bangs head on wall*

OMIH aka Dad was out, so she waits and frets and fans the overheated hardware.

He returns, she rushes to him brandishing the harddisk like her baby and waited with bated breath... he announces it Unrecoverable.

U . n . r . e . c . o . v . e . r . a . b . l . e .

It felt surreal for a while. Like I'm floating in space with stars, Gundams, aliens, and Michael Jackson. The psychologically-damaging words said were drifting across my brain that has turned into a jelly-like substance, hence it's moving through a painfully slow pace and letting each pixel of the letters sink in.

I went stupid.

I kept trying to find reasons on why can't my harddisk be saved.

I SMS-ed Kezia, Lean Chiew and Charlene about it.

I cried and moaned for the demise of all my digital pictures, the little burst of inspiration poured into Notepad, the mangas and movies I bittorent-ed, the precious bookmarks I made in Firefox,and most of all, my Sem 3 assignments (which includes my actress, Charlene's PERFECT narration and singing in .wav files!!!)

Maybe it's not so perfect like how I imagined it to be. But now that it's potentially, 90% sure gone, it's like the subtle tones, can never be recreated again, no matter how many times I were to record it. The greatness of its memory since the missing status.

It feel bloody bad when you're doing your work on computer and the power goes off and you didn't save your work. But this... Multiply it by a thousand. The pain... the pain...! oh, the tragedy...

You know what? Everything is falling into pieces now! Have been aiya-ing to my mom, brother, buddies, ownself etc that I'm such a lazy lump of potato. i barely did my work until last week. And now all my hard work, however minuscule, is gone bye-bye.

The loss is not too massive in elephant scale because my files in there are all pretty new due to the fact that my harddisk just died about three months before. And most of the data before that was burned into DVDs. Thank goodness for that.

But the thing is... I can't even USE my computer. For website building, no prob, I can do 'em in me ma's pc, using Frontpage. Digital Imaging as well, because it also has Photoshop 5.5 . But...but... 3DsMax, Illustrator, Flash, Premiere HOW???? *runs around pulling hair from head* The mouse is acting a bit wonky as well. And there's no USB port, it's back to the diskette age.

Kami-sama! Why bestow such bad luck upon this little earthling when her bloody deadlines are only two friggin' weeks away???

Note the 'S' on the deadlines. The S!!! Sssssssss.... *runs out of air*

Strangely about an hour after that, was more upbeat than usual. On the bright side, won't be doing any work when I'm home. Instead, more to planning on how to execute it. In coll. Yes. Will travel to coll to do my work. Yes. Three hours to travel back and forth. Yes.

Beatles sang, let it be, let it beeee, so I guess I'll take a leaf out of their lyrics on this one.

I told Charlene that am doing the 'Save-my-Harddisk' ritual dance to the Higher Power.

So my dear readers, or chatting to self like crazy girl, this is why I'm typing this now in the humble seat of mah college's computer lab. With my own mouse. Their mouse sucks bananas. Hah.

I feel so bad for my dad. You can see the pained look on his face as I showed him the offending hardware. Every computer left in my bare hands always screw-up. The time when I was 8 and I somehow crashed the computer (I knew DOS at this age!!!). The time when I was 13 and dragged my computer through the Internet computer virus heaven. The time when... I think you get the idea don't you?

And this hard disk is new. Barely 3 months old. Because my one before konked out on me (how could you failll meeeeee???). No warranty summore. Anyway, he's gonna ask his friend if there's any way to salvage it.

Bad luck doesn't stop there however. Oh nooo, there's ONE more surprise package.

As I was writing out my plans for this weekend's filming, with Charlene and Rachel (little girl), I smelt poo. Somewhere in my mind, and the fact that I have inborn blurness, I was thinking, crap, my luck is so bad until now also can smell??? But it's not 'Luck'. It's Milo, the overgrown rat. Aka miniature pinscher...'s Poo. Two little doos on my room's floor.

@$&%^*%! Bitch!

Lalala, happy days.

Speck of dust of a problem, really. In view of what happened to Pakistan. Sometimes I wish I knew how to practice medicine so could help. But no. Donations then. They need sleeping bags, blankets, food, medical supplies and more.

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