Tuesday, October 18, 2005

If you stop being naughty, I'll give you a sweet

Was just done reading four backlogged newspapers aka the source of irony and humour imho, due to my hectic scrambling to finish my website assignment the weekend before.

It easily takes up 2 hours ++ of my time, sigh. But there's a good side to it. The thing I like about reading old newspapers is that when there's an article that catches my attention, it's free to just ripppppp it out! I often read or see highly interesting articles and images respectively, but it's just plain unconsiderate to take parts of a newspaper when my family hasn't read them. So I'd think, Hmm, nevermind la, tomolo only cut out. Later I'd forget. Until perhaps, two three weeks later, when sometimes I'd run to the used papers section of my house and rummage through the stack of newspapers and if I'm lucky it's still there and it has not been sacrificed as doggie toilet-mat. Where poo and pee may make the person's face on it crinkly and smelly.

Oh, gone off trail. Meant to talk about rule breakers and the law inforcement's way to tackle it. I'm sure most of us will be aware of the "discounted traffic summons" given to the law breakers of the road. I mean, yea, okay, kudos to them honest policemen who didn't succumbed to bribes. Then the people don't pay up. Instead of fining them further, did they have to resort until DISCOUNTS? It's like legally bribing! Where's the pride, man??

IT'S the Great Malaysian Sale, people!
Hurry up, pay yer summonses!!!
If you miss it... well, there's always next year!!

*throws confetti into a silent crowd*
The only things missing are the contest/lucky draw and prizes. And Siti Nurhaliza on the stage.

Then recently the MyKad roadshow. To encourage people to get their new IDENTITY CARDS. Pause. A roadshow for what? Isn't that supposed to be our responsibility? Handphone lines I can understand but this? Even got "Perodua MyVi and other prizes totalling RM350,000"! @#!$%#$!!! Eh, I registered before the roadshow, wonder if I'll be eligible for it, hmm... Aiyooo, are Malaysians really that tidak-apa? Must be coaxed out? MyGod, until have to treat us like kids...

“We will also be going to the rural areas, prisons and drug rehabilitation centres to help as many people apply for MyKad before the deadline.”

Okay la, to be fair, I agree with the places mentioned above. Granted, it would be hard for the authorities later if irresponsible citizens didn't sign up before deadline. But no need to call it 'roadshow' la weh. At least alter it to make it sound more like an urgent matter than a fun fair. Maybe the name will be more long-winded like, "Setting up booths in XX areas so it'll be more convenient for Malaysians to register...". Haih.

On another note, the whole animal cruelty/abuse thing. The highlight recently was a protected species, a tiger in four pieces destined for the cooking pot: image = a bit gory, click at own risk

It's sad to see such a majestic feline all cut up like that. BOO on you poachers! BOO on you fur-wearing people! And also to those people who use them as aphrodisiacs. I don't know how they can fuck so happily away when a beautiful creature had to die for their short muscle spasm. Which part of 'protected species' and 'it doesn't work' do they not understand? I wonder.

a bit ironic isn't it? a dying species on earth killed so an overpopulated species can go on reproducing. Bah.

And that dog-abuser... only fined RM100??? That is so kacang for a city dweller!!! $%&%^**^#^#%#^^$%&!!!!! What's this spirited talks to prevent animal cruelty but the punishment doesn't teach them a lesson at all? When are they going to upp the fines? When are they gonna ban animal-abusers to get another pet (to abuse) again? Okay la, there would be loopholes in the latter possible-law because they can register the pet under another name. So meanwhile, the fines should be quadrupled. Twice. Let them feel the 'pain' of their actions.

Eh, what happened to those petitions that I've signed so far on this subject???


On a lighter note, I -heart- Dita Von Teese. She's gorgeous, her style rocks. A blast from the past. I want to be reincarnated as Dita. But I don't want Marilyn Manson hanging off one of my arms.

Damn, I over-typed... Need to return to me werk!!



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