Sunday, October 09, 2005

...shitty day for friend?

Was chatting with a friend over YahooMessenger. Suspecting he has internal hemorrhoids, he unloaded a massive amount of gory shit-shit information that... that someone who was eating curry chee cheong fun at that moment do NOT need to know. Summore was eating slightly lumpy Milo powder; oh, Ants tried to conquer it! But I prevailedddd!!! Giant, roawrrrrr!!!!!

Now what IS hemorrhoids? Google it, or click this and this for great visual support!!! (WARNING! at your own risk)

And he's jokey about it. A good patient that nurses would love to cuddle and insert needles gently into.

*bleep*(10/9/2005 2:51:57 AM): i'm not gonna have anal so no need to worry
freakishcity (10/9/2005 2:52:02 AM): ...
freakishcity (10/9/2005 2:52:08 AM): not worrying abt that
freakishcity (10/9/2005 2:52:10 AM): lol
freakishcity (10/9/2005 2:52:23 AM): cuz at the moment no matter who fucks you, u';d still be doing ur wokr
freakishcity (10/9/2005 2:52:34 AM): prolly scold the guy when he push too hard cuz he upset ur drawing
freakishcity (10/9/2005 2:52:37 AM): XDXDXDXD
*bleep*(10/9/2005 2:52:40 AM): ...............................................................
*bleep*(10/9/2005 2:52:52 AM): hmm but that souunds kinky tho
*bleep*(10/9/2005 2:52:55 AM): maybe i shud try one day
*bleep*(10/9/2005 2:52:59 AM): sexual drawings
freakishcity (10/9/2005 2:52:59 AM): *swt*
*bleep*(10/9/2005 2:53:00 AM): XD

I dont know why I keep laughing over this section. I'm demented. I belong to the halfway house. Get me a strait-jacket. Thank you, kind sir.

Continuance -> hari ini! Today la. In MSN pulak. Now suspecting colon cancer. This fella need to get his priorities straight...

*bleep* says:
pray its nothing serious or else i cant graduate
hyppogirl says:
hyppogirl says:
how about this "pray its nothing serious or else i'll die" ???/
*bleep* says:
oh yeah that too

friend's name protected under the psuedoym of *bleep*. Like Kill Bill. What's Uma Thurman's name in that?

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gianne said...

from blog-city!::

1. *bleep* left...
Wednesday, 12 October 2005 1:44 am

omg!! i cant believe u really did paste it in ur blog!

hehe and i didnt realize its that funny until i read it again, LOL.

not sure if i wanna go find doc yet, so far my stomach's been bloaty and gassy whole day long. sigh sigh. hope nothings wrong. dont get it wrong, the gas has no smell okay, its just basically plain oxygen coming out of the rear end which gives temporary relief to the much bloated stomach.

if situation gets worst doc is inevitable but he's gonna have to poke on my rear end to see whats growing in there. ouch =X

2. gianne left...
Wednesday, 12 October 2005 11:00 am

LOL, i DID asked ur permission didn't i, *bleep*? am ah woh-man of mah wards!

hey, you cant smell the gas u know? I dun wanna be in the same room with you for the meantime ~~~! Hey, maybe attach Ambi-pur there!!! Then will smell like perfume XDXD.

Why so much 'oxygen' in u? Got pokok in there ah?

Just get urself to a doc! Or do I have to get a rope and tie you up and drag you there to do so?

Dont say it sounds kinky, lol.