Monday, October 10, 2005

Superman, WonderGirl, those fashion faux-pas superheroes...?

From politicians to teachers to teenagers... Don't we wish to be able to stand firm on our own two feet while raging waves tumbles over us?

Or do we just put on a facade of a hard and proud shell when we're soft and mushy inside? I call it the 'Fried Taufoo Syndrome'.

Sometimes we just start choking, and drowning. We're not mermaids suited for this water.

Then we fall it's just so upsetting. We failed. We're not worthy enough. Put your head between bended legs to wail. This that and other. Maybe we shouldn't beat ourselves so hard over it.

I used to smile all the time, even though I'm crying inside. Even when I cry, I'd avoid making any noise at all. Loud sobbing, moaning... I bite the insides of my lips or my hand, almost drawing blood. For me, I saw it as a weakness, a vulnerable being exposed. Because I used to be a crybaby and was a target for taunts. So I grew scales like a pangolin. but i still look like a hippo when i curl up *grin*
Am not as strong as I look, as opposed to what certain people say about me. I just try really hard to meet other people's expectation for me. Yep, that's me. Rarely good at anything, but just because I give it my best shot and more. Tiring at times, but the outcome could be worth it. potential. still valid until it's over.

However time up for others and time out from my acting role. keep your clapper boards and lights. It's a foray never attempted before.


A Fool. Rushes into things. Do crazy stuff. Fools dare to dream and live it.

In the Tarot, it means a new beginning. a card of infinite possibilities. We're all fools at the starting line. Newly-cut-grass fresh, raring to sprint. Then the pistol goes 'BANG!' and off we go. In the initial part of the journey fools may not care of winning the race but explore the brand spanking new things they find along the way. Happy and unbearably naive. As they approach the end, they get more cautious and rarely do they veer offcourse like they would at first. But then again, they are fools no more.

Sign me up under 'Fool' please.


It's always a sad sight when you see someone carrying away another's material possesions. A strange struggle in my heart, halfway torn. Help, as compassionate human beings? Or respect his decision; let him be a man. He deserves that recognition and not be known to cower under maternal protective wing. And I chose the latter. But it's still heartbreaking to see their stuff sold and carried off, at a stinking low price.

I'm not trying to be righteous. It's just that when I love someone, I tend to point out their mistakes, at times cruel to be kind.

"Based on our policy and practice, the BN elected representatives cannot support a motion tabled by the Opposition."

If you're a Malaysian, you may have heard of two BN reps got lambasted for supporting a motion from the Opposition. I find it ridiculous. I'm not too sure of what motion the two BN reps supported, but that policy just sucks bananas. If it's good for the country, why not? Political parties exist for the people or for selfish reasons?

Reminds me of the China Communists. Long live the party. Those who oppose die la you.

From school to political parties... still suppressed.

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