Sunday, October 23, 2005

The sweetest thing today

5am and I'm asleep! I'm sleep-blogging. Yes I am. Well erm, more prone to utter extreme crappiness in the early morn. Me heart's palpating like mad. I don't feel like sleeping, because there's thoughts in my head that are meant to be said,

At least to me anyway...

I crept downstairs hoping my mom's friend's gone so I can complain to her about the discomfort/sick feeling I had since 6pm. Nevermind that it's 5am. Nevermind that 12 hours wait is too long for a complaint. But patience is the virtue right? Maybe if I ever get stabbed and my 'lifesaver' is busy, I'll just wait until I become anemic, start to hemorrage and then die. Then haunt the said person to complain as a ghost. Wah, I so optimistic leh!!! More like stupidity + determination XD.

See. Crapping again. Back to story. So I'm all 'late-husband-with-pissed-off-wife-holding-pan' a'creeping and it's all snores downstairs. My mom's sleeping on the sofa, her friend on the other sofa and my dad on the floor hugging pillows, snoring. Madie perked up from her dog nap, at my silent footsteps and tilted her head quizically.

And the first thing that ran around my head like Speedy Gonzales on hyperdrugs was... Isn't that the sweetest thing?

It's weird, I know. It's not even cute babies in their pastel-coloured one suit 'jammies', sucking their thumbs and cooing adoringly in their oh-so-kawaii baby cots. Instead it's just three middle-aged adults asleep in the living room (I refrained self from uttering the word 'old'). Haha, I hope they will never ever stumble on this statement. The TV's still on. Wonder if I should sneak back down, and turn it off.

I just wished that at moments like this, time would freeze so I can run to my room, take my SLR camera and snap a shot (@#$#@$%$#^$^ I need a digi cam!!! I can't bloody drag my webcam, which is not working btw, all the way downstairs can I? Can I?). But time doesn't. And besides, I don't have film in my SLR. Instead I run back to my room. Take a piss. Then blog.

Just finished my website for Monday's presentation. But not the time frame, proposal and target audience. Bloody bloody. Highly worried about the rest of my assignments. I'm such a dilly dallier + procrastinator. Keep surfing the net instead of doing my ASSignments (giving me loads of shite, yea). Ah why?

I just got addicted to LiveJournal.

I'm serious. It's like some kind of drug. There's so many communities that intrigues me.

Argh, can't stand it anymore.

Am off to meet my 'drug dealers'.

Haha no lah, mau tidor. ZzzZZZzzzZ now!

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