Sunday, October 02, 2005

"You Sneeze Funny."

It's 4am. And I'm bored.

The other day, I bought '7000 Sound Effect' CD.

And I've been listening to that fucking CD as much as I can for the past few days before I go crazy and hang around in elevator giving life advices to makciks and pakciks and crying toddlers.

Whoever did this CD has an obsessive fascination with birds. Cuckoo.

By the way, Dante's my main character for my 2d animation. The Unfinished Animatics. Character-Design Goal: As long as easy to animate XD.

Someone tells me I sneeze funny. "You should go, AhhhchoOoOo!!! Not 'Chee!! Chii!!'" I nearly burst my bladder from laughing. The expression on her face!! Old habit... I hold my sneezes. I tell her she's lucky that the sneeze actually came out from my mouth. Or else from the other entrance. *hint : green smoke*

Sometimes I sneeze when I look up at the bright sky or directly in the sun. A bit weird right? Macam the sun saying, oi, don't look at me so straight! At least deflect ur pupils, you puny creature! yada yada. It's like, you know the Malay literature about the king's son bowing to someone who's status is lower than his and the latter's butt started to itch. Uhm. At least that's the first thing that came into my mind la. Try to connect it together.

Munz, aka Bouncy Ompha-Lompha, flew over to Bath, England few weeks ago. For architecture. It feels somewat unreal. It feels like it was only yesterday when we were in pinafores, getting into one big silly argument, her freaking out over one teensy weensy eyelash under the plastic cover of her book (oh, that was really hilarious) and being stuck together so much that we're mistaken for twins.

Fave pic. We weren't really ready for the shot so it's nice, lol

I got her a Baba Nyonya purse, inside are a toy shep (glow in dark apparently, wonder if it works) and a dZi bead necklace.
if suffering of insomnia, just imagine a fence because you already have a sheep. Then count. but it'll all be "1...1...1...1...1...". Guaranteed to bore you to deat-- err, I mean, sleep?

Dzi Bead
For protection. Safe journey.

Quite lame, I know. Actually, very.
Am really bad at getting people presents. Never started giving presents until I was in F5. She asks me if I kena cheated for the Dzi beads, because people always like to con me, lol. Typical of Munz. (Munz, if you're reading this, I want pics from the upcoming toga party! Wear bedsheets or curtains!!!) And she's gotten me three dolphin themed stuff, necklace/bracelet, bookmark and erm, this one not really dolphin... looks like a dugong, but so cute~~~!

Maybe I'll scan it and put it up. Sad case, no more digi camera =(.

Damn my erratic moods. I'd swear I have a rare form of Schizophrenia or smthg. But no for now. Because hospital food sucks. Low-fat, low-cholesterol, low-salt... that's not food!!!

A wise old traditional chinese doctor tells me I must avoid all 'Chee-kek' foods. Erm, foods that eat oledi very syok wan, like chilies and stuff. Cold stuff oso no-no, like ice cream. (cue, jaw drop) He told me mam that no seafood for her, and it's her fave food as well. We both went home today as broken women (girl for me). Nola, just exaggerating. Anyway, the first thing we did was buy nasi lemak. me with beef rendang and sambal, and she with janggut sotong. She treats it like it's her last serving of seafood. I treat it as a certain defiance, with relish.

Die then die la.

But of course if more pimples starts popping out like daisies, I'll kurangkan my servings of curries. But chocolates, no. I don't want to look pretty but depressed.

"Doc, I'm trying to live until 100."
"Oh really, that's nice. How do you achieve that?"
"I've turned vegetarian, I run 10 miles a day, I don't smoke, I don't drink, I don't attempt stuff that puts my life at risks..."
"Then what's the point?"

I don't understand some things. Why do people seek immortality by ironically, not living. For me, go ahead, shave away a couple of decades of my time. Immortality without the delicious servings of the world's perks is not life at all. I don't want to live that long (erm, at least over 50 la, then u can snuff me)

But I wonder, if at some point in my life, I'm old, can't get around without a wheelchair, can't control my bladder, burdened by illnesses and so on... I really really hope that mercy killing will be legalized by then. Or else, I'll just wheel myself into the middle of some busy highway. Nah, cause too much trouble. Or drop a pig from a helicopter when I'm crossing the road. That'd be fun. (Copyrighted -> Stephen Dobyn's short stories) But whatever I wish for always screw up a little.

Or maybe I'll die from JE while skydiving or smthg.

felt like doodling. drawing skills suck. trying to get better.

on the right.
i can't draw men~~!!! i like range murata's males though. btw, he's an illustrator, not a pimp.

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gianne said...

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1. dreamer idiot left...
Saturday, 8 October 2005 6:52 pm

nice noodles..oops, I mean doodles, especially your angry face one.

2. GenieOnTheLoose left...
Sunday, 9 October 2005 10:24 pm

hahah thanks... hey 'n' is like, 3.5 keys away from 'd'... very confused fingers? lol