Sunday, November 20, 2005

Love is love

[rant below related to recent hoo-has over the marriage (legally not) which the wife was a man before, and those who oppose it]
[those who dunno wtf I'm talking abt: here]

Alright, I'm getting rather pissed off at those stubborn idiots.

Don't they get it? By stripping them of their human qualities and just labelling them a sinners or transexuals (btw, I do NOT think that these two has any bloody relation to each other), they would rather DENY these people, human beings who are trying to be themselves (hence be happy), their rights and prefer to subject them to discrimination. To a job, to marriage etc.

And also from a newspaper, they can't get health insurance, can't get loans, can't buy a house, can't adopt a child, nor be admitted to a women's ward in hospital. So many CAN'Ts hor? WAIT---!!! they CAN be subjected to arrest for cross-dressing. *smack head* Mada faka...

So you would rather let them suffer, by both legally and personally, reminding them that by being who they are, it's bad. Sinful. Please wallow in self-hatred and don a mask. I don't like you because you're unlike me.

Man, it really boils my blood when I saw this:

"Datuk Seri Harussani Zakaria, Perak State Mufti, said there is no such thing as a man trapped in a woman’s body in Islam.

“If you are born male, you are a male. A boy may start to feel like a girl due to his surroundings when he was growing up. Perhaps his parents wanted a daughter so badly that they dressed up him as a girl when he was young.

“Or the boy, being the only son, was influenced by the feminine behaviour of his sisters. That could also happen if the boy grew up in a household of women with no strong male figure,” said Harussani when asked to comment on Islam’s view on transsexuals."

Good grief! How close-minded can you be? How could you be so blinded to reality?

Let me tell you a story. My uncle grew up in a typical chinese family of macho men. But ever since young, he'd play with dolls, carry around teddy bear bags, wear girl clothes... He's also very gentle and more feminine than his mom. his family TRIED to boy-ify him, but to no avail (take that Datuk Seri!). And yes, he was and is subjected to many ridicules, even from his own father.

That Uncle of mine has since turned Auntie. Very pretty; fair, slim and all. Yea, I'm a bit what?

Now back to boiling my blood.

Sinner? I COULD argue that there are robbers, rapists, abusers, murderers, liars, con artists and so on, that are far worse than what they deem transexuals as. Now that I think of it, the idiots are producing barriers for a group of people who are trying to lead normal lives... so are they not sinners themselves?

*imagine scheming crooked-nosed witch plotting behind darkened windows*

Do you really think by making things hard for them that you will succeed in suppressing future 'trannies'? You really underestimate the complexity of human souls. Or maybe it's really simple and you're just making it complex.

To the staunch and obstinate peeps: I'm not asking you to be flexible. I'm asking you to be human.

To the recently married couple: Congratulations! To Joshua who loves her regardless and Jessie who is brave enough to be who she is.

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