Monday, November 14, 2005


i fucking hate it when people threaten me. my handicap is your weapon? just because i don't know how to do something and your help is necessary and you brandish that fact everytime i do something that you do not agree? that's just low.

thanks a lot man! you fucking ruined my mood for the next 12 hours. people could say, let it be. what's the point of being mad? reminds me of someone who'd tell me, it's necessary to let go, anger is just a illusion.

well, it won't be an illusion once i kill that idiot with my bare hands.

seriously, no lah. i don't staining my hands with blood or else i'll turn into lady macbeth.

but at times, really cannot take it. these people are making me into a timebomb.

lack of sleep thus piss-offness is teethering on sheer rage.

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