Friday, December 02, 2005

Please and Thank You

Collected my MyKad, and thank the forces of nature, it didn't come out as badly as predicted! PHEW! Bloody relief that is. Got into a little mess prior to collecting it. I missed my turn by 4 numbers and humbly, meek-faced went to the counter where I took my number to ask the lady what should I do. She gestured to the counters and said, "Pergi sana, dan cakap kamu ada missed number."

So I waited for any counter to be empty and when there was, I approached the lady there and while brandishing my number, told her, "Minta maaf, saya ada missed number," and she snapped, "Tadi pergi mana?!?". I replied, "Saudara sesat, tak tau naik sini...", but before I finished, she snapped rudely, "Pergi duduk! Duduklah! Tunggu sampai semua habis!!!"

Knowing I'm in the wrong, I just said sorry and thanks. And sat at the waiting place while more numbers were called. But I was feeling quite blur. More people were streaming in and I was wondering when will everyone be finished!

Then I spotted another lady in front who asked all the counters and when her number was called through the automated system, I noticed she missed her number too. So before she went out, I tapped her arm to ask her I'm in the same spot as her, so what should I do? She goes, "Oh, you gotta ask all the counters, see which one has your number."


If I didn't ask her, I'll be sitting there the whole day like an idiot. Anyway, there was only 3 operating counters, so I asked one (when empty) and she peeks at my number and says, "Ah, bukan di sini... Try counter lain?". And so I waited for the last counter to be empty, and then asked the guy there. He looked and nods his head, and tells me to wait a moment. After that my number was called out and within minutes I'm done.

You know what, I don't mind her scolding me. I don't mind that she's impolite to me. I deserve it I suppose... But don't give me the wrong information!!! I didn't even show her my number! What the....

I could do the whole Government-servant-bashing-thing, by twisting my story to make me look like an innocent lamb and them, big ugly hooked nosed monsters.... but I think the truth is generally better than lies =). The others were polite, and only one was rude. So... where was I? I went to eat something quick. Because my friend asked me to accost him and I didn't think much about it. My number was 42/43 (another for me mam) and when I left, the number was 10 I think. But I didn't rush back fast enough I suppose. And yea, I didn't say that to the rude lady because she might just skin me alive (O_o) <[want me to die, is it????]

Hobbit tells me that government servants don't get much thanks. He said when you tell them thanks, they're like, not used to hearing that word. I think it's a stupid that some people treat promoters, waiter/waitresses etc with rudeness as though people in the service line are below them. I hate people with attitudes like that. I always make a point to be polite and thank them if possible.... Unless you're those type of promoters that follows me around the shop, breathing down my neck. You're irritating. At least 1 meter away please.

But ERGH, I always regret being polite and nice to rude people!!! But it usually takes me 10 minutes to realise that they've been rude. Crap! XD

On a brighter note, I got my commission for the supplement phone lines I sold three mths ago! RM65!!! EXCELLENT! Just when I'm broke, lol.

But the spending began...

Image hosted by

... I need a proper camera. Digital. Hate the low quality photos that my webcam produce. It's actually a webcam me loaned from dad... my old chunky webcam is awesome, but stupid logitech (formerly known as Connectix) don't offer Connectix Quickcam driver download. GRRRR! Besides, college assignments require it and sometimes my hand itches to take some photographs [art students are poor because of their love =(].

Kinda miss developing my own pictures, albeit b&w only. But my photos are dead boring... Need I add that my manual camera is wonky and gave me several white hairs last semester *cries*.

Anyway that's from a shop right smack between Sungei Wang and BB Plaza line! It's lovely! BTW, the neon green mesh is sinfully desaturated in that pic! I swear it's wayyyy brighter than that. I know what I'm gonna do with the black mesh, but the green.... Hmmm... it's just really gorgeous and I HAD to get it.

I'll figure something out later... lol.

Next, it was Basheer's, which sells awesome artbooks (damn pricey though), and you could stand there to read or glaze your orbs over the amount of eye candies (but at the same time the store owner will be looking grumpily at you. You'll learn to ignore it after a while [o)_(o]-> thick skinned, lol). And so... I got Territory, RM27 (price hike by RM2, eeek).

Image hosted by

V nice book that features artists around the world, for example:

Image hosted by


A plus point is that it smells really really good... *snorts it like a drug* That printed book fresh smell, not those library stuffy smell. It brings back memories too, sort of.

After that I'm officially broke. Amazing. The brief moment of having RM65 extra in my pocket... gone just like that. Fleeting love gone! Damn.

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