Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A rather... constipation-freed verbal entry

ARGGHHH!!!! So much to blog about, yet my fingers are unwilling to cooperate with my brain for the past days!!!

Looking through Juno Jeong's art, apparently a contemporary version of Hyung Tae Kim... can't see much of his artwork on the official site, because the gallery navigation just makes me want to burn something. GRahhh!!! *godzilla stomping*

Worked as a brownie girl (free brownies for you!!!). I haven't eaten so much brownies in my life (oops.. Look, brownies + chocolate obsessed person = bad combination). Haha, jk, I didn't eat THAT much... my co-workers did though. Oh they were doing other products, like pizza, tiramisu ice cream, some ice cream with alcohol, crab meat + mayonnaise on Ritz biscuit (<<>ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES!!!! The wine was the yummiest ever~~~ XD. It was fun... really fun. And I did look good in their Betty Crocker apron hahahah (although I must admit, I don't cook, but burn)

There's this guy there who spoke to me... DAMN friendly and nice. We were talking about pirated VCDs and he mentioned about how hard it is getting to purchase pornos (!!!). And he has a lot stashed in his computer. I was okay with it. It's normal, really. But 5 minutes after knowing a girl? Whoa, a record! So straightforward XD. There's a few more things he said that I'll refrain from putting here. But yea, he's a nice guy and we DID talk about other things la.

And something worth mentioning: the chiller room. It. Is. Fucking . COLD !!! Try cutting 3 cakes of brownies in a room with negative temperature. I'm a Khatulistiwa punya org weh!!! Malaysia = summer all year long. I mean, it was fun for the first few minutes but after a while, I was worried I might get frostbite. My joints were getting rigid... serious! And maybe the extreme coldness froze certain brain cells because I started imagining if my blood freezes up and hence oxygen will be cut off from the vital organs, and so mati katak la. If I did die there, at least I'll be pretty and nicely preserved XD

The much awaited event for the holiday... COMIC FIESTA!!!

When I got there, I was rather stunned|speechless (perfect for the dumb look). Hajimete yo... First time going to such an event and seeing cosplayers in real life. And it was PACKED with people! The artists/ doujinshi booths were nice; my stash was RAWR, MnU (both artbooks), two posters, OnePiece doujinshi and a set of bookmarks. It's lovely but it really pokkai-ed me TT.TT

The cosplay performance was fun! There's this Rukia in the Bleach performance that I really liked because she sounded and acted SO much like the character (sweet to everyone but Ichigo hahhaha!). The funniest one was the Naruto performance, especially the Kancho part and the 'KO! Then 'winner' slumped down too... *flip banner* DOUBLE KO!!!'. The crowd simply went wild.

Was supposed to get a pair of awesome boots from a forum meber... but the boots didn't fit me sadly. However the owner, Temi-Chan helped when me and Kez got lost in Subang! Doumo arigatou! m(_ _)m

And er... on the way back, I kinda semi-hitchhiked. Much to Kezia's chagrin XD. Tell you in another entry.

Kez haven't given me the pics she took that day (I took some too!!!). *cries* I wished I had my digi cam back!!! Will post them up later (meanwhile, check out the forum, there's linkage to pics!)

Reunion with my primary mates in MV! Gosh, I haven't seen a few of them in 7 years! Less than 10 came though... Yue Ann (smartest kid in our school), Abbilashya (Abi Kabbi!), Christina, Sarah, Man Ee, Lisa, Jacinth and me. Had much fun catching up and reminding each other of our idiocy last time... omg, now that I think of it, we were like mini bitches in dark blue pinafore running around. The drama I tell you... jealousy, anger, maliciousness, stealing, defaming, bullying...

If you want to know, I was at the bad end of the bullying one. As in... ouch that hurt *does the crybaby thing* lol

Last thing... they owe me the pictures!!! Sarah took tons... I mean, I took of her + other friends because she didn't like the way her hair turned out in the picture. We all thought it was alright though, she looks like Lindsay Lohan a bit.

Munz returned from UK and we had a lil gathering.
But this'll be for tomorrow when it's not FIVE IN THE MORNING!!!

Okay. I lied about the short summary. So stab me with a satay stick.

Oh, I got a call yesterday about my juice-girl job(er, handling out free juice samples) in Sogo from the 23 to 25 (working on Christmas, boohooo). She mentioned that I were to wear a short denim skirt. Errr... not gonna look nice in it, but hey, it's your call! *runs off to Rufffey in MV for a discounted one... RM25 if you're wondering* And what else? "Okay, we're going to provide you with a wig..."


It's going to be a very ridiculous one. I can feel it. It's prolly a multicoloured afro to rival Tommy the Clown. And it won't be small either, it'll block a doorway if it had to. Gah. Gah. Gah.

To be little miss half-glass full.... I HAVEN'T WORN A WIG BEFORE HURRAH!!! (It'll be fun. Really. If it's nice, maybe I can request to steal it) I can headbutt people with minimal damage on both sides! (but erm, beats the purpose?)


I can hide my personal belongings in them.

Like Marge Simpson. Yeah...!

Dang... that one hellish long blog entry. Summore no pics (on the way, on the way!!!)... If you reached here, you've prolly read the beginning and skipped the middle. It's the thought that counts anyway lol.

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1. joe left...
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im really curious bout cosplay now. let me tag along if there's one. mun ling is back? haha how i wish i can see u wearing that short denim skirt, with that wig as well, of coz.