Sunday, December 17, 2006

Hello Again, Malacca!

Few weeks ago, I went along with my cousin to Malacca for a few hours, and I snapped loads of pics for fun. Here's some. I love the colour on these pictures, I didn't adjust the levels or colour for many of these. Twas a slightly cloudy day in the charming Jonker Street.

BigFoot sighted in Malacca!

found this gorgeous old rusty beca behind a gate

i keep imagining i'll suddenly see a ghostly figure sitting there TT_TT

cute girl with red umbrella... she stood there for quite some time


NYONYA LAKSA!! spicy sial...

this is a cool place!

say what?

take note, boys ;P

love this corner

to LAH!!

I bought some chicken rice balls to bring back home and then we walked from Jonker Street to Mahkota Parade. The moment we reach MP all sweaty and hot from the walk, my couz gets a call from her bro saying it's time to go, haiya! I wanted to drink some pearl milk tea =((((.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A Tango Evening

My mom, Charlene and me watched "A Tango Evening" in Wisma SGM last Friday.
The smiley face I draw one, okay? XD My seat was wayyy back though.
Since we reached there early ( one hour earlier), Charlene and me went to have a look at the Malaysia-Philippines-Vietnam Art Exhibition. There's some intriguing paintings on display... Three floors worth of art! Okay, to be anally precise, 2 and a half floor, if that makes any sense XD. My favourite was this artist whose art was quite distinct... The mood is great and she/he would draw an outline of something over the painting with white paint. Forgot the name though. But the artist is a Filipino if I'm not mistaken.

There was this very interesting piece on the 3rd floor; people of various sizes kneeling in a circle with their heads hidden inside a pool. Their arms were tucked in, so you can't see them and you could only pretty much see their backs only, that has spiked bones coming out of it. As usual, me and Charlene tried to guess what it's all about. We were coming up with different views, and then it struck us that it *may* not mean anything at all. Observe.

Art Appreciators (or at least, trying to be): Hmmmm..... Ah, how magnificent! *strokes beard* The artist is trying to convey helplessness, and he's ashamed to face the world... Or they are unwilling to see the truth, nor to act upon it, to change things. Like the young generation these days, tsk tsk, how complacent they are... He's beseeching the youth of Malaysia to wake up, and act, and to not be 'tidak apa'! And look! The little people represents the next generation imitating their parents! Very reflective of our society. Yes yes... *strokes beard more vigorously* change the world with your own hands and not act like ostriches sticking head into sand!!! Exquisite piece, this is! Bravo!! Bravo!!!

... when it could be, the artist was just, you know, too lazy to draw the arms and hands...

[Note: It's an imaginary situation, mmmkay? Paintings like these usually has a message within, and it's kind of wonderful that each people has their own interpretation. It's a bit like reading Macbeth. Everytime you read it, you'd find out something new about it. And oh, for the record, ostriches do NOT stick their head in the ground, despite their eyes being bigger than their brain...unless, they're on a suicide mission, like lemmings.]

Yes yes, the tango performance! It was raining quite heavily, so the show was delayed for about 45 minutes.

Quick sketch of the stage because then I wanted to resume chatting with Char (I know... *roll eyes* "GIRLS!!!" XD). From Char, I got to know that tango was started from brothels, since it's such a sensual dance after all. In the beginning, tango wasn't even considered for a slot in national dance competitions, due to its history. But finally the competition organizers came to their senses ;P Hurrah!

Before the performance began, Ambassador Pablo Sader of Uruguay gave a small speech with these words: "The other day I watched them practice. It was amazing, because even without any music playing, they made music with their bodies. Even in the past, musicians would observe the dancers and only then they would compose a piece based on the dance. After that, they will improvise the music." When the show started, I could see what he meant. Very beautiful, passionate and expressive movements. Her feet were quick, precise and graceful. There were some parts where Laura Legazcue (the female half) would 'kick' between Federico's legs. Not something that a beginner should attempt... else, it's bandages for someone's family jewels...

After the encore, the dancers were given gifts of appreciation, as well as the Ambassador. The funny part was during the photo taking session; when Laura was posing with old Mr Liew (?), vice president of Wisma SGM or smthg, she cheekily lifted her knee across him and we were all in stitches. During the reception later (where the audience and dancers mingle, with wine and some food), Federico, Mr Liew and Laura were being photographed, and some of us were like, "Put your leg up!! put your leg up!!" and Mr Liew positively ran. Damn hilarious!!

At the reception,I got Federico to autograph the back of my ticket... Very nice and friendly fella! Gentlemanly I suppose. His hair was neatly slicked back during the performance, but it's slightly messier at the ends here.

Federico signing Charlene's, also thanking her for the kiss ;D

And yea, I spelt my name out for him, but their alphabets are pronounced differently from ours. Their 'A' sounds like 'E', but I didn't bother to correct him. At least it's not 'Giant' (>.<). He couldn't speak much English and I don't know any Spanish words other than, 'Amigo', 'Si', 'Bruja', 'Dos mios!!!' and 'Ai caramba!!', so he explained to me what it meant. It says smthg like, "Thank you for coming to the show. Much hugs. Federico Garcia."

Laura, Federico and several very outgoing ladies!

me, Charlene, Laura and Aunty Chin

Aunty Chin, Laura, me mom + Federico

With me and Charlene (doing a Laura XDXD)
I didn't get Laura's autograph, but she was one gorgeous and absolutely charming lady. She's the type who walks into the room and everyone turns. Just told her I enjoyed her performance a lot, and even with limited English, she's really charismatic. Must add, cheeky as well! XD

Well, the night ends. Oh btw, if any of you want to be updated on any cultural activities happening in Wisma SGM, have a visit here. Especially if you're the artsy fartsy sort like me =P. The last time I went there was for the South America film festival screening, v nice.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Mylo is currently giving me the puppy eyes treatment because she and Madie (aka Something Furry) are stuck in my room due to the arrival of electricians for some electrical ailments my house is having. I'm not to 'release' them until they are gone.

... crap, now Madie joined forces with Mylo. I must be strong, I must be strong....

Also, if there's such a thing as fixing something too well, these electricians did it on my air-con. Because for the past 3 days, my snot have been turning into icicles it's too damn cold in here, even when I raised the usual temperature by 3 degrees. Or maybe I've just gotten weaker or smthg... Why isn't my gemuk protecting me from the cold?? ????????

Fabrics gotten from memorable taxi ride day:

Most of them are only 50cm long... I love the brown one best!
Tartan, is it?
... I think I got 2 or 3 meters of this. Momentary obsession really ;__;.
Loving the texture, but it's shiny. No idea what to do with it ^_^;;;. Any bright ideas?

Uhm, have yet to make the plushie, aiks. Think I've found one fabric store to add to my favourites. Wished there were more selections for cotton fabrics here. So hard to find quirky novelty prints. And why is it so bloody hard to find T-shirt fabric in KL??? Cotton knit, stretch knit, jersey knit etc. The closest one I found are these really cheap jersey fabric from Kamdar, but those sucks big time because when I ironed them, it shrivelled and harden. Yes yes, lower the iron heat, but I still don't like that fabric.

Here's an update on the dress:

WIP dress01WIP dress02

Just testing around with a velvet ribbon (stand-in for bow) and a folded black cloth (black belt?). Doesn't look lolita-ish by now, but still looks quite nice, like in a 50's poodle-skirt kind of thing. But you know what, took these pictures around last week, and I have yet to resume my work. Have done the one armhole, but it's hard. Hemming curved edges gives me a headache because I don't know how, thus they look rather wonky. As in, you fold the edge twice to prevent fraying and sew it. I've read a tutorial on it and wanted to pengsan. *stares at skirt's big big curve*

WIP dress 03
Ze armhole there... Cacat-ed, right??
My dad agrees ;__;

Quite a number of flaws here and there actually, like the waist line is higher in the back, and please don't look inside the dress because it's n00b-galore XDXD

Random related pictures:

I like this seam because it's straight~
Oh you can see the scribbles on Jenna too, lol

Flare big big....

... then realised there's not enough cloth XDXD

Four pieces of this.

Feeling lethargic lately. Sleeping 10 hours a day = not good.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Trekking my jungle of a room

This is Mylo.

And she says hello.

"Something Furry is licking me!"

And Mylo finds that quite amusing to see.

Thus, Something Furry and Mylo walked off into the sunset

as best friends even though they have barely met.

... well, I never said I was a poet, did I? Nvm, just concentrate on the cuteness of me dogs.

     On other news, I can finally remove the pails from beneath my air-con. The electricians came today to fix it... I've never been so relieved, because the leak was getting worse (as in half the pail filled after 8 hours, not counting the small container below and the water that overflowed) and the dripping sound is just so.... *bloop bloop bloop* (irritating and kinda scary).

Bye bye pails!


     Went to KL Convention Centre last Thursday, after a last minute news that a SIGGRAPH/GRAPHITE animation screening will be held there. Told whichever classmate I could catch online, but none went TT_TT. Closest was William, but he got there too late and the ppl said it's closed or smthg. Anyway, met LC there after walking up and down, feeling rather lost. Then as usual, our chat is full of bullness. But fun XD! Met Sandora in person, character designer for Saladin, v friendly.

     The show started with a speech about the local animation industry. Foreign companies have already been hiring the skills of talented M'sian artists, animators and designers. About Saladin, and the Government's investment in it because they realised the importance of animation. In the coming years, the amount of animation graduates will rise drastically etc.

     After that, they played the trailer for Saladin... finally got to see it! Hobbit has been telling me how it's not that good yada yada, but I like it. There's a few bits that can be improved, but so far, they're good to go. Then a little more speech by this guy, and then they played a video that showcases the works by the local industry (nice). After that, they passed the mike to Terrence Masson. He was telling us that SIGGRAPH received over 400 or 900 works from 40 countries, and out of those, they picked out only 90+. So the quality is very very high. The screening starts...

     Cue for many gorgeous, mystical, humourous and jaw-dropping 3d animation, about 2 hours++ back to back (must admit to butt pain). Can't find any of those animations on YouTube, except for this. I didn't like Abstract Category winner one though... it's more of "Wow, how did they do that?", but it's pretty much a snooze fest. There's this one that involves a hamster, and that's my fave. Luis smthg. Another fave is Goh Fujita's work. Also, really like those that they incorporated into movies, like King Kong. Gosh, the details... well, generally, the standard of all of them are phwoar-worthy... wondering how old will I be before I can reach that level, hahah.

     There was this networking party@Shrooms after that and we just went to check it out. Verdict is... eh nothing much. Food and people mingling. Latter only if you know someone there XD.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Birthday suits and whatnot

     I don't know how many of you will agree with me but... is it me, or is society becoming more uptight and sensitive as the years go by? I mean, people were more open about certain subjects in the past, but now people are trying to make it into a taboo subject. Let's see, for instance...

     Any of you have photographs of yourself during baby and toddler years in your birthday suit? I do. Mostly playing with water. It was still 1980's and the photographs has rounded edges and soft colours. Oh, the possibility of embarassing moments when mothers conveniently remember them ALOUD when guests are over. And when brought out, it will give birth to, "Oh you know when he/she was 2, he/she did *insert hilarious moment that you have NO recollection of*" and everyone is amused and entertained. Last time people don't even give a hoot about photos like that (depends on society though), but now more are squirming uncomfortably over it. Am sure their heads are screaming 'ZOMGPAEDOPHILES!!11!" but it's really not like that at all.

     Intending to bring up another example of the clothing rule in next paragraph, but I digressed... Same line but diff branch, and I'm lazy to steer back. But you'll prolly get the general idea la (I like to assume things like this XD)

     Anyway, it seems recently, people stirred up issues of race, religion, sex and gender, willingly or not. Race and religion will be an everlasting sensitive topic while sex, well, forever controversial... but the fact that in this day and time, yet again women have to stand up to fight for a BASIC amount of respect is quite disheartening. It's disheartening to see certain men accusing women for their own lack of self control. Whatever la. If you want to point, please use your fingers while it's connected to brain, and not use the other pointer ( go figure).
Time after time, another silly rule with soft excuses. What's next? Lock girls and women up in the house? And their only purpose is to serve people food, sing them lullabies and to pop out babies like daisies? I'm not saying that any of those purposes is degrading or wrong, but humans are capable of doing other things than that, that's all.

     In reference to Nik Aziz's latest comment (am forever marvelled by his 'wise' words), if there is a connection between the clothes we wear and the amount of self-respect we have, I've failed to spot it.

“A woman who wears an indecent outfit does not respect herself,
so how can she expect men to respect her?”

How you know? Been a woman before is it? Hello, wearing a miniskirt does not translate to: Hi, please rape me, kthx. If you do think that way, holy crap, your brain is all wired wrong. Honestly, WE respect ourselves... and all we can ask is for YOU to respect us. Okay?

     Oh, my brain is pointing somewhere else again. There's actually a lullaby-singing contest in Kelantan now. It's where wives sing lullabies to their hubby and kid, and the one with the best motherly-like lullaby will win, or smthg like that la. Okay, minus the whole "OMGWHYONLYWOMENNEEDTODOTHAT!!11!", I think the contest will be quite cute. Seriously. If there's an aura of affection during the contest that is. Also, I can't imagine me singing a lullaby to future partner though.

Me: C'mere hon, it's time for your lullaby...
Him: What??? Oh god! No, no, PLEASE, noOOOOooOOOO!!!
Me: Lullaabbbyyyy baaayyyybie on ze tree topppppp...
Him: Someone, make it stop... make it stop....
Me: ...when the wind blooows, the craaaadlee wiiiiiilll dropppp...
Him: *on the floor and twitching in the corner*

It'll be the first time in the history of man that a lullaby traumatised someone. The end.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

the day santino wanted to take a picture with us... *nose grows long and kena bricked*

My glorious morning was marred when I took a look at the headlines for today's papers .

What. The. Fuck!!!?!?!

Breathe, gianne, breathe. Put the spiked-clubs down, yes that's right, put it down. *takes a deep breath and counts to 10*

I could set off in a litany of criticism, but I'm sure others are already lambasting MPKB, so I'll let them do it because *headwall*-ing for 3 minutes has made me quite dizzy.

This is what we call one step forward and two steps back.

Old news: What's with the lowly smear campaign, the alleged photo of Gombak MP Datuk Dr Rahman Ismail and Senator Datin Paduka Norhayati Onn? If you want to fight, fight clean, boys and girls. No need to find the need to smear other people's name to get to the top because no respectful person will do that. Even if the photo is true, it's not your bloody business.


     Been sleeping earlier these days. Gone are my 7am-4pm inhuman snooze time, because I've started to sleep before 12am. Waking up around 6am-9am. Feels kinda weird to be sleeping so early actually, even weirder when I get sleepy at 10pm ZOMG! It's just so.... grandma-ish >.<. Crazy sleep time will resume one mth into my new semester I presume. But then again there will only be two subjects next sem, so see how la.


     Remember the ending of this post? Last last friday news XD. Kez, Seiji, William, TJ and me went to a Japanese buffet at Saisaki. Sashimi, sushi, soft-shell crabs galore!!! Naturally we attacked the salmons first. We were speechless when Will came back and his plate was filled with... chicken. What the...!! Hahah, no worries, later he went for the sashimi and stuff. We ate until we were ready to puke. I didn't get to eat the green tea ice cream TT_TT. Also, Saisaki doesn't allow people to take pictures of their food. They seem quite strict abt it, even if it's on our own plates. But people, yes! Photos courtesy of Kez:

After we're all bloated from the buffet:
Kez, me, TJ, Seiji + William

It does look like Seiji the goat is butting the horse, doesn't he? No pun intended XD

Kampai! Kampai! Seiji + William

Then we went to galleriiizu to check out some artwork, and....

Being punished for being gluttons @ galleriiizu. RUNNN!!!!


Oh well, can't escape, so might as well pose or smthg like that
*smiles for camera* BUSSSSHHH!!! -gets splashed-

Apparently I still reign as the Queen of camwhore among my friends. Come come, my friends, join the 'dark' side XD.

     We then moosey-ed over to KLCC to watched Happy Feet (absolutely adorable!!), and when the movie ended at 6pm, Kez and TJ went home, but the remaining three went over to Times Square where we promptly got stuck in the jam, got stopped by the police, and finally reached TS at about 7pm. I was searching for Santino Rice (he's the contestant for Project Runway season 2) because the papers said that he'll be there around 6 and I'm late TT_TT. ButI'm lucky!!

     Santino is super tall weh! I feel so hobbit... he was wearing this cool army green jacket with a tiger pic on the front and the stripes began at the end of his sleeves. At first I was like, oh shit, Kez has the camera but she's gone home! My chunky historical cellphone doesn't have a cam, but Will's uber awesome phone has! THANKS WILLIAM!!!!! I was kinda nervous when approaching him. He was kinda obnoxious on TV (when facing the judges) but he is super friendly in real life, gave me and Will a big strong hand-shake and asked us how are we? I replied and was about to say, "You're probably bored by hearing this, but where's Andrae???", but instead I went for the boring safe "I love the show!!". Then, "Oh man, I feel so short..." and he actually bent his knees XDXD!!

He was looking the other way because there were someone else taking a picture and he thought it was that one, but I kinda like this picture because he looks like he's making a funny face.

Santino disappeared soon after that, so I was the last one who took a pic with him. There weren't that many people there because I think not many Malaysians know about the show, which is a great pity because I love love that show so much.

     After that, we walked around. Was in the XL-shop (toy figurine shop) where I fell in love with this Last Exile airship, and Nausicaa airship + her flying ship, but I can't afford them at the moment, so maybe later. Bought two opaque tights; one black and one red. Loving the red one so much... wish there were more choices here!! After that we headed to Lowyat where Seiji checked out another figurine shop and William went to collect his keyboard or smthg, while I was wandering around them rather sleepily XDXD.

     Next destination is Sg Wang, rooftop! There's even more figurine shops there so go figure what happened next =P. While they were salivating over figurines, I walked around there, and I'm so excited that there's more shops selling retro, vintage kind of stuff. Pure shex!!!

     I found this shop that has those stillettos that I LOVE! Rounded, not pointed and the heels aren't too thin... it's so lovely and cute, I really really like them, even Seiji and Will say it looks awesome but it comes with an 'awesome' price tag too. *heartache* So torn. I haven't been infatuated for a long long time too TT_TT. Is RM80 for a pair of footwear too much?

     Then the shops were starting to close down and we headed for McDs. Me and Seiji were still full from the lunch buffet (we're talking 9pm++, ppl!) so we just had some ice cream while Will had a proper meal (If you can use the words 'proper meal' at McDs...) and just chatted until it's time to go.