Tuesday, January 17, 2006

What's that word again?

I spent the whole afternoon and night yesterday, trying to recall this word. You know those fabrics that has cute, unconventional prints on them? My instincts told me it starts with the letter A. (Later it's proven that my instincts suck.) Assorted... attic... Antartica... Okay, so random words don't work.
At some point, I could remember a bit, like a step closer to the temple. However it's just a fleeting teaser and gave me nothing but frustration. GAH! Enlighten me already, dammit!

Even in the shower I kept trying to remember this word that I KNOW I know. Unlocking every brain cell drawer, but there are a'plenty and I've opened them, peered inside and shut it again because it isn't the word i was looking for. only when I was about to doze off into sleep suddenly that hidden drawer bursts open, knocked my mental knee caps which made me sprung up and say rather loudly "AH! NOVELTY! YES YES NOVELTY!!!" And then *silence*. I was worried that thoughts like "Who is this crazy shouting girl in this neighbourhood?" might be running across their minds, like a crazy streaker running down a busy street.

Yes. Novelty fabrics. They are so... kitsch? Yet lovely and exudes an old-time kind of feeling. Oh oh, while Ebay-ing for novelty fabrics, (Malaysia has none of those btw T.T), I stumbled across gorgeous vintage kimono fabrics. Gorgeous is an understatement really. And it's really cheap, like MYR 4 for a yard or two. So why didn't I buy it?

... Shipping cost. Damn you mailman. It exceeds the item's price immensely, like USD 9, which is about MYR 33. Ergh, wished I had someone I know in US who comes back regularly. Or twice a year, I don't mind the wait because it's darn beautiful.

So, folks, that's my current passion... Finding obscure fabric shops in KL... trying to sew my own tops while bemoaning the lack of a sewing machine's existence in my household. ML, if yer reading this, I'm still going through hobbies like socks. At least one thing didn't change, right? ^___^""

Ah another project: Just gotten a manga series, NANA by Ai Yazawa, and it's still in its RAW form, meaning it's not translated yet and is still in Japanese language. I'm trying to translate it and learn new words from it. But I didn't get past the first page haha! But it's so nice to be able to recognise certain kanjis and get the gist of the conversation. Damn, need to brush up on my Nihongo more... I wished I had someone to practice with. Stupid LC... never resume your Nihongo class!!

Better than learning French though... practically no one around to practice it.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

I'm off to watch some porno....

... which consists of a frowning boy with orange hair who has a sword as tall as he is, a tiny girl with long fringes across her face, a lion plushie and a whole lot more of characters. Whoa...!!! GB??

Nah... Seriously, it's not what you're thinking ^.^;;. Unless you think that anime "secara am" ought to be categorized as cartoon pornography as a certain tabloid newspaper did. Bodohness! Hentai (anime pornography) is a genre in anime, like how hardcore porno is a genre in movies. You wouldn't go 'Movies is hardcore porn', would you? If that's true, we'd have one heck of a messy after-show theatre [=.=;;; Don't even try to imagine...].

Despite a powerful online outrage that spreaded in blogs and forums, not to mention hoards of angry letters by anime fans, the reporter refused to rectify his mistake, instead insists that he's right and acted arrogant/know-it-all. He should had delivered the truth to the public, the whole pie and not just a crumb of it. As a fan of anime, I'm worried that those who had heard anime for the first time through Kosmo! will get a wrong understanding of anime.

Oh look....What is that tumbling down the drain?? Encik Faizal Zakaria, it's your credibility as a journalist. Congrats!

This is no child's play where you could make a mistake and easily brush it aside, without influencing readers.

However, when life delivers lemons (or people like FZ), make lemonades! (and not little FZs *swt*) I guess it's thanks to him that we now have a section on anime in The Star, a mainstream newspaper, in which people actually have some trust in it. Er, although mainstream newspaper did made a mistake in the whole Black Metal thing... what's this, a season for newspapers to boil themselves in hot water?

Actually I'm pretty bored writing this, because it's stale. It's been in my notepad for days but I forgot to update mah blog. Better late than never though. Hah.

PS: That 'porno' I mentioned is Bleach.

Monday, January 09, 2006

But If....

How does one stay true to themselves? For what they believe in and for what they know is right for them.

The everlasting tides often cloud over my feet, of which is atop the purpose of my life. These tides of words, actions, exposure hurls in uninvited, but examined and proded and brooded over appropriately. Some pulls you like the opposites of magnets while some repel. When the tide pulls back, sometimes my eyes would be at the sunset, the dawn instead... wishing of being the sun or the moon. And just when i thought of stepping away from the spine of my beliefs, it reappears again, beaming stars on my ground.

What if the stand on my foot is not right, but wrong? Should I take a step towards the other stands? But if it topples me instead of supporting me, will I be able to turn back and find it again? Or should you be stubborn, and stay put?

Further away there's more stars to be seen, graspable yet intangible. Or sometimes they're just writings in the sand.

Like the strings hanging down from thousands of balloons and you're not sure which is yours to hold onto.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Damn you KLPAC....

... for being so damn hard to access by public transport!! Beautiful place, great events (THEATER! RAKUGO! just think the artsy fartsy stuff!!) and all, but the location...!!! Even the taxis don't know where to find it and the last time Kez and me had to hitchhike our way out to the main road... it was fun though, haha! And when I asked me mam about driving me and my friends there, she started to complain about the jam there, it's very late, yada yada, which could just boil down to one word which is 'no'.

Okay that's factor 1 for the cancellation of today's plan... Factor 2, the event is outdoors. It's rainy season. Add them two together and voila!

Damnation, I really wanted to go... it's this independent music fest, Street Roar 2006, and it features musicians from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and Malaysia's own! I might have forgotten some, but ARRGGHH!!!

I hate missing things like this. And it's only for one day too. Fuckage.


(Beware: A bit spoiler for Fruit Basket anime on paragraph below)
And so I drowned in my misery by watching Fruits Basket back-to-back. Okay la, not misery... FB pretty much cheered me up with its hilarious moments ^___^. It's not only funny but touching as well. The way the main character Honda Tohru describes some things, she uses metaphors but it really hits the spot. Especially when she was saying people are like umeboshi (it's a kind of rice cake with a fruit/sweet on one side). Their fruit/sweet is on their backs, so they cannot see their own fruit/sweet. Which is a reason why people envy another as they think themselves as plain rice, not knowing that they have a fruit/sweet on their back, which everyone but themselves can see. My description sucks, but seriously, a feel good series.

At least to me.

I like the opening song too... but it falls seconds to UVERworld's D-technolife (awesome lyrics)

Other anime series I've gotten hooked on to are Bleach and Paradise kiss. Jac burnt for me 43 episodes of Bleach! Thank you muchly, woman! Another 20 she hasn't yet, but I started downloading on my own as I can't wait =P. Oh yea, here's a group pic of mah primary school reunion that day
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Awwwww, all grown up!!!
From left: Christina, Yue Ann, Jacinth, Lisa, Man Ee, Sarah and moi

Missing is KabbiKabbi aka Abbilashya as she left early =(

[Eh, my friends all tiny ne. Why the big one right in front? I should had sat further back in order too look smaller - you know the whole perspective thing XD]

Christina is as soft spoken and gentle as ever; I've hung out with her once in a while as her school was near mine. Yue Ann was the supremely smart one in our school and she used to have some social standing (Meh, human instincts even in primary school hehe). She's the one who organized this reunion! Jac went to the same high school as I and she's my first friend in primary. Here's something freaky: on the 2nd day of primary, we played catch and I fell and she stumbled on top of me. In the 2nd month of high school, we played chase again (for fun!!!) and.... I fell.

Talk about dejavu... XD

Lisa was real sporty in primary and always outrun us in sprinting. Man Ee, I used to take rides home with her and I'd hang outside her house looking at the three-legged dog next door. Sarah's the Lindsay Lohan look-a-like; I love her hair, it's so thick and wavy (mine's fine and little TT.TT). I tricked her into believing that I had an invisible friend when we were 11... until we're 16 and I told her the truth XDXD!

And me, the former 'grandma' of the class (because I talked nonstop) and the crybaby ^.^;;;. The one who laughed too loud too.


Okay, lame. Anyway, they told me I'm a walking accessory shop during the reunion... I didn't dare to tell them I 'toned' down the amount of my bracelets that day XD. Damn, now I'm missing them.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Lullaby song

She pulls her covers over the sky and left on a dim torch. The torch that carries craters and legends of cheese and rabbits and the man on the moon. Then the unscheduled sprinkler started, but at this time, no rainbows were forged... The only aftermath is to be a cool morning; hills shrouded in a lovely mist, clouds that we can touch if we climb high enough.

A lovely night for sleep; out from the bitter cold, into a warm bathtub, that sends pleasant signals from the tips of your hair to the wriggling toes sinking into comfort.

Some people wishes for more sleeptime while some wants sleepless nights to have lesser complications later. Currently I seem to fall into the latter category.

There's so many things to do (and so many anime to see~~!!!). The sense of NEEDING and WANTING to complete some things, but the sand is draining real quick. Nature's singing a lullaby song, and yet I resist to succumb. My bed beckons me and I know if I lay on it and close my eyes for a moment, sleep will be in an instant.

I seem to be intend on panda-fying myself. I just don't want to sleep at the moment.

It's already 2006. What if I sleep through the year?

Yes, rambling yet again. Shall write about my new year eve another day (<< procrastination: damn, 1st resolution screwed up again)

Now, if only there's someone ON the bed beckoning me...

*insert super evil laughter*