Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Lullaby song

She pulls her covers over the sky and left on a dim torch. The torch that carries craters and legends of cheese and rabbits and the man on the moon. Then the unscheduled sprinkler started, but at this time, no rainbows were forged... The only aftermath is to be a cool morning; hills shrouded in a lovely mist, clouds that we can touch if we climb high enough.

A lovely night for sleep; out from the bitter cold, into a warm bathtub, that sends pleasant signals from the tips of your hair to the wriggling toes sinking into comfort.

Some people wishes for more sleeptime while some wants sleepless nights to have lesser complications later. Currently I seem to fall into the latter category.

There's so many things to do (and so many anime to see~~!!!). The sense of NEEDING and WANTING to complete some things, but the sand is draining real quick. Nature's singing a lullaby song, and yet I resist to succumb. My bed beckons me and I know if I lay on it and close my eyes for a moment, sleep will be in an instant.

I seem to be intend on panda-fying myself. I just don't want to sleep at the moment.

It's already 2006. What if I sleep through the year?

Yes, rambling yet again. Shall write about my new year eve another day (<< procrastination: damn, 1st resolution screwed up again)

Now, if only there's someone ON the bed beckoning me...

*insert super evil laughter*

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