Tuesday, January 17, 2006

What's that word again?

I spent the whole afternoon and night yesterday, trying to recall this word. You know those fabrics that has cute, unconventional prints on them? My instincts told me it starts with the letter A. (Later it's proven that my instincts suck.) Assorted... attic... Antartica... Okay, so random words don't work.
At some point, I could remember a bit, like a step closer to the temple. However it's just a fleeting teaser and gave me nothing but frustration. GAH! Enlighten me already, dammit!

Even in the shower I kept trying to remember this word that I KNOW I know. Unlocking every brain cell drawer, but there are a'plenty and I've opened them, peered inside and shut it again because it isn't the word i was looking for. only when I was about to doze off into sleep suddenly that hidden drawer bursts open, knocked my mental knee caps which made me sprung up and say rather loudly "AH! NOVELTY! YES YES NOVELTY!!!" And then *silence*. I was worried that thoughts like "Who is this crazy shouting girl in this neighbourhood?" might be running across their minds, like a crazy streaker running down a busy street.

Yes. Novelty fabrics. They are so... kitsch? Yet lovely and exudes an old-time kind of feeling. Oh oh, while Ebay-ing for novelty fabrics, (Malaysia has none of those btw T.T), I stumbled across gorgeous vintage kimono fabrics. Gorgeous is an understatement really. And it's really cheap, like MYR 4 for a yard or two. So why didn't I buy it?

... Shipping cost. Damn you mailman. It exceeds the item's price immensely, like USD 9, which is about MYR 33. Ergh, wished I had someone I know in US who comes back regularly. Or twice a year, I don't mind the wait because it's darn beautiful.

So, folks, that's my current passion... Finding obscure fabric shops in KL... trying to sew my own tops while bemoaning the lack of a sewing machine's existence in my household. ML, if yer reading this, I'm still going through hobbies like socks. At least one thing didn't change, right? ^___^""

Ah another project: Just gotten a manga series, NANA by Ai Yazawa, and it's still in its RAW form, meaning it's not translated yet and is still in Japanese language. I'm trying to translate it and learn new words from it. But I didn't get past the first page haha! But it's so nice to be able to recognise certain kanjis and get the gist of the conversation. Damn, need to brush up on my Nihongo more... I wished I had someone to practice with. Stupid LC... never resume your Nihongo class!!

Better than learning French though... practically no one around to practice it.

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gianne said...

from blog-city:

1. ML left...
Thursday, 19 January 2006 8:59 am

Hahaha woman go surf for the thing on ebay.co.uk! If you find the fabric, i can pay for it first and then you can pay me back! Check for shipping costs within UK though! Heh!

2. Beer Brat left...
Friday, 20 January 2006 1:27 pm

Weird interest you have there.... do show us some pics.....

3. GenieOnTheLoose left...
Wednesday, 8 February 2006 10:06 pm

GAH!!! sorry, late reply! Was netless since b4 CNY!

ML: hey you old woma--- i mean, belated bday girl! get your ass back to KL so you can get ur pressie! XD. Oooh, I checked out ebay UK... but the prices make me insides shrivel up XD

BeerBrat: What weird!?! 8| fun le! Yea, that's a good idea... will post if I'm not lazy =P

4. Silhouette left...
Sunday, 12 February 2006 6:11 am

Your b'day pressie collecting germs in my closet! Heh! Seriously Tell me what you want!