Sunday, February 19, 2006

Lu lala lu lala lu la lu la le (girl scout song XD)

I've got some backlog blog entries saved in my trusty notepad because I have a tendency to do stupid things like closing the window when I'm halfway typing it 'live' on mah blog... But one glance at the pent-up writings, I went, "BLAH" and deleted the whole lot.

Why am I so long winded, bleurgh. OH short summary next time, but am prolly lying big time on the 'short' part =D!

There's chocolate ice cream cones downstairs and i'm so tempted. Ate too many sweet + jelly (YUM~!), and I fear diabetes.

And, now I bring you... mah JOHARI WINDOW! Seriously what do you think of me anyway?

*cross fingers, hope you'll tell*

And of course, we must strike the balance between good and evil *nods head*! Therefore, introducing... NOHARI WINDOW! (dont worry, just fill this out, i swear i won't bite you)

[note to self: this is mah 152th blog entry, 15.6K hits since 02 April '03 (wah, my 3rd year blogging weh!). sorry for this, just wanted to reset my hits counter]

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