Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Biatch!


You should totally see this.

Sukisyo + South Park (or since I haven't watch Sukisyo, it'll be Anime + South Park).

What could get better?

Friday, March 24, 2006

A REALLY Honest Child

My mom signed me up on some volunteer thing under Soka Gakkai (my Buddhism path, though I'm bordering on free thinking). PIC - person in charge, and deals with kids, that's all I know. On the way there I was just praying for patience and not to strangle any children =.=.

Anyway, it turns out that I'm just there to have a look at what a PIC does (luckily Alison is there... she's 6 years younger than me, but somehow we always get along pretty well)

Some highlights:
- When we were chanting, we usually kneel down. Since I was kneeling behind most people, I couldn't help but look at their feet turn pink, then blue-ish. Mmmm.... blue feet XD.

- Kids say the darnest things
PIC: What do you want to be when you grow up?
BOY: Ngo oi zhou SANN XIN!! (I want to be a God!)

FRIEND: *whisper to me* Tak ge... Oi sei zhin lor (Can... have to die first though)

Ouch ouch, my sides hurt from the double hit.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Please Click to Capture

Look! Two entries in a day!! Hardworking leh.... *gets smacked*

Took this in December or January, can't recall... but didn't developed it until now, in fear that my self-shots will turn out horrible, and will make the photo guy giggle like a girl in the dark room.

Lighting: Morning sun and afternoon sun.

.because i'm in love with my new skirt.

.i have big plans for these buttons.

.solitary confinement.

The picture below is my first time trying out self-photography... as in you're the photographer and the model as well, no one else involved. I have a few others, like one I'm in the kitchen holding a knife, but I didn't position myself properly and I'm quite out of the picture. This was the only one that came out the way I wanted it to (composition-wise that is... the afternoon light is too harsh for my liking):

.garden dream.


.woodland branch.

.because i'm a camwhore =D.

Apologies for the lack of creativity in naming them... quite sleepy now, lol. Showed this bunch to LC, who didn't like any except for my camwhore one. =.=;;;. I took that for fun, and the colour quality was really bad... had to adjust in photoshop. But he said something about it being balanced; positive and negative area.

Got lots to learn, ho hum.

Guilt Season

What a day it was! First I reached college and as usual, headed into the computer labs.

Much to my puzzlement, everyone's standing around, not going into class. A hanging-out trend of some sort? NOPE, wrong! Spoke to Saiful and Eddy, who then told me about *drumroll*.....The New Rule. How ominous it sounds. I waited, held my breath to hear the bad news (well, it's usually bad, right?). And it is?

We're not allowed into the lab without our lecturer, and the doors are to remain locked until their arrival.

Hey, maybe it's not a big deal for you, but I have lecturers who come in 30 minutes late, and I detest people who waste my time and this is just scattered salt over wounds. And I often go to the comp lab to do work, like there's something I need to edit in Microsoft Word and have to go to a lecturer-less lab to do so.

Man, I feel like a big foot kicked me back to primary school during science... I remember the time the librarian at my secondary school who refused to let me print something IMPORTANT (oh yea, highlight that, baby~~ > dedicated to a certain Mr I XD) even though the library had those desert balls rolling across the floor (@ empty), just because my teacher wasn't with me. Hello? I had permission from my teacher!


It's pretty absurd to see everyone standing around waiting for their lecturers, but luckily my lect for the morning, was early as usual and we get to plonk our butts in the air-con room while others outside in the rather-stuffy corridor, looks in with envy (mwahhahaha!!! ). Was complaining for a bit, but seriously I can't see this continuing. Bloody hassle for the lab people to keep locking, and unlocking doors, and as human, there's definitely room to err (eg: delay, key missing, etc). Hassle for the students as well; like Chris came into my class after he has eaten lunch, just to hang out as he had about 1 1/2 hour to the next class, but he can't enter that lab. Andrew came in as well, and promptly took out his Wacom to practice his sketching skills on computer. Oh oh, I got to try a Wacom tablet! Chris's (er, Chris'? Tell me which... have gone dumber). Back on track, Kez reckons that something must had happened... maybe some people got frisky in class? Seiji says it's possible that the students did something to the computers.

We'll see how la... better not judge first.

For the next class, we actually have to go two days to coll for that class.Two days ago however, she told us that the class will end late for today, so we need not go for the 2nd half of the class tomorrow. Just to let us know so we'll arrange our transport. So happy to hear that!

Then today, after four hours of CSS(most of which I'm familiar with), it was approaching 6pm and we're far from finishing the rest of the 15 tutorials. She asked us if we wanted to continue tomorrow or carry on today. I voted strongly for the latter, because:

1) I was really looking forward for a free Friday afternoon
2) We got the good lab today where the computers are not screw-ups (Friday is a different story...)

In doing so, maybe I've appeared pretty selfish. Of course, undeniably, I am ^__^;;;. I didn't consider that my classmates may be tired, or has to catch the bus. And I wasn't thinking... 15 tutorials will take a LONG time. So yea, most voted to continue tomorrow, and we all packed up to go home. Was a lil miffed at my lecturer initially. But it's not her fault la. Just me feeling pretty grumpy (argh, what's up with me!!).

However, even though I don't exactly adore her teaching style, I honestly appreciate it that she actually teaches us, and you could see the effort. When the lab sucked, she tried to get better labs for us to use. When she found out most of us barely knows how to use Dreamweaver, she whipped up a Dreamweaver tutorial for us. I reckoned that Dreamweaver was not her domain, as on the first day of class, William asked her what programs she knows, among them was Frontpage, and she didn't mention Dreamweaver. She's quite sweet in her own way (hope this sentence won't jinx it! XD)

WAY better than a certain kambing :/


I made a choice few weeks ago that I now regret making. Because when I thought about it, it fights against what I believe in, and yet I'm abetting it in a way. It's not easy to be self-righteous all the time; I've lost several friends and missed out on sweet memories I could have had. Sigh. Done enough self-bashing, so on with the show I say!

If there would be another time, another rerun, I'll just lie and get out of it. ;)

In conclusion... it's seems to be the season where I feel guilty a lot.

Fuckin' hormones.

Monday, March 13, 2006

One Ticket Please

I'm at a train station; watching the people boarding. The wind against my face when the trains is off and going, inspires me to go further; food for my adrenaline.

Sometimes I get a ticket for myself, but when the door opens, someone appears from the dusty darkness, urgently beckons me behind the turnstile.

Please please stay!! We're already in this much trouble. Shouldn't you be here to help us out? Know your priorities... Don't be so selfish!

I WANT to move forward into the brightly litted tram, but I NEED to answer that call, because I know by ignoring that call, if anything bad happens, I'll feel so guilty I could die.

Many elements dampen these dreams. And at times too, it's my own fault, for letting myself be influenced by those with no zest in life.

These bullet trains are rushing past me; its frequency depleting day by day, and I wonder if I don't catch hold onto at least one of them now, sooner or later, the station will be deserted with me alone on the bench, regretting for the opportunities wasted because I had worried too much, cared too much

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Drowning in a mini job and upcoming assignments

Quote of the day:

(after tons of explaining about what we're supposed to do etc etc)
... okay, I hope you guys aren't lost... Now. Where was I?

- Graphic Design lecturer

I don't know about you, but I cracked up when I heard that.

Now this is why you shouldn't write a professional web analysis when you're tired and pissed (not funny, just berbisa to the design website that I'm reviewing. The website shall remain anonymous because I'm thoughtful and kind. Bwahahahah.)

1) Broken links - At first glance, the website is highly disappointing as a product of a creative company. So instead we'd look at their works, hoping it would compensate for the lack of layout esthetics. Imagine the visitor's frustration to find out that the links on the main page are broken. If the links on the main page is broken, not to mention it's under 'What's New', what could we expect in the rest of the website? The broken links are supposed to lead to their 'latest commercials'. A portfolio is a crucial content for any 'leading computer animation and multimedia studio in Malaysia'.

2) On the subject of 'leading computer animation and multimedia studio in Malaysia', we could barely see those words, which seems to disappear into the background. Computer screens are already harsh on our eyes, and we shouldn't need to strain our eyes to see faded words saying how good your studio is. Oh, the irony. it might work if the websites's about comedy though.

3) Lack of colour balance in the layout. The whole layout looks as though it was in the hands of a blue-loving newbie, happily fiddling with the gradients. The red in the logo does nothing to help the colour scheme.

4) The case of bandwidth wasting. The webpages are wholly done using images with no plain text at all. Further surfing, and you'd find that the wait for loading the graphic is a total waste of time, because there's no beautiful graphics nor unusual fonts. Just plain text which could be easily be replace with common san-serif fonts like verdana or tahoma.

5)And now we present you the portfolio page! As expected (see 1)), the links are broken. (Can I cry now?)

6) Wassup with da juvenile titles, yo'!!! It's alright for a personal website, but not for a company website. It's alright to be creative with page titles, but do avoid ending! page titles! like this!!! Off to juvenile designing detention centre!!1!one!!

Finally the journey ends (thank god!)... In conclusion, the 'artistically' positioned 3D L on every page probably means lacking. Or lame. Whichever rocks your boat.

Pretty busy because got a... somewhat freelance job I suppose, with Kez. Flash animation. Thank god it SHOULD be done by next Monday, or else this Miss Slowness here won't be able finish her college work.

I'm hungry.

Friday, March 03, 2006

The Unexpected Present

"What?? You got me a white tube bulb?"
*feels rectangle box through the plastic*

That was my reply to me dad when he told me he had a present for me. How unimaginative I am. Eh, my toilet light still broken okay! Still having romantic showers by the candle light XD. Not to mention now the kitchen light too... must be some seasonal vicious lizards killing them lights or something. May thee be BBQ-ed by the force of the white light!

Then when I peeked through the plastic opening, partly-closed by Cellotape, my heart nearly stopped. And my brain simply BURST screaming around the lines of:

"ZOMGGGG!!!!111!!!oneoneone!!!!ichi!! GAHHHH!!!!! WACOM!! WACOM!!!"

Yes, oh-so-juvenile, and my brain cells was already starting to dance the can can; top hats, feather boas and all. =D

Dammit, I'm such a geek. An art geek that is.

The box that launched a thousand glees!!

Okay, it's not Wacom, but Genius... For those who don't know what the turd I'm talking about; Wacom is a wellknown brand for graphic tablets, so yea, it's actually a tablet, but I got used to calling them Wacom :/. Hohum, it's not Wacom, but for 8x6 it's rm185 (Wacom's Graphire 5x4 is around RM300++!! *wallet bleeds*) and me dad don't know much about this, so I don't bloody care that it isn't Wacom... It's good enough for me!

The guts! Tablet, mouse, pen, instructions & CD

Attempted 'artistic' version, wakakaka!
(yes, also shows my room's messiness)

In my life, I've encountered many 'eh, what a coincidence!' situation, and this is one of them, because recently I was lusting for a tablet. My ex-classmates had gotten graphic tablets (mostly Wacom) and I was so bloody envying them! Was practically salivating when Chris showed me his brand new spanking Wacom, but I never said a word to me dad as we're not exactly financially stable and I needed other updates on my pc anyway (RAM upgrade + graphic card). Also, when I went out to open the gate for me dad, I was thinking how nice it would be if I had a wacom. Then he retrieved that thing outta his boot. Weird hor? Maybe I ought to start donning a turban, make me voice horse and mysterious, and get a crystal globe~~

Totemo ureshii desu! Doumo arigatou, otousan!

I really didn't expect that I would get this... because few months back, I was working on a painting on Photoshop and my dad saw it. He casually asked if I want him to get me a tablet. And I told him, " No, unnecessary. Besides, I'm okay with a mouse." However, no matter how skillful I may be with a mouse, it'll take up more time than if i were using a tablet. And it really doesn't matter if you get praised for digital artworks achieved by using a mouse, because serously, the end result is all that counts and not the process.

The painting my dad saw me working on:

Still a WIP. Am stuck at the clothes. I actually started it around December, got stuck at the hair, and now too malas to finish it. So just crop it, ahaks. Drew this after I saw Paradise Kiss, with Miwako as my 'inspiration'. She's adorable~~ (^__^) [Photoshop + mouse]

The first thing I drew using my new tablet!!!

WheeeEEee!!! Can't keep my eyes off it~~

Yes, rather shaky, I still need some time to get used to it... I must admit I cheated a lil' by using my mouse (20% only la!!). Currently in an ephemeral love with my tablet, lol! Feel like naming it summore... *gets shot*

Big bowl of complaints

... and now, reporting live from mah college!!!

*jeng jeng jeng jeng~!*

Nothing much is happening today, besides me feeling slightly disgruntled because I COULD had slept more today, but nOoOooo, due to certain people who like wasting other people's time. I mean, you'd feel pretty frustrated to realise your one hour trip to college only results in a class that lasted half-an-hour, and back you go again (AND to resume class on Friday... nabeh anot?). And then I'm here today for another class where the lect is just going to brief us on our assignments. Ergh, I hope what happened last semester doesn't repeat itself again, or else... or else... big big SIGH~

We're supposed to grow more tolerant as we age, but unfortunately, it's the direct opposite for me. If your patience is tried over and over again, it becomes a delinquent teen that runs out and visits (for money) once in a while.

But I have to pass my desired actions through my head first; it'll either get discarded disgustly or stamped and approved to proceed.

The blue in my hair is fading real quick, Am pretty much purple/blond, and under that it's light blue. Some people spot green. People like my brother says he spots a very sick chicken (bird flu, beware of meee, mwaahhahaha!!!)

And I've gotten a sewing machine from Carrefour on a sale, thanks Ma! I'll save the story for another entry as my class just started.

Jaa! (not German XD! Japanese's stunted version of Jaa Ne "Later!")