Friday, March 03, 2006

Big bowl of complaints

... and now, reporting live from mah college!!!

*jeng jeng jeng jeng~!*

Nothing much is happening today, besides me feeling slightly disgruntled because I COULD had slept more today, but nOoOooo, due to certain people who like wasting other people's time. I mean, you'd feel pretty frustrated to realise your one hour trip to college only results in a class that lasted half-an-hour, and back you go again (AND to resume class on Friday... nabeh anot?). And then I'm here today for another class where the lect is just going to brief us on our assignments. Ergh, I hope what happened last semester doesn't repeat itself again, or else... or else... big big SIGH~

We're supposed to grow more tolerant as we age, but unfortunately, it's the direct opposite for me. If your patience is tried over and over again, it becomes a delinquent teen that runs out and visits (for money) once in a while.

But I have to pass my desired actions through my head first; it'll either get discarded disgustly or stamped and approved to proceed.

The blue in my hair is fading real quick, Am pretty much purple/blond, and under that it's light blue. Some people spot green. People like my brother says he spots a very sick chicken (bird flu, beware of meee, mwaahhahaha!!!)

And I've gotten a sewing machine from Carrefour on a sale, thanks Ma! I'll save the story for another entry as my class just started.

Jaa! (not German XD! Japanese's stunted version of Jaa Ne "Later!")

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