Thursday, March 09, 2006

Drowning in a mini job and upcoming assignments

Quote of the day:

(after tons of explaining about what we're supposed to do etc etc)
... okay, I hope you guys aren't lost... Now. Where was I?

- Graphic Design lecturer

I don't know about you, but I cracked up when I heard that.

Now this is why you shouldn't write a professional web analysis when you're tired and pissed (not funny, just berbisa to the design website that I'm reviewing. The website shall remain anonymous because I'm thoughtful and kind. Bwahahahah.)

1) Broken links - At first glance, the website is highly disappointing as a product of a creative company. So instead we'd look at their works, hoping it would compensate for the lack of layout esthetics. Imagine the visitor's frustration to find out that the links on the main page are broken. If the links on the main page is broken, not to mention it's under 'What's New', what could we expect in the rest of the website? The broken links are supposed to lead to their 'latest commercials'. A portfolio is a crucial content for any 'leading computer animation and multimedia studio in Malaysia'.

2) On the subject of 'leading computer animation and multimedia studio in Malaysia', we could barely see those words, which seems to disappear into the background. Computer screens are already harsh on our eyes, and we shouldn't need to strain our eyes to see faded words saying how good your studio is. Oh, the irony. it might work if the websites's about comedy though.

3) Lack of colour balance in the layout. The whole layout looks as though it was in the hands of a blue-loving newbie, happily fiddling with the gradients. The red in the logo does nothing to help the colour scheme.

4) The case of bandwidth wasting. The webpages are wholly done using images with no plain text at all. Further surfing, and you'd find that the wait for loading the graphic is a total waste of time, because there's no beautiful graphics nor unusual fonts. Just plain text which could be easily be replace with common san-serif fonts like verdana or tahoma.

5)And now we present you the portfolio page! As expected (see 1)), the links are broken. (Can I cry now?)

6) Wassup with da juvenile titles, yo'!!! It's alright for a personal website, but not for a company website. It's alright to be creative with page titles, but do avoid ending! page titles! like this!!! Off to juvenile designing detention centre!!1!one!!

Finally the journey ends (thank god!)... In conclusion, the 'artistically' positioned 3D L on every page probably means lacking. Or lame. Whichever rocks your boat.

Pretty busy because got a... somewhat freelance job I suppose, with Kez. Flash animation. Thank god it SHOULD be done by next Monday, or else this Miss Slowness here won't be able finish her college work.

I'm hungry.

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