Thursday, March 23, 2006

Guilt Season

What a day it was! First I reached college and as usual, headed into the computer labs.

Much to my puzzlement, everyone's standing around, not going into class. A hanging-out trend of some sort? NOPE, wrong! Spoke to Saiful and Eddy, who then told me about *drumroll*.....The New Rule. How ominous it sounds. I waited, held my breath to hear the bad news (well, it's usually bad, right?). And it is?

We're not allowed into the lab without our lecturer, and the doors are to remain locked until their arrival.

Hey, maybe it's not a big deal for you, but I have lecturers who come in 30 minutes late, and I detest people who waste my time and this is just scattered salt over wounds. And I often go to the comp lab to do work, like there's something I need to edit in Microsoft Word and have to go to a lecturer-less lab to do so.

Man, I feel like a big foot kicked me back to primary school during science... I remember the time the librarian at my secondary school who refused to let me print something IMPORTANT (oh yea, highlight that, baby~~ > dedicated to a certain Mr I XD) even though the library had those desert balls rolling across the floor (@ empty), just because my teacher wasn't with me. Hello? I had permission from my teacher!


It's pretty absurd to see everyone standing around waiting for their lecturers, but luckily my lect for the morning, was early as usual and we get to plonk our butts in the air-con room while others outside in the rather-stuffy corridor, looks in with envy (mwahhahaha!!! ). Was complaining for a bit, but seriously I can't see this continuing. Bloody hassle for the lab people to keep locking, and unlocking doors, and as human, there's definitely room to err (eg: delay, key missing, etc). Hassle for the students as well; like Chris came into my class after he has eaten lunch, just to hang out as he had about 1 1/2 hour to the next class, but he can't enter that lab. Andrew came in as well, and promptly took out his Wacom to practice his sketching skills on computer. Oh oh, I got to try a Wacom tablet! Chris's (er, Chris'? Tell me which... have gone dumber). Back on track, Kez reckons that something must had happened... maybe some people got frisky in class? Seiji says it's possible that the students did something to the computers.

We'll see how la... better not judge first.

For the next class, we actually have to go two days to coll for that class.Two days ago however, she told us that the class will end late for today, so we need not go for the 2nd half of the class tomorrow. Just to let us know so we'll arrange our transport. So happy to hear that!

Then today, after four hours of CSS(most of which I'm familiar with), it was approaching 6pm and we're far from finishing the rest of the 15 tutorials. She asked us if we wanted to continue tomorrow or carry on today. I voted strongly for the latter, because:

1) I was really looking forward for a free Friday afternoon
2) We got the good lab today where the computers are not screw-ups (Friday is a different story...)

In doing so, maybe I've appeared pretty selfish. Of course, undeniably, I am ^__^;;;. I didn't consider that my classmates may be tired, or has to catch the bus. And I wasn't thinking... 15 tutorials will take a LONG time. So yea, most voted to continue tomorrow, and we all packed up to go home. Was a lil miffed at my lecturer initially. But it's not her fault la. Just me feeling pretty grumpy (argh, what's up with me!!).

However, even though I don't exactly adore her teaching style, I honestly appreciate it that she actually teaches us, and you could see the effort. When the lab sucked, she tried to get better labs for us to use. When she found out most of us barely knows how to use Dreamweaver, she whipped up a Dreamweaver tutorial for us. I reckoned that Dreamweaver was not her domain, as on the first day of class, William asked her what programs she knows, among them was Frontpage, and she didn't mention Dreamweaver. She's quite sweet in her own way (hope this sentence won't jinx it! XD)

WAY better than a certain kambing :/


I made a choice few weeks ago that I now regret making. Because when I thought about it, it fights against what I believe in, and yet I'm abetting it in a way. It's not easy to be self-righteous all the time; I've lost several friends and missed out on sweet memories I could have had. Sigh. Done enough self-bashing, so on with the show I say!

If there would be another time, another rerun, I'll just lie and get out of it. ;)

In conclusion... it's seems to be the season where I feel guilty a lot.

Fuckin' hormones.

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gianne said...

from blog-city:

1. Seiji left...
Sunday, 26 March 2006 11:08 am

So sorry for that nasty prank I pulled off :P I admid that was some really scary lecturer-saw-student's-blog drill XD

However, I think that we have the right to express our dissatisfaction although Malaysia isn't really a country of free-speech. Certainly, we should be careful of defamatory remarks. I really hate the new rule and that's why I always try to come late to class. Especially Mr. Chee's one *grins*

2. GenieOnTheLoose left...
Sunday, 26 March 2006 3:03 pm

So many comments... you feel guilty le. If you want to make me feel better, gimme a voucher to eat at

Here i'm not defaming you-know-who... i'm actually praising her. cis you.

3. GenieOnTheLoose left...
Sunday, 26 March 2006 3:04 pm

whoops, tulis salah~!*gimme voucher to eat at SUSHI KING~ for freeeeeeee!!!