Friday, March 03, 2006

The Unexpected Present

"What?? You got me a white tube bulb?"
*feels rectangle box through the plastic*

That was my reply to me dad when he told me he had a present for me. How unimaginative I am. Eh, my toilet light still broken okay! Still having romantic showers by the candle light XD. Not to mention now the kitchen light too... must be some seasonal vicious lizards killing them lights or something. May thee be BBQ-ed by the force of the white light!

Then when I peeked through the plastic opening, partly-closed by Cellotape, my heart nearly stopped. And my brain simply BURST screaming around the lines of:

"ZOMGGGG!!!!111!!!oneoneone!!!!ichi!! GAHHHH!!!!! WACOM!! WACOM!!!"

Yes, oh-so-juvenile, and my brain cells was already starting to dance the can can; top hats, feather boas and all. =D

Dammit, I'm such a geek. An art geek that is.

The box that launched a thousand glees!!

Okay, it's not Wacom, but Genius... For those who don't know what the turd I'm talking about; Wacom is a wellknown brand for graphic tablets, so yea, it's actually a tablet, but I got used to calling them Wacom :/. Hohum, it's not Wacom, but for 8x6 it's rm185 (Wacom's Graphire 5x4 is around RM300++!! *wallet bleeds*) and me dad don't know much about this, so I don't bloody care that it isn't Wacom... It's good enough for me!

The guts! Tablet, mouse, pen, instructions & CD

Attempted 'artistic' version, wakakaka!
(yes, also shows my room's messiness)

In my life, I've encountered many 'eh, what a coincidence!' situation, and this is one of them, because recently I was lusting for a tablet. My ex-classmates had gotten graphic tablets (mostly Wacom) and I was so bloody envying them! Was practically salivating when Chris showed me his brand new spanking Wacom, but I never said a word to me dad as we're not exactly financially stable and I needed other updates on my pc anyway (RAM upgrade + graphic card). Also, when I went out to open the gate for me dad, I was thinking how nice it would be if I had a wacom. Then he retrieved that thing outta his boot. Weird hor? Maybe I ought to start donning a turban, make me voice horse and mysterious, and get a crystal globe~~

Totemo ureshii desu! Doumo arigatou, otousan!

I really didn't expect that I would get this... because few months back, I was working on a painting on Photoshop and my dad saw it. He casually asked if I want him to get me a tablet. And I told him, " No, unnecessary. Besides, I'm okay with a mouse." However, no matter how skillful I may be with a mouse, it'll take up more time than if i were using a tablet. And it really doesn't matter if you get praised for digital artworks achieved by using a mouse, because serously, the end result is all that counts and not the process.

The painting my dad saw me working on:

Still a WIP. Am stuck at the clothes. I actually started it around December, got stuck at the hair, and now too malas to finish it. So just crop it, ahaks. Drew this after I saw Paradise Kiss, with Miwako as my 'inspiration'. She's adorable~~ (^__^) [Photoshop + mouse]

The first thing I drew using my new tablet!!!

WheeeEEee!!! Can't keep my eyes off it~~

Yes, rather shaky, I still need some time to get used to it... I must admit I cheated a lil' by using my mouse (20% only la!!). Currently in an ephemeral love with my tablet, lol! Feel like naming it summore... *gets shot*

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