Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Field Trip (as juvenile as it may sound...)

Last week, my class and another had a field trip to a printing company. Hmm. Field trip sounds so juvenile, but the word 'visit' makes me think of sterile rooms and jabs or suits and ties.

Pretty much an informative trip, shows the whole cycle into producing a magazine; reporters/editting, graphic department, photo studio... then the fascinating part: the printing process. From preparing the plates to binding and wrapping up, ready to be distributed. I like looking at the machines working at top speed.

[Pictures courtesy of KEZIA!]

Reporters / Editting stations

Graphic Dept, where major Photoshop magic happens!

This nice lady here was giving us a demo. At the speed she worked, you could tell she does this alllll the time (d'oh!). As for the model on the cover (pixelated to protect her identity), you couldn't imagine the amount of pores she had before the 'surgery'. Amazing how a few click of the mouse (smart blur & patch tool) and it gets girls everywhere into a frenzy for the perfect features. Lies, I tell you, lies!

Is that all there is to this trip you ask? To your joy and mine, my reply to that is, "Are you kidding? Anything is possible with the students of this creative and innovative uni/coll!"

Venue: Colour Quality Control Room (where the machines there are rumoured to cost RM100mil (source: Derek XD)

The machines there were spitting out those advertisement-like catalogues in one straight neat line, while the workers there take one once in a while to check the colour, while the others flows systematically into the next machine. So Kezia was joking to this fella CJ, go take one la.

He took her seriously.

It was still okay though, the line was still moving along... but of course, Kez was mortified and told him she was just kidding. And THIS was the prequel to a big blooper moment... *drumroll*

He put the catalogue back into the line.
And I was wondering why Christina was looking damn amused and walking away from the 'crime scene' ... and then I saw the piled-up catalogues and of course, we're all like OMG!!!

Luckily a worker there got it under control, and as we all beat it (get out of there, not hit worker, okay? ^.^;;), one of my lect was telling me, "That's why don't touch anything here..." Yes yes, got it! *wraps arms around self, straitjacket-style*. As for Kez? Kez endured the next hour with us 'accusing' her of masterminding the crime XDXD!

So... is that it?

No, my dear reader, no...

I bring you, the MAIN COURSE
Venue: Photo Studio

On the way back from the printing area, to the front, we passed by the photo studio again, and this time there was a model taking pictures in there. Even though the guy guiding us was asking us to move onwards, but many students has already 'infiltrated' into the studio. So I looked at the guy, shrugged, and went in to see as well. Well, I was planning to see only, but many collmates were snapping pictures (although I'm not sure if this is allowed ^.^"").

It was still okay.. and THEN (yes, the 'and then!' part XD) this guy from another class actually went next to her and posed with the peace sign. Observe.

Model protected unintentionally by this silhouette. Perfect, as I don't wanna get sued.

Yes. Right in the middle of a shoot, with all the professional cameras and lights set up. The model refused to look at the direction of my collegemate's camera (In fact, she looks pretty much pissed), and later I think she complained to her manager... Part of me want to applaud his bravery, but still, paiseh man. I don't blame her for looking miffed, I mean, it's a pretty stupid thing to do, not considerate of her work at all.

(There's a clearer picture, but I won't post it up =D. She has lovely legs though)


Well, not really, but the chef ran out of oil and fire, so there. But hey! 3/5 out of us wore orange in someway... plus orange background! Plus a complimentary colour (blue)!!!

L-R : Christina, Kez, me, Chun Li admirer William, Lee Jun Ki fanboy Seiji

After everything was over, we went to their cafeteria to eat! Beehoon and nice warm tea!

William all ready to snap photos of leng luis and Chun Li lookalikes
[Seiji helps him by collecting his saliva or nosebleed, depending on how hawt the girl is XD]

William: Yesh! Victory!!! Mmmm...
Hendriyo: *nods in approval*

Kez telling Christina something....

Kez: Oi, dun so busybody, or I'll stick this up your nose!!

Argh, my hair is horrible!!! Gotta dye it soon~

Seiji trying to find a CERTAIN Korean person in the free mags we received...

Maskulin? Seiji, I assure you that you won't find him in there...

Seiji: OMG! Lee Jun Ki~~! Mmmmm.....

Sigh, now not a love triangle anymore... square ady.

(PS: If you don't know what the heck I'm going on about... hint: The King and the Clown)

(PPS: Seiji's gonna kill me....)

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gianne said...

1. Ryan left...
Friday, 14 April 2006 6:15 pm

I'm soooooo gonna kill u! But before I do so, Lee Jun Ki's gonna get raped first. *grins + drool*

2. GenieOnTheLoose left...
Friday, 14 April 2006 8:33 pm


....must.... ........must.... ...photoshop...

3. Ryan left...
Saturday, 15 April 2006 6:20 pm

do ur work lar, girl

if u really beh tahan wanna photoshop, i recommend creating the hybrid between Jack and Anabukin Racoon!

Eh.. i heard from Kez that Ike said Karangkraf got complain about what happened that day. There goes our IMD's image

4. GenieOnTheLoose left...
Sunday, 16 April 2006 1:45 am

damn!you got the 200th comment! LOL

Yea la, search for ike and eugene so damn easy. kacangness~~

kez told me oso! wonder what they complained, hmmmm... limkokwing image further ruined XDXD. shahfida must be like, "these brats make me look bad in front of my ex-colleagues!" lol