Saturday, May 06, 2006

Let Me Tell You a Story...

... of a girl's extreme clumsiness.

And guess what, I'll keep it short because the more I think about it, the more I want to hurl myself off the balcony.

Okay, so I was doing my Digital Imaging assignment. From past experiences(unfortunate), I learnt to save a lot. Oh yes, I do. Gianne saves. Right. Anyway, I started the subject of my manipulation; my face + some onion skins. Then I was playing around with the functions and I got the perfect lay-over after playing with masks and layer blends. Well, it seemed perfect since I WAS BLOODY ABOUT TO LOSE IT!!

So how, you ask? Just then, me mam gave me a call, asking me to get down to hold Mocha (me dog) since she wants to park her car in. The moment I stepped out from my room (and this was the time I thought, "Ah! Better save firs--") I promptly stepped into dog pee. WTFBBQKNNCB!!! Thought vanished, and I hopped wobbly on one leg into the toilet in a hurry, washed my feet, grabbed a cloth to wipe the pee (quick wipe, to be cleaned more thoroughly in a few minutes) and rannnn outside to grab Mocha... after I catch that cow of a dog, who was trying to hump Fido (much to Fido's chagrin and horror, for he now has a gay companion), my mom parked OUTSIDE. Her reason? "Aiyah, later need to take food, if park in now, later need to catch him again...". Fine, it's a good reason. But if only she thought of that earlier T.T. Not to mention it was raining, and I got a little wet from chasing the darn dog.

See where all these are building up to?

When I opened the door, I was faced with a electricity-less house. OHhhHhh! So that's what the extra loud and sharp lightning had to offer! Bloody.... If you're still blur, it basically translates to my computer got shut down. Yes. (Even though I'm saying yes now, I was really going, "NOoooOoooOOO~!!!" at that time, though inwardly). I did manage to save the skin that I used, but it's masking all over again. Okay, this is not so bad, I could redo.

Number 2

I was working on the original size pic, which is quite large and made my pc lag a little. So halfway through I decided to transfer to the size needed. Unfortunately I've misplaced my guideline, and I remembered it's half-A4/A5 size. So I opened up a new file, set it at A4 size, then resized it by 50%. Bad move. You see, A4 when folded in half is A5. So while one of the side's length change, the other remains the same. When I resized it by 50%, both lengths change.

See my mistake now? I've already finished the right side of the face when I suddenly got worried (it's instinct I tell you) and messaged William on MSN, to check the guideline. Twas then I realised my mistake! If the image size was bigger, it's alright, resizing it smaller would be okay but in my case, it's the opposite. Fine. I was pretty frustrated, but calmed down, and just recreated what I had done on the original pic (lucky I saved).

Number 3

I've taken all the precautions, saving all the time, making sure everything is corrrect, and did loads of tweaking here and there. Finally, it's 6am, and I decided I should hit the sack. But before that, I'll send my progress to my lecturer. So I flattened the image, resized it, save as -> another file name, etc, and emailed my lect with that attachment. Then I returned to Photoshop, and clicked the few steps back in the History bar, saved it and closed the file.

I was viewing the file I sent to my lect, and got an idea to try out. So I reopened the file, and was quite pleasantly surprised that it came out quite quick. And then.

*drum roll*

I realised that there. Is. Only. ONE. Layer.


WTH HAPPENED TO MY GAZILLION LAYERS!?!??? Crappage, I reverted back to the WRONG tab... it should been another step back!



*headdesk* x 54423452356156896346

Oh? Am i not dead yet? *headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk*

I felt so fucking exasperated. Why me? God, why me, of all minions on Earth? If this is your idea of comic, please, get yourself cable TV or something, PLEASE. I can't take anymore of this.

Oh c'mon. Imagine it happening to you.

Makes you want to *headdesk* as well, doesn't it?

I ought to change my blog's name to 'Maladies of a Confused Girl' or somewhere along that line.

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gianne said...

1. Silhouette left...
Sunday, 7 May 2006 2:56 am

Eh calm down calm down, people do odd things when they're tired! See! You need MORE SLEEP!

2. GenieOnTheLoose left...
Monday, 8 May 2006 4:50 am

yea, calm down ady... redid the darn thing XD

true, i agree with you on the tired thing, because all i wanted to do is snore like a pig.

now, the irony is.... I'm typing this to you.

It's 4.20am

ahahahahah!!! faster come back from uk and shoot me XDXD