Monday, May 08, 2006

One in a million... oops, i mean Century


The one moment in the century hath passed.
01:02:03 04/05/06

Some made wishes.
Some tried to populate the world even more.
Some go partying the second away.
Some slept through it (<- 80% XD) And I? I took. A screenshot. Whooohoooo!!!! Geekdom rul3z! You shalt be g33k-|fi3|) t00!! 533!! 533!!!


...okay, I'll just stop that, lol. Alright, at that time, I was:
= scanning something for Kezia
= chatting to hobbit and seiji
= tweaking my Web Tech assignment in Dreamweaver
= replying my penpal's email
= ...which is in japanese, hence the Wakan dictionary

... Phew. Talk about multi-tasking.

And yea, I did make a wish. As if it's a shooting star.

.... Though I would had more time on a shooting star ^.^;;;;. Had to wish it all in one bloody friggin' second. XD

(sorry for the random typing. It's 4am and I'm sleepy weh)

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