Friday, June 30, 2006

The Boing-Boing Puppy

Was on the train home from Japanese Class, when I realised that other than my homework, I also passed up my notes for today.


WHY AM I SO BLUR!!! ┐(´д`;)┌ わからないよ~!Now I'm not even sure whether I wrote my name on my notes or the exercise T_T. Hope Oda-sensei won't mind this stupid mistake.

Two days ago, my friend dropped her 1-month-old puppy off at my house. We'll be puppy-sitting it for two weeks and TungTung (his name) is too sinfully adorable! He is Madie's nephew and is very very fluffy, like cotton candy~ His 'bark' sounds like "Weh! Weh!" OMG *glazed eyes* (゚∀゚)~~ Here's another thing, his legs are so short, about 1.5 inch and there's only one way to describe his walk/trot:

"Boing Boing Boing Boing Boing"

*dies from cuteness overdose*

Serious, it's like a scene from a tacky children's show, as in, everyone present in the room will look at him and tilt their heads and go, "Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww........"!


Halfway typing the entry abv, my mom called me down. Apparently, my brother chained Mocha, so he can park his car in safely, but that cow of a dog broke the chain and ran out. Thus ensued a 20-minutes chase, but my bro couldn't catch him. The worse part was that Momo ran into the road and started dodging cars to my brother's horror. But he escaped being hit (thank God!), but suffered several cuts from that.

After that Momo ran back to my house, visibly shaken. I was called at this point, and the poor dog had his sappy face on (his other face is the watch dog face where he scrunches up his forehead). Applied some diluted Dettol on the wounds on his leg... lucky it wasn't big nor deep. It's too late too call the vet (over midnight) but we'll see how he is tomorrow... if he's not okay, gonna call in the vet.

Sigh, this Momo... how could you break a metal chain?!?

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