Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bullying at St Joe

St Joe, Miri bully:[action taken, so link removed]

Seriously, I nearly cried when I saw this. It's so incredibly frustrating that you cannot reach inside the video to help the terrified girl, and you just keep watching them slap and hit her, even when she told them she didn't do it. Why didn't she fight back? Easier said than done. You don't see bullies picking on someone who could stand for themselves do you?

By no means am I promoting violence, but the bullies in the video deserve a huge slap with a porcupine. ESPECIALLY the one with the green hairband. The thing is, it's not her fucking problem, she did not even know what it was about at first, just really keen on raining her fist on someone weaker. She was the one who suggested to the other girl to hit her. Did she think she looks really cool? Nuh-uh, she just looks like someone who deserves to be kicked deep into the forest so she can wrestle with bears. Uneducated, uncouth, lower-than-3rd-world annoying bitch that I want to stuff back into her mother. Don't exist better. She's just a tape recorder (Note: "YOU MEI YOU JIANG? x23894723568) without an iota of brain cells anywhere.

[image removed]
The green-hairband girl turns to her friend and goes, "Eh, ask her whether she got say what ah?" Bitch.

Here, remember this barbarian girl (still the green-hairband one)
[image removed]
So it begins.
[image removed]

And it goes on.

And on.

...and on.

There was even a girl who grinned at the camera, flashing the peace sign. There's a girl not far off sobbing and the atmosphere smells of frantic fear and she smiles for the camera? This screenshot is soooo good for dart practice (after I print it out of course)

Sorry, I'm just really really pissed. I can't call them animals either because THAT will be an insult (to the animals ya).

Someone in YouTube praised the person who took this video because 'it exposed high school bully'. DUDE, are you fucking real? The one holding the camera was a GUY, and he followed the progress allllll the way. He was near to the fight all the time. Therefore, I vote for the removal of his balls.

As for the guys standing at the sides, I wished they had intervened earlier. Even after they did, the scums kept going after her. I actually typed this while I'm waiting for the other half to load. And now that I'm done watching it, I'm already crying.

The newspapers have already picked this up. So they will probably get some nice little punishment. Not enough, imho. I think it's better if they broadcast this video all over their school, the city and then parade the bullies down the street. Nothing like psychological damage and shame, as they have inflicted on their victim (s).

EDIT : One picture removed, with the victim's face clearly in it, for protection + respect

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gianne said...

1. kenJJ left...
Thursday, 29 June 2006 5:42 am ::

Wow, it happened at St Joseph, Miri? What a coincidence.

2. GenieOnTheLoose left...
Thursday, 29 June 2006 6:56 am

Ah, checked out your blog... you're from St Joe, Kuching? Yea, it's pretty big news on the chinese papers apparently... not that I can read it, my friend told me _;;;. Chinese banana here, lol.

3. Jack left...
Friday, 30 June 2006 12:15 pm

The guy who shot and released the video is the biggest hero, indeed. So I agree with the guy on YouTUbe praising the cameraman.

I think you are thinking emotionally, and not logically, if you cannot understand why.

Let me try to explain: You think if the cameraman stepped in and helped the victim, the bullies would leave her alone from then on?

No way. Bullying will continue, every time the victim is alone. Based on what is reported being said in the video, the bullies are attacking her for telling on them for beating her before. So this is definitely not the first time. Most likely the teachers ignored it, because teachers cannot protect the victim 24/7. They cannot stop bullying either. The boys can't help her; the cameraman has only one way to truly help her.


By letting the bullying go on, and recording it (she only got slapped and bruised--no hospital attention needed), and posted it on the internet, Then everyone can see what is going on, and see the evil girls being bullies, and the media, police, and community as a whole can come together to put a stop to it.

It was pretty ingenious way to fight the bullies without having to actually fight them.

4. GenieOnTheLoose left...
Friday, 30 June 2006 11:47 pm

Jack, I agree that the video was crucial in pointing out the bullies, and it's also hard evidence against the culprits. And yes, often the school authorities have too much ego to let it leak out, so the bullying won't stop.

However we cannot guess the cameraman's intention of doing so. Was it out of goodwill to tell people about bullying? Or was it just a 'prize' for them, a memory to keep? Something they want to watch back and puff up and go, "we were soooo awesome! let's post this on youtube and warn the juniors, yay!" So... hero, or arrogant stupidity? We do not know.

I admit I felt quite furious that he didnt help her. And perhaps I'm wrong in my judgement. In truth, we cannot praise nor condemn the cameraman, for we know not his intentions. But what is true is that the video gave the bullying problem a spotlight that even the government cannot ignore.

so the cameraman would probably be... an 'accidental hero'? that would probably be it though... thank you for your insight

5. Jack left...
Saturday, 1 July 2006 4:50 am

True, the cameraman is most likely an "accidental hero".

Anyway, I just wanted to give my viewpoint, because I imagined what I would've done to help the victim if I was there. And I decided that if I was there, I would've just let it go on, and recorded it, so that there would be evidence that everyone could see.

Because that too me is the wisest thing if I want to truly help. And I don't think people should outright vilify & hate the cameraman for just recording and not helping, because in truth, regardless of his intention, it is his work as an uninvolved cameraman that goes to help the victim the most in the long run.