Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The effects of grogginess

Last week, my bed and I has a strange magnetic connection. I've been sleeping for 12 hours or more nearly everyday. Or last Monday, I came home, and promptly konked out from 7pm to 7am. I mean, I set my alarm at 9pm, but who am I kidding, even my mom can't wake me up at 12. Let's see: handphone alarm, a REALLY loud alarm clock and an irritated mom... I think I need a bed that ejects me at the designated time...

Anyway, story. So I was sleeping on that Monday afternoon when my bro called me on my cell, and he goes:

HIM: Gianne, I want to borrow the camera later.
ME :
*confused* Huh? Not possible, need it for my assignment.
HIM: Borrow for a while only, going to the car show!!!

Then he puts down the phone, and I was thinking, where can borrow the's attached to the null ... ZzzZZzzzZZzzzzz~

College mates and After Effects users will get what I mean ^.^;;;.

Only when I woke up, I realised what channel I was on XD. When he got home, and I told him about it. I think he feel damn tulan at me XD.

Here's another sleeping story, brand spankin' fresh! As it happened only this morning at 5am, lol. Okay, imagine waking up to something moving around the area of your bed and when you open your eyes, the first thing you see is someone with long hair that covers their face.

Fucking scary can?

That's what I saw and I screamed/yelled bloody murder, and backed away real quick.

The 'ghost' looked up and it turned out to be a very very shocked mother of mine. She had just washed her hair and was on her knees, just trying to extract my poor tortured handphone beneath me LOL. Of course she felt awful, I mean, what kind of mother would not be, if they see their daughter looking absolutely terrified at their sight? So she hugged me and said sorry, although it's not entirely her fault, it's my wild imagination that Ju-On's mother was out to get me (O.o).

Damn you Asian horror movies.

After the shock was blown over, I was in stitches and she was laughing too. We told my bro and he laughed too and told me I'm hopeless XD.

Oh~ I realised it was the triple 6 day. Man, talk about coincidence >.<. Anyhoo, many couples in Malaysia are getting married on this 'auspicious' day! Uh. Don't know about you, but I was pretty much raised on Western ideas, so it's a Satan-related date for me XD. Hence the joke between me and a friend that people married today will be very horny >:D.

It's probably not a bad thing though.

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