Monday, June 12, 2006

Lazy Days

The Mysterious-Cut-Xorro strikes again! It draws its knife and cuts you, so quickly and expertly, you wouldn't feel it even after fresh red blood hath oozed out and dries into dull brown-ness. I noticed it when I glanced at my nails (painted green, already chipping off. damn those cheap nail polish!). Just above the joint of my middle finger, a little line caked with blood. At first I thought it was smeared raisin as I was eating it earlier. It's not really a cut though... looks more like a thin strip of my skin has been torn off. I really can't recall where I could have possible got it. As of this week I have yet to give people the three-fingered "read between the lines" (it's only Tuesday *whistles*) nor did I recall putting my hand into any place dangerous. Sigh, another case in the cold files.


Madie's sleeping at my feet. She's been following me around lately. If only Madie knows how much it means to me when she accosts me. *huggles* On related news, she was 'raped' by Mocha (Momo, how could you!) few weeks back and the said culprit has since been 'banished' outside =_=;;; (Not only that reason actually, he pretty much ruined the sofa.... damn ganas, his chewing habits). I was sleeping that time, and suddenly my dad barges into my room yelling that Madie (aka his baby XD) got raped and I ran downstairs.... and stepped into something clear which was watery-sticky. It's the moment that time froze and whatever sleepiness I was feeling at that moment zapped away pronto, and the words of "Uh.....Oh shit" tapped danced across my brain.


Don't ask.

Not blaming him much though, it's an instinct after all. But still... poor Madie! Now we can't be sure if she's pregnant or not. Vet's coming today so we'll see how.


What I had been up to: Went for X-Men 3 at Times Square with Pui Yee and Lean Chiew last last Saturday, though I had to leave early to finish up my assignment. Ate at Kenny's, ada orang belanja~ XD. Another outing with them again two days ago. Ramen! Ramen! Had a really nice chat about living in foreign countries and backpacking through Europe (first goal: Italy).

Bummed over at my cousin's place for three days, went for ice-skating (damn you greedy management! RM19 entry fee during school holidays?? *bites them*) with her and a friend (the 'Fruits' gather! My cousin is 'Apple', Lai Hoong is 'Orange' and I'm... 'Banana' XD). Quite fun, but loads of people and the cute guy wasn't in sight (bleh XD). Helped Orange's buddies a lil and ends up falling with them twice (still, I haven't fallen in a long time, so it was fun lol). Ate at Manhattan Fish Market, then went home to walk in Taman Connaught Market at night.
Then after that it's movies marathon for me! Watched "You're Under Arrest" (live action) which was very nice and funny. Noboru Kaneko@Okabayashi is so handsome (stop vomitting, I can fangirl if I want to, lol). Then it was "Attack No.1", a volleyball-related series. I really enjoyed it since I played volleyball in high school, and I ended up watching it from 1am up till 9am.... it's that good. ????????????????????Made me miss volleyball a lot. Wish I could turn back time and practice more with Feda. During Form 2, Me and Feda used to be the only two idiots who goes for practice, we had the whole court to ourselves. Good fun! The memories that volleyball has given to me is really priceless... so far nothing could replace the bittersweetness of it, though I'm glad there's more sweet than bitterness to it. Thank god for that sport!

Oh yes, pokkai-ness. TT_TT. Gotta work soon.

Next week, there's this French Festival thing going on... gonna go with Charlene. Anyone else interested? The week after my cousin brother is getting married, and I'm gonna see that apple in a dress AND high heels XDXD.

ARGH! I gotta get my butt moving soon.

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