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Fete de la Musique... extremely late report

I'm a procrastinator. Deal with it. (Only typed up the bottom half today, lol)

18th June 2006

Phew! After ample of sleep and moving limbs that ache and felt as though they do not belong to me (but I can't shake them off, so apparently it's mine), I shoved my ass off bed at 5pm. Yes I know it's too sinful to wake up when the day is about to end, but hello, I'm typing this at 4am, bwahahahahah! [<-- don't try this at home, it's a really unhealthy way to live. Seriously.] Twas the day after Fete de la Musique in Bangsar (5pm-12pm)...a lovely night peppered with dancing, exposed underwear, singalongs, a kiss on my cheek, clapping, violin riffs and more dancing [^_^]V. My initial worry about potential rain in the evening was quashed by the the lovely AFTERNOON rain. Oh the heavens shine on us XD. Those in Alliance Francaise for the morning slot... sucks for you though, hahaha! Naw, seriously if I could I'd love to go for that too.

I went with Charlene... we took the LRT to Bangsar, then a cab to Telawi. When we arrived, after a minor head-scratching, we were greeted by a Malay dance performance. No, it wasn't bad or tacky, but in fact, it's rather good. They all had big big smiles on their faces and their costumes were nice. And I was confused, thinking, "where's the hot French dudes? Eh, thought I'd see French musicians?"

Yes I know what Fete de la Musique is now, so save your breath. >.<>Met/Saw a few people:
1) One blogger which I could not for the life of me, put the finger on her name.
2) Sarah from Que Sarah, Sarah
3) Albert from Glaring Notebook
4) Asha and her friend
5) Munz and JT

Mini Review [note: click on myspace for samples of their music]

THRONE AWAY [myspace] : An okay performance. Don't get me wrong, the music alone was really really good, but the vocals...is lacking. Somehow I felt as though it didn't match the music, as if he was singing the wrong lyrics (eg: Linkin Park's Numb tune to Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars lyrics). Several times he got out-of-tune. But then again, they were the first band, therefore there WILL be pressure (Not to mention the DJs was like, "You're the first band, it's your job to bring the crowd in!" because around 6 smthg, there weren't that many people. Such a turn off for the bands performing, man!). I wonder how they sound like without any pressure. [EDIT: Listened to their MySpace. Nope, still don't like 'em. Not my taste...]

EURONASIA?: Didn't get their name, too noisy.... Fine fine, I can't spell it. Shoot me for being a n00b, okay? XD Anyway, apparently they were only formed two weeks prior to the fest... which probably explains why the lead singer was holding on to two rather-tattered papers while Chester-yelling his heart out. Also, some hints of stage fright because when he was still, the paper was shivering. Again, I'm not teasing, because I have major stage fright myself and if someone were to plonk me on that stage, I'll prolly drill a hole through the Earth, right into New York. Halfway through the song, he bent over and his pants dropped a considerable amount, exposing his underwear. I think it's white... or grey. Can't remember. Either way, it's clean.
Kinda hard to concentrate on their performance after that though.... Considering that they were only 2 weeks old, they were okay. Again the music was very good, but I wished the vocals were louder (sound system prob I suppose)

There was a capoeira performance too.... love those fluid moves. Ate at McDonalds... for FREE!! Don't ask XD. (Me and Charlene, we held Ronald McDonald hostage and threatened to remove his afro. So yea, ask no questions and receive no lies ;P)

[myspace] : When this French band performed, it was when the crowd started getting to it... I love this band! Very laid back kinda songs, yet really catchy and groovable at the same time. I've never danced in public before, but their songs just want to make me move, and I did. Damn fun weh. Will definitely get their CD, their songs are so addictive. Did I mention I love how French language sounds?

BEAT THE SYSTEM: Quite nice... a mix of rock and hip hop. The vocalist had dreadlocks and he had this signature sumo-like walk. Saw them twice... first at the street stage, then on the main stage. Vocalist thrice though, because he was on stage twice.

.... ARGH I FORGOT THE BAND NAME!!!: They were from Johor and dressed really hippie-ish and were playing world music. They had dingeroos(sp?) and bongo drums (?) among their instruments. They are really funky people and their music was enjoyable.

They also had some rappers. It was pretty cool, BUT the coolest part was when Charlene ran onstage and danced... everyone cheered like mad! Wow, legend, lol! Albert poked me, asking me why don't I join her.I think I answered along the lines of "Hell no! You go up la ...
If I do, the stage will crash~" Knew him when I was abt 14, with PY, and this was the first time I saw him irl. So tiny and cute *gets shot*

After that, there was this guy who was really into Charl *wink* . Later on, the rappers came onto stage again, accompanied by the vocalist from Beat The System. But honestly though, after a while they were getting boring. They rapped for quite a long time, although the organizers and DJs were signalling to them to get off the stage because they were running late. I mean, "Drop the Beat" is nice but when it runs on too long, drop off the stage dammit. I'd pick guitar riffs over that any day.

VESPERTINE [myspace]: This band is seriously good. I heard them before they went on the main stage, which was at the street stage. Their street-stage performance nearly blew me away, their songs were awesome. Toss a violionist in = sheks XD. (considering I love LOURDS) For an unsigned band, the quality of their music was superb. Imagine my chagrin when the DJs announced that they were going on a hiatus =_=. When Vespertine sang an extra song, it was hilarious because the DJs mock-pulled the lead singer's leg (as if want to trip him over the stage). I rather the DJs to kick off the previous said rappers to let this band sing more. By this, I do not mean the rapper in this band itself, because it wasn't too 'over' and he was actually pretty awesome, not annoying.

ONE BUCK SHORT: Another awesome performance, and I got their guitar pick!

LIANG: Sang covers... Justin Timberlake song and I can't remember the other. Had really hot dancers, especially the girl who had sizzling moves and body curves to match! The only pop genre heard during the Fest.

Then a jazz band started to set up. By this time, I'm pretty much pooped from dancing nonstop, and Charl and me popped over to La Bodega to meet Munz and her boy, JT. Before we left the scene though, the guy who liked Charl tried to score a date with her, and he kissed Charl on the cheek and mine as well~

I actually met Asha during La Casa's performance and Munz during Vespertine's, both located with SMS and frantic waving XD. It's so nice to see both of them, especially Munz as she had her ass in UK for quite some time. In La Bodega, I shared a bottle of Heineken with Charlene... I wanna try Baileys... darn you people who keep tempting me abt the goodness of Bailey (you know who you are >.<). Oh great. I typed another long ass entry again. I think I'm the only one who will read it, hahah! Last but not least... WILLIAM WHEN IS YOUR BLOG DEBUTING HUH??? Cepat, rajin sikit! XD

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