Saturday, July 22, 2006


Belated pics from Territory Party Launch!

Hah! Proof that I was there! XD Seiji's gf took these pictures~

ME: I was pointing a 'L' to you
ME: It's like, here's the loser!
SEIJI: WTF! (>.<)!!!

Yea, we talk crap like that, lol. Okay, maybe only I talk like that XD. Sorry I look like Ju-On TT_TT (PS: Look under your chair, you might see my face there, wakakakakaka~!)


(Uhhh, I think I scared myself, lol)

My cousin, who previously hates animals, recently got herself some dwarf hamsters because she likes to tickle their stomach (which they do enjoy). But one day, they were trying to get some damn sleep and she kept rubbing their belly. Which leads to...

[MSN chat]
cousin: 1st 2 times they didn't really respond...later 3rd time really bite kau kau..
cousin: when i pull my finger out from the cage the hamster was still bitting my finger
cousin: i had to fling it so she would let go...
cousin: lucky when she let go she fell on my bed

I found that really funny. Hey, no animals harmed, right? And also her family took in a stray dog, and being a family who never had ANY kinds of pets before (excluding fishes) my cousin bro was freaking out at first. He calls me (member of the 'zoo' family), going, "HOW DO I FEED HER?!?!!!"

"Okay, first, put food in doggie bowl. Then give to dog."

Hilarious times.

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