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Territory 5... Japan Fever Party Launch!

Rewind to a week ago, I was rushing to the TERRITORY vol::5 Japan Fever Party Launch. There was going to be several designers from Japan, Australia, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia... and free food. Si I'm pretty much excited, haha. Seiji and his girl went as well, they reached the place when I was going to board the bus, lol. Anyway, lucky they told me the exact location of Galleriiizu so I didn't have to walk around like a blind rat.

Just before 6.15pm, I reached UOA, though slightly red in the face due to some walking from the bus stop. The itenary said that the event will start at 6.30pm, with the hour before as the "Arrival of Guests and registration", but the talks have already started. What the! [Missed the food btw =( ]

It was Bangkok2 presenting, from Thailand obviously... I didn't catch a few things that they said, and I felt a bit disappointed as I missed Junko Kawashima's introduction. I could go on and on as I'm known for, but pictures speak a thousand words doesn't it? (I think I hear a sigh of relief from my friends reading this, lol)

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Bangkok2, with Thanawat Chongmahakul & Sasis Suwonpakprak (I misspelled this many times, lol)

Liew Sanyen, design director from (if) interactive.

They mostly deal with those cool interactive displays; a fusion between art, technology and electrical engineering. For example, a screen, when you touch it koi fishes will flock to your touch as though it's feeding time. Another example, you walk into a disco, and a light will project your shadow onto a screen on the wall and it will respond. There's even one where you can dance on it and the music will follow you or smthg. Things like these can be found in places like Tokyo, where on one you can play 'pingpong' on the wall.

Their presentation on Powerpoint.

Quite a funny guy. Anyway, when he was about to finish up, I went to the loo. Stumbled upon Seiji and his girl in front of Subway, so we chatted for a while. When I got back, full-fledged Taiko Performance going on... Nearly missed it! Phew, lucky didn't! I had to squeeze to the front a bit as everyone there seemed taller than me!! =_= gimme your height. I liked the performance a lot, but forgot to take a pic TT_TT.

Here, consolation:

Shaddap, I know it's empty XD

Michael Dawidowicz (I suspect he has Russian or German roots, lol), creative director of
Urban Collective from Down Under. Friendly fella!

He was the last person to present, so the next thing was the Silkscreen demo from Gilamon.


Everyone was sitting on the floor or standing, so they asked us to stand up and move closer. So we did... maybe a little over-enthusiatically because they were like, "Err, could you move a bit further back?" LOL!

Gilamon; consists of three people with different styles

They're going to put the same design over that,
but a bit off at the sides and in black colour.

Smooth shirt first ya!

Putting the fabric paint in.

The pics after this are screwed, so basically one guy just held the frame down firmly and the other used this... flat thingy to drag the paint to the other end of the frame.

This was the second T-shirt they did. *points to the flat thingy* Yep, that one.

And voila!

They did the same thing on quite a number of T-shirts (I think it's a kill two birds with one stone... Demo + work, lolol), so I got bored and started walking around. The crowd:

Another shot

The place wasn't that big, and the place was PACKED, though my pictures doesn't show that... Loads of people around my age there, and to my delight, they weren't hard on the eyes if you get what I mean XD.

This was super cute... Little plushies on branches!

T-shirts on sale

Weird, yet charming looking dolls.(with beautiful prices)

Journals, creative coasters, games etc for sale. I want that shelf ~~

Artwork by Shiftattack (Singapore)

Not too sure by whom...

... but this was lovely!

I went back to the Silkscreen demo and they were still at it, lol. But this time, they were showing that you can put different colours to drag across... but the result is unpredictable, though it often comes out nice. Here they were using red and black (can see a bit here, lol)

And off I go wandering again.

Artwork by Junko Kawashima. Very nice line sketches!

Zooming in~

I didn't know this then, but these plushies on branches were made by Marisan from Maribrand Tokyo.

..and i think she was right in front of me, but I wasn't aware [>.<]. Dammit.

Dawidowicz talking to someone in front of his exhibition (the pink one behind the boy)

This was in the Bangkok2 Exhibition.... this piece fascinated me a lot.

Why? Because when you take a step back, it's this:

Looks even better if you're farther away!

Later on, it was a bit of an autograph session going on. I approached one of the Thai designers, who was giving out their company's namecard, and asked some questions since I pretty much missed their whole presentation. Then I pointed to their wall and said that I especially liked the girl, with the numbers on her face.

HIM: *looks at me*....
ME : .....
ME : ....Er. The girl with a lot of number '6' or '9' on her face? *point point* It's very nice.
HIM: That's my work. *grin*
ME : Ah! (BRAIN : Bull's Eye!!!)

You see, you wouldn't know whose work was whose since it's all under the name of Bangkok2, so I think I made an artist very happy that day lol. I draw and design as well, so I could understand that feeling when someone likes your work (product of blood +sweat + soul lol). Instead of signing the book, he wrote his name. Sasis Suwonpakprak. I thought it was a bit Eh, but after I typed this entry, I know why, lol.

A Gilamon member, Chin Sau Lim, drew something for me, then signed it. Out of the three styles, I liked his best; messy lines and action packed.Chatted a bit with him as well. Gilamon had the most 'fan-base', by the number of people who wanted their autographs.

Gilamon member signing yet another book... ??????????????????

On the left is Gilamon's Chin Sau Lim, signing the couple's books.

Took this pic because they were all wearing black and was hoping for a no-body-but-got-head effect picture since it's dark outside, lol. Failed. But look! You can't see the girl's head, only the body.... [>.<] It's a mutant. (Okay, I'm lame, lol)

Last, I spoke to Michael Dawidowicz a little and got his autograph. He asked for my name to write in the book, and instead of my first English name which confuses a lot of people, I told him my second English name which was Heidi. But he still asked me to spell it, lol. Maybe he doesn't like ppl misspelling his surname or smthg (Ditto). He wrote: To Heidi, Nice to meet you. Good luck + break all the rules. [signed] The funny bit was after he's done signing my book, these bunch of girls (friends I presume) looked at each other for a moment, then went to him for autographs. Dam unleashed, bwahahahaha!

Designers, gather around!

I managed to take one last shot before my camera battery died, lol. Sad case. The better pics are with Seiji's gf, but I haven't bothered Seiji for them yet =P. I apologise for the bad quality, I had to adjust loads using Photoshop due to bad lighting and colour, and I'm the type who try to avoid using flash as much as I can (because it ruins the ambience!!!)

It was supposed to end at 10pm-ish, but it was over by 8.30... wow, fast. Walked with Seiji, his gf and two friends to KLCC, but split up when we got there as I haven't had my dinner and his bunch are heading to Kinokuniya Japan-branch. Unlike most people, I don't feel like it's a sad thing to eat alone in public, lol. I like my own company sometimes. Didn't even knew it was a 'sad thing' until I went to college >.<. Anyway, ate at McD's because I was craving for their yummy french fries~! Wandered around for a while then went to catch a bus back home. Ergh, dislike the new bus system, I had to take two buses to reach my house >.<

Opened door and was greeted by TungTung's nice smelly present in his cage... I asked him, "Eh, chibi, how can your little body contain so much shit?" In response, he chewed happily on my finger (ouch.)

That's all, folks...

Oooh, wait, links!

Junko Kawashima
BigBro'sWorkshop - The organizer + the one who publishes Territory (an artbook). Very nice, exposed me to many artists. The price is not bad either; RM25.

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