Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Midvalley Outing

I'm actually beyond broke, but then PY asked me out to watch Monster House last Sunday.

     How could I resist? But that day felt damn sleepy... And I woke up at the time I was supposed to leave my house, haha. And I wouldn't had woken up if LC hadn't called me ^_^;;; Sorry ya. Malaysian Time. Summore it's our National Day in about an hour~ Semangat leh!

     Monster House was okay... I liked the girl and the house. The thing I didn't like was that they used motion capture (er, where they put little dots on the actor's body to track the movements) and it looks rather weird-ish in a cartoon like this. Many animations coming to the cinema! Flushed Away, Ant Bully, Over the Hedge, etc. Flushed Away looks quite interesting! Ah~~~ reminds me I haven't watched Howl's Moving Castle...

     Four pictures from my camera and the rest are from PY (My camera sucks orz. But still! Camera =DDD) Taken while waiting for lunch. Manhattan Fish Market, yummy! But my wallet is somewhat sobbing uncontrollably...

LC and me... Eeee, so orange-y~

Don't worry PY, I share your love for camwhoreness =DDDD

ARRGGH, my big head can't fit this frame!! Hey there baby~~ (ZOMG shivers)

LC trying to do a ANTM moment


Manhattan Fish Market

PY looking deliciously sweet.

LC looking more and more like a seasoned camwhore.

I like this picture! I mean, minus out my idiotic face, PY looks good~

Lalalala, why our food haven't arrive?

Oh well, might as well take more pictures *gets shot* XDXD



Sotong and Shitake mushrooms~~ LETS.DIG.IN!!

... so there ends the story of the abandoned prawn head and the four fries who love him.

On the bus ride to Bangsar
(Bloody! KTM faster!!! Took me two hours to get home, hellll)

     I just realised, why no pic of PY and LC together? Sekali make ppl salah faham T_T. Nolah, they were sitting across each other while I'm in the middle so I have plenty opportunities to camwhore ahahah! I chose my place well XDXD. When we wanted to pay our bills, no waiter/waitress could see our waving hands. Well, the cashier saw us twice, but she DIVERTED HER EYES! The hell. So many waiter/waitresses near her, she could had at least alert them. Grrr.

     So thus, to those ppl who ask me go yumcha (Vish, Wai Mun and you know who you are la, lol), sorry yah, I'm very the pokkai now... Sigh, wished I could go though. Blame it on Malaysian Mega Sales.

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