Saturday, August 05, 2006

Paper Tape version of semi Doppelganger

Well, at least ONE of my holiday plans was accomplished... which is 'Make own paper-tape dummy'. The general idea is to get someone to tape you up, and when you cut it out, you'll get a body-double shell. Meet Jenna!


Er... something tells me to lay off the chocolates, Oreos, fried salty fishies and beer... =( Muns wrapped my contours so well, you could see my toulam =((( [Toulam = big tummy basically]

Oh yes, here's a THANK YOU very the muchy!!, dedicated to ML! I mean, I've seen other homemade duct/paper-tape dummies and theirs kinda sucked, so I tried not to have any high expectation for my own, but the end result just blew me away! My dummy's surface is so neat and smooth and resembles me muchly... Kyaaa, so nice~~ All I did was stand there, and it was ML who revolved around me, taping and taping... haha, Muns, you sound like a moon XDXD!

It took about three hours and approximately 5 paper-tape rolls, and some patience from both parties. Toss in a couple of humour when I tried walking around with my thighs pretty much taped together. And voila! Pity we forgot to take pictures of the progress. My knees hurt a bit from standing for that amount of time. It's a bit of an irony that standing still can be more tiring than walking around.

And how will I forget... okay, what would happen if two mischievous imps (in the form of ML's sis and her boy XD) and a mechanical pencil do a little get-together? Let's see: my left boob is named after me, the other is Jenna Jameson (hence my dummy's name XD)
Chest :
"Show me the implants, babeh!" + "I NEED MORE BIGGER!"+ two devil mice running about
Tummy : "Beer goes here!" + "Gulu-gulu... feed me!!"+ Liposuction tube with an 'X' for insertation... (damn you!)
Shoulder :
... general rank....
Crotch :
"Enter here at ur own risk!" (WTF! Oh well... at least it's not RM5 per entry *faints*)
Armpits :
Long long line (hairs...) + "Shave me!" + "I need deodourant! Stinky!!!"
Waist :
Hula dancer + "Look at my body, I'm a HOT mama!!!" + "SUPPORT TRANS!!!" (WHAT THE!)
Back :
Angel wings "Flip flap" + poring from RO + barcode on back of neck ala 'Dark Angel'
Butt : "Squeeze me! Grab me and don't let go!!" + "Shake my butts, baybehhhh" + lips (kiss my ass? XD) + "Nice arse *slurps*" + "Puttttt... oops" + poo

If you're interested to make your own, here's some links: SewNews (<-- we used this!), Clone Yourself a Fitting Assistant, Duct Tape Form

What? Can't be arsed to read through pages of instructions? Worry not!!! I give you... The Leh-zah guide to make a papertape dummy! Simple, enjoyable and fun!!

As demonstrated with Aunty Jiejie Gianne.

Step 1

... procreate. >:D

After approximately 9 months, where within that period you'd be highly encouraged to snack on a generous amount of paper-tape, you'll get smthg like this:
... yup. Hybrid. Due to the very unusual(but cute) head, your little baby will be teased endlessly by Muns and JT faceless and nameless people, dodging the camera =D

Okay, I was *attempting* those fancy ballroom Dip-me-Oh-Dahhhlink dance move, but I positioned the dummy wrongly! So.. shall I call that a Freudian-Dip? XDXD OMG 20 years old and still spouting lame jokes. But then again, it's just so wrong... it's like incest O_o. Ew.

Oh oh, see the hybrid picture! Do you see the two Cinnamoroll dolls? If yes, you're drunk. =_=;;; Sober up then read my blog again. Hahaa, naw, you ain't drunk (but if you see only ONE cinnamoroll, you are.)... one of them is actually ML's belated bday gift from me. Didn't get a chance to pass it to her since she was overseas and all. So, imagine my expression when I saw the EXACT soft-toy on her bed when I gave it to her. A fair fight between "*bengang*", "Oh shiat!" and "Oh yeaaaa, I'm psychic, baby!!" @_@ Turns out it was JT, her boy, who gave it to her one week prior... Don't care, I bought the doll earlier than you!! o(>.<)o LOL jk lah! Now ML has twins, and it was fun seeing her little sis trying to 'kidnap' one for herself and ML doing a Finding Nemo moment, "No~~ Mine! Mine! Mine!" XDXD Oh, here's her present for me:

Cute leh!

My body double is a camwhore... And such a show-off! Look at her brand new neck and her holes are all covered! (... something just feels really wrong with that last sentence...)
I've also stuffed it with scrunched up newspapers so it's more solid. Used about... three newspapers? Feel kinda guilty to the trees. Sorry TT_TT. Next time I promise to be thinner, and if I ever find a better stuffing (polyester fiberfill), I'll recycle!!

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gianne said...

1. Silhouette left...
Saturday, 5 August 2006 3:02 am

muahaha! My dummy-wrapping skills rock! But only because you're such a great dummy!!!!!!

2. GenieOnTheLoose left...
Friday, 18 August 2006 5:06 am

*bow bow* Thank you, dummy master! =DDDD