Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Random photo post...

There was this Korean fest in SGM last month, where I helped out at the traditional Korean musical instruments section. My mom kinda made me to go, but I feel kinda glad that I agreed! It was pretty fun. There were also Japanese, Malay, Kadazan/Bidayuh, Indian and Chinese culture fest, but I didnt get to visit any of them as I was busy with my task (I played the drum 'duk'). Many of the Korean members were decked out in their hanbok, and it looks so pretty on them! Especially the little kids, looked super adorable in their traditional costume~ *pinch pinch* They even had hanboks there so the visitors can wear it and take a picture... before the event started, I got to wear it (for free! lol) and took a picture! Wheee.... staff benefits! XD I thought the hanbok will look horrible on me, but to my surprise, it's quite nice~

Lo and behold! Me trying to act demure. You know, like how the stereotypical Asian girls should be. It might not be clear in this picture, but if am chucked back half-a-century ago, I'll be the wife/daughter-in-law from hell. (....to not go in details, lol).

I totally like how it hides my gemuk =DDD
+ .... & the fact I can hide snacks under it
+ & after eating, I can totally use the 'bow' as a hankie or smthg....
+ ... you know I'm kidding, right?

Me and me mam

Alison and me! I couldn't look at her with a straight face ^o^

The hanbok was just slipped-on, you can see the white collar of my T-shirt ^_^;;.


A better pic of Madie... in her bodoh gaze( >.<)

Fido AKA Old Man -> 12 years old. Beautiful brown eyes~~
I shall never love blue eyes again...

Milo, Mocha & Madie
Taken some time back, when Mocha was still a puppy
... and when Madie wasn't botak XD

Yes.... feel very lazy to type (+ I need to do me work), so shall keep words as minimal as possible, and let the pictures speak =P:

... need... bigger... table....

Recently made DIY Earring hanger

.... =)


Okay, those two pictures above clearly screams, "CAMWHORE!". Thousand words, isn't it? Wahahaha! I have another picture, but unless it's Friendster or MySpace, it'll be too 'jia lat' to placed anywhere else XDXD

More photos coming up! (Last week's class @ LUCT KL Centre)

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