Friday, August 04, 2006

Time for Change

What's the odds of buying two books at the same time, of different genres , and in both, there was an identical sentence, word for word, as well as the character's name in it? It was "Lovely Bones" by Alice Sebold and I can't recall the other book. Was it a Wally Lamb?

How about tearing out an ad in the papers of a certain University of Hertfordshire (the sentence 'International Scholarships Available' tempted me) and then resumed reading 'Pride and Prejudice' to be greeted by the word 'Hertfordshire' scattered throughout the book?

There are many other instances like these, even more so when books are involved, only I've never take note and the memory is no longer solid, but a hard-to-see wisp in my head.

They are consistent coincidences that delights me still.


I'm in a love-hate relationship with my computer, more so with the WWW. I loathe it for taking away so much of my time, and yet I still am grateful for the exposures I got from it. The friends it gave me. My first outlet of expression. The lessons it taught me. The place I Yahoo-ed for whatever seemingly turbulent adolescent afflictions I had. It was a part of my life since 11 years ago.... Man, this reminds me of my MIRC days! Where I would chat like mad and paedophiles-chatters would flock to me and I'd still innocently layan them (hey, I just realised who they were now, okay?).

But now I'm just feeling sick of it at times. It's boring. I don't even like chatting online that much anymore. I'm tired of reading words in my room, with the air-con on. It's just not comfortable anymore. My butt's getting pretty numb and flat (though you didn't really need to know that =D). The emoticons and LOLs that doesn't even means anything. I want to hear, feel the warmth of a person nearby, see the expression, however subtle those expressions may be and all that ... life?

I'm not saying that it's totally bad, but it is when you can't get anything else done. I can admit that I'm pretty dependant on my computer. Can't recall when I got pulled in. I started thinking about this recently, because I was talking to this girl I met while working in Bukit Jalil last week for Hari Pengguna, because her sister is a bit like me (only she doesn't know it XD) and it's refreshing to hear from her perspective.

I'm limiting myself off the computer, unless it's for assignments.


On the subject of crying, have you ever felt a sudden sadness; uncalled for, unexpected and unexplained? For me, it hits my shoulder blades first. Don't ask, it's just blooms from there. Perhaps it's not without a reason. There's an ample of little sorrows that I've accumulated inside. I'm a terrible hoarder, as one may notice if they ever see the state of my room.

A couple of snowflakes rolling down a snow-covered mountain. Silently, it roll and rolls again, picking up more snow... what was a marble, turned into a tennis ball to a basketball and so on. Rolling on and on, and the first snowflake starts to feel dizzy, cramped and choked. At long last it hits a barrier and it breaks in thousands of pieces!

Amidst the shocked humans around, the former snowball feels really good.

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