Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Power shortage in my house few days back, which rendered me speechless because I had to finish some 3D modeling. So, might as well make the loss of PC time into something constructive, so I litted 3 candles and took out my Multimedia Project sketches to draw more. It was kinda nice to work with candles as your only light source. But the downside would prolly be that I nearly burnt my sketches @_@!! That candle was short and I have a habit of tossing papers left and right. Lucky for funny-burnt-smell which alerted me, and it has only eaten up the corners, and from the stack of 4-5 papers, only one has been drawn on. *phew!*

Oh, when I said I used the time constructively, you wouldn't think I meant ALL of the time did you? With candle flames dancing languidly in front of me, I simply cannot resist.

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mmm.... warm-ish....

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the intention was a bonfire jump,
but it looks more like "Yay! I'm in hell!"
or this old Jackie Chan movie where he sat on a joss stick...

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EEEEeeEe!!! Burn my armpit hair!!!
I'm da king of the worrrllddd!!!
Bow to me, little minions!

Jenna is sad because I haven't played with her for a while =(((. Dear body double, sorry for neglecting you, but do wait for a month, only then I can be free to sew some stuff~

September seems to be unkind to me=(. I burnt a perfectly fresh fish into black charcoal few weeks back (sorry fishy TT_TT), and several other things happened. The month started off with my darling dog of 12 years, Fido AKA Old Man, getting into a car accident and he died.

Someone blew out the flame that dances on his candle of life. That has a good 5 inch left of wax.

It was so sudden, and I pretty much bawled for 4 hours straight. It's so hard to see those gorgeous brown eyes lifeless. He was so damn healthy for an old man, so it really sucks that it's not old age that got him, but a fucking car. May the stupid #@$@%$^# hit-and-runner be cursed with 7 very expensive trips to the mechanic. Every year.

He's now buried in my garden. We wouldn't even had known that he was dead if it weren't for Ah Fong tipping my bro off, which had me setting off at night, clutching a long stick, running to said house. They had bundled him up in newspapers and put him at the pavement by the roadside. I somehow think that it's Fido's doing, letting us know where to find him. I know it sounds illogical and perhaps, a little stupid, but it's so much better to have him back rather than to wander aimlessly, forever searching for our dog that may, or may not be alive. RIP Fido... I'll forever miss your fluffiness and not having you running to me when I yell "Old man!"

He's in doggie heaven. Most prolly bugging Keanny. And Betsy.