Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Dah tua? Apa tu??

Okay, was supposed to post this on 10/10/06 12am, but was havin' trouble with Blog-City TT_TT. Anyway....

HAPPY *age-censored* BIRTHDAY, MA!!!

*hughug momsies* Don't worry, you look younger than you are =P!!

Two people from her office gave her a chocolate cake EACH... sek tou zhai jor!!! (<-- eat until wanna vomit, lol). My dad gave her a lovely banquet of roses and her office gave her these gorgeous bunch of flowers mixed with berries!! The latter is so gorgeous, reminds me of wild flowers. I wonder if you can eat them berries, hmmmmm.... *gets smacked* XD. Her friends are over here right now, and I'm the official dishwasher of the day XD

My card to her:

Was trying a new style, you know those lineless cutesy simple greeting card type... Spent about 6-8 hours on and off to finish it. I'm so slow TT_TT. Printing shop oso closed liau. Also, I didn't know it's quite hard to do (well, for me anyway, lol)

But! She liked it, so I feel happy... I know, gotta get her a proper present. Why didn't I get it earlier? Seriously, long story, got another person involved and the more I think of it, the more pissed off I am. ERGH, GRAHHH!!!! *godzilla-smash doors and put hole through solid concrete wall* So the card is the least I can do at a short moment notice. Does the time spent and effort counts? I hope so TT_TT

Anyhoo, the conversation that ensued -->

mom : is this woman supposed to be me?
me : ...yea
mom : her hair is not right, my hair is straight
me : the wind is blowing ... (<--bullshit)
mom : got such thing...? don't look like me la...
me : aiyah, i got make her look fatter already!!
mom : ...

*pap* I fail as a daughter. Haha, no la, she was jokey abt it.

My mom is smart. Observe:

When I was back on my pc, she was like, show me how you do.

me : okay dokes *opens photoshop file*
mam : can make my hair straight?
me : okay. *makes hair straight*
mam : good good. eh, while you're at it, i got fringe, you know. add that!!
me : okay.
mam : hey! not so thick! my fringe is wispy wispy one!!
me : hmmm, okay. *wispy it*
mam : ah, better. looks more like me now. how about my dimples?
me : wah-liu, this is your self design greeting card station is it? *do the dimples*
mam : ...
me : ...
mam : that one dun look like dimples... make it something like a comma, you know, with the little circle?
me : *does that* ... omg, HAHAHA!!!
mam : ....................
me : ... HAHAHA! is it me, or does it look more like you have a mini moustache? (<-- unintentional. Really!!!)

other requests
mam : why isn't madie and mocha in there? (my other two dogs)
me : *dies*

me : want me to make her bigger-sized?
mam : .... don't.

So now it looks like this:

(yes, I gave up drawing them dimples...)
And didn't draw my other dogs...)

A close-up of Mylo: here. Mylo is supposed to look more menacing (well, as much as she can anyway XDXD) with the thought bubble "NO TOUCHY MY MOMMY" since she's so protective (again, as much as she can =DDDD) of my mom, but after I'm done with my mom and the cake, it's like, no space for Mylo to stand on... TT_TT It's my first time drawing an animal though, and I'm quite happy with it.

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