Sunday, October 29, 2006


You know you've spent too much time on the computer when you accidently insulted someone and you find yourself reaching for the Ctrl+Z button.

Busy as hell, although I must admit I lazed off for a few days because at that point, I didn't know why the heck am I torturing myself so much. Is it worth it, I wonder? Do not be mistaken, I love drawing and animating, it's just... I'm itching to take a break and indulge in some other crafts.

Three half-written blog entries saved in Notepad. And they involve pictures. Wait ya!

I was feeling rather nostalgic yesterday, and logged on the my very-long forgotten ICQ, using meebo. ICQ holds many memories for me, because I've found new friends from there, had a few major arguments on it, and through it,mended a n almost-broken friendship. I used to spend HOURS just chatting on ICQ, and I still love hearing that 'uh-oh!' sound.

So anyway, none of my 100++ ICQfriends use it anymore, and instead, I'd get people like, hihi!!! asl? wanna sex? and can't carry a conversation AT ALL. They go, "icic" all the time, and then when you finally get bored of the recording machine, they would go, "u there?" 5 seconds later. "u there?"

Getting harder to get a decent chat. Lazy to be wading through 32489728957 chats just to get a decent one (<--rare), and it's something I don't bother doing anymore.

I'm jaded, hahaha.

So, sample extracted conversations i've gotten yesterday, i'm 14095578, lazy to edit, hahaha! (btw, they find me, not vice versa):

[01:23] 1025732
**: you how tall?
[01:23] 14095578: hahah the better question would be 'how short are you'
[01:23] 1025732
**: i c
[01:24] 14095578: yep... hobbit height.
[01:24] 14095578: 156cm i think?
[01:24] 1025732
**: i c
[01:24] 14095578: why suddenly ask my height? u 140cm is it? XDXD
[01:24] 1025732
**: so u got many many bf ah
[01:24] 14095578: yea, many until they have to take number
[01:24] 14095578: worse than go line up for mykad
[2 minutes silence]
[01:26] 1025732
**: serious ?
[01:26] 1025732
**: so many ?
[01:26] 1025732
**: so amny bf
[01:26] 1025732
**: many bf
[01:26] 1025732
**: hey r u a open minded gal ah
[01:26] 1025732
**: jus askin lor
[01:26] 1025732
**: u mind i ask is it
[01:27] 14095578: zomg
[01:27] 14095578: you believe me?
[01:27] 14095578: nolah, i don't mind. pretty open minded i suppose?
[01:28] 10257325*: hey r u open minded gal (<-- me: nabeh, ask again!!)
[01:28] 14095578: i guess so
[01:28] 14095578: but if that's the prelude to asking me for cybersex, i dun want =(
[silence forevaaaa]

[01:28] 3246116
**: hi dear ru wearing a bra?
[01:29] 14095578: actually i'm wearing boxers
[01:29] 3246116
**: huh?
[01:29] 3246116
**: im horny...wanna sex wif me?
[01:29] 14095578: sure!! can i b top???
[01:29] 14095578: my name is richard, remember to scream it lustfully later.

Got two more, but I didn't copy it in Notepad. Sigh. Oh, asterisks to protect the horny XDXD

Not gonna log on to ICQ anymore, harrumph!

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gianne said...

1. Silhouette left...
Sunday, 29 October 2006 11:20 pm

damn disgusting! Omg, definitely malaysian the first one... Pervs

2. GenieOnTheLoose left...
Monday, 30 October 2006 9:45 am

Hahaha, but this is really common in the internet chatting world! How could you not get exposed to them!!!

Just don't... touch their mouse and keyboard or smthg.