Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Of frustration

The pimplies have arrived!!! ;__;

Why do I always get those pimples that 'blooms' too deep? As in, you can't even get the satisfaction of squeezing the white goo out, it's just a lump that is painful when pressed. On other news, my eye bags are getting darker, feeling lazy to dress up for college, my room looks like a storeroom, and my sleeping time is screwed up beyond recognition.... Aaaah, the smell of assignments wafting in the air... Actually, it's not like a slight cool breeze. It's more like an onslaught of fog or haze TT_TT. Banyaknye!!!

My computer has been exercising my patience lately, with very frequent 'hanging'. I mean, I could have all the programs shut down, and only be playing solitaire and it will still hang. NOT the program, the whole system. That's why I Ctrl+S all the friggin' time when I'm doing my work.

I still find it bearable when I was working on my motion graphics. I mean, sure, it's slow and hangs at least twice a day, but I can handle it! *SUPPA DUPPA WORKA!!!* XD

BUT it pushed my patience to the max when I was doing 3D.

It's only a simple cupcake, and yesterday my computer system crash for no less than five times. What I lost were mostly it's those minuscule adjustments to make the cupcake NOT look bumpy, weird or diseased. Goddamn time consuming. The final crash bit the cake. Like literally. One perfect good, FINISHED cupcake. Because when I restarted my computer after it hang on me, the file was corrupted and cannot be opened for the life of Smoochy!

Ended up working up till 7am, until I can't take it anymore, and went to bed. I was planning to sleep at 5am T_T. Frus la! Considering that I can wipe out 3 real life cupcakes in 10 minutes, here am I, spending so much time modelling a cupcake that I can't even have a nibble on TT_TT

So, you see, I really didn't have mood for 3D after what happened. So, besides being rather impatient in class, when my 3D lect told me about reactors(RAM suicide) to explode my 3d cupcake, I straightaway went, "Don't think my computer can handle it." "Instead of 3 cupcake designs, can I do just one?" "It's not the amount of polygons that is causing it, it's my whole computer."

Head: Man, if I were in his shoes, you're the stupid lazy student who doesn't want to do her work. At least not put your whole heart in it. Hasn't D.H. Lawrence taught you anything?? Honestly though, whether your computer sucks or not, it's not his bloody problem! I gotta figure it out, and YOU better be nice.
Heart: So. YOU buy me new pc?
Head: ... Go to hell.
Heart: Hey, no blood for you!
Head: *prays for artificial machine heart to be cheap*

So yea... those were running through me at that time, but feelings overpowered mouth instead. Oh my god, I feel like an asshole. Dunno why I feel so awful abt this.

Made Kez late to watching her darling handsome Gong-chai in 'My Girl', ahhaha. 'My Girl' is this Korean drama on 8TV, weekdays 8.30-9.30pm. The other actor is none other than the very feminine Lee Junki! Also can be considered leng chai la. Her mom is also a fan of that show. Anyway, when we left college, it was around 8.30pm and she gave her call to her mom to say she's leaving college now. Then just before she put down her cell ...

(loose translation from Canto)

Kez: What the!
Me : Eh? What did your mom say?
Kez: She say she'll watch the lengchais on my behalf wor!! TT_TT
Me : HAHAHA!!! Wei, I like your mom!!!

... but of course, I wuv my mom the best! (<-- in case she's reading the above, XDXD) Speaking me mom, it's gonna be her *age-censored* birthday on the 10th! Anyone want to wish her the lovely woman who gave birth to this gorgeous hippo a happy birthday?? Mine is just three days after hers. I kinda disappointed her 20 years ago, because I simply refused to come out on her birthday. Must be too comfortable XDXD.

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