Saturday, November 25, 2006


Tagged by Eelaine !!

Four jobs I would stink at:

  • Phone Operator. Because the way I put my words can be haphazard and I'd end up confusing them callers more. (And myself)
  • Chef. Hahahahaha, sorry la, I prefer to be on the receiving end, kthxbye.
  • Fax operator. Been there, done that, almost died rotting from boredom. Who the heck hires people to receive faxes?!?! Rich company
  • Dancer. Even though I love dancing, but honestly, I move like a kayu.
Four pretend nicknames I'm making up for myself:
  • hyppogirl
  • merrycarousel
  • burningbutterflies
  • gianne-sama~~ (Japanese equivalent to "Your Highness" XDXD)
Four movies I have watched over and over (and did not fall asleep):
  • The Virgin Suicides (though my friends did confess that THEY fell asleep over it)
  • LOTR (DUH)
  • The Joy Luck Club
  • Any Ghibli film
Four things I love to do on weekends:
  • Shopping.
  • Discovering new places
  • Reading
  • Hanging out with friends
Four alcoholic beverages I've enjoyed:
  • Heineken
  • Does Kahlua on ice-cream count?
  • TT_TT
  • Someone plz buy me a drink.
Four celebrities I would go on a Big Date with:
  • Josh Hartnett
  • Joseph Gordon Levitt
  • Would it be weird if I said Sandra Bullock? She's fun!
  • Jay McCarroll (Oh shut up, I know he's gay)
Four things I could not live without (excluding the essentials):
  • Chocolate~~
  • Books
  • Handphone
  • Computer (self-admitting addict)
Four of my favourite foods, whom I'd like to bon appetite with:
  • French Fries with ice cream. Ronald McDonald.
  • Sashimi. Friends
  • Deep-fried sotong. Family
  • KFC. LC and PY
Four places I would rather be right now:
  • Somewhere nature-y
  • Cambodia
  • Shopping in Tokyo
  • UK (to disturb Muns XDXD)
Four people I'm mercilessly tagging:
  • Mun Ling.
  • Seiji.
  • Pui Yee.
  • William.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Droopy Eyes and Buffet

Not too inclined to stay too long on my computer at the moment. For after 2 months of staring into it, and I think my astymy-smthg-ism's power has risen, therefore i deserve a short rest.

Another art filler post... drew this in the beginning of the year, then abandoned it in true-gianne style, ohohohoho!!

[ Photoshop + tablet ]

Click for bigger, it will lead you to my DevArt page.

     Actually there's not much to finish up, since it was about 95% done and I just had to touch up a bit here and there today. Just a doodle really; was testing out a new colour scheme. The crack is probably stress-related. I really don't know, ask her. I call this... "Buh." Because that the word that pranced in my head whenever I look at it.

So "Buh" it is.

     One of my holiday goals is to finish up all those halfway done works in my folder, there are simply far too many WIPs and only one or two completed. I have a pregnant teenager, a burlesque dancer, a hopeful girl, music listener and a few more.

     My aircon is leaking like it's owned a constipated bladder before this 'release', and it stinks like some funny shit. I didn't notice the extent of its leakage and by that time, my carpet drank it up and spreaded the stinkiness in the radius of 1 meter like cancer. It soaked some drawing blocks a little and the smell transfered to my mom's batik pajamas (i'm supposed to alter it a little to suit her more) and my jeans which was on the floor (since my cupboard has no space). Burning incense has only worked about 40%.

     Just packed up my room into a more dignified state. I can't say cleaning up my messy room, because people who knows me would just pronounce that as 'bollocks' because it's never neat. My plea is that I have far too many things that I've hoarded like a hamster. I still have that shirt when I was in primary school, and schoolbags and broken bags that I could not bear to throw away. Not to mention all of my books scattered throughout my room and a fabric stash I've accumulated.

Going to a Japanese buffet with Kez, Seiji, William and TJ in about an hour or so!!! Yay, yay, can't wait~~ my stomach is already tugging my brain while going, "Are we there yet? Are we there yet?"

I asked it to shut up and to sing "99 bottles on the wall".

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Malaysia Boleh... Membazir?

This was published in an Australian newspaper and I concur with it. Kudos to the writer.

MALAYSIA'S been at it again, arguing about what proportion of the economy each of its two main races — the Malays and the Chinese — owns. It's an argument that's been running for 40 years. That wealth and race are not synonymous is important for national cohesion, but really it's time Malaysia grew up.

It's a tough world out there and there can be little sympathy for a country that prefers to argue about how to divide wealth rather than get on with the job of creating it.

The long-held aim is for 30 per cent of corporate equity to be in Malay hands, but the figure that the Government uses to justify handing over huge swathes of public companies to Malays but not to other races is absurd. It bases its figure on equity valued, not at market value, but at par value.

Many shares have a par value of say $1 but a market value of $12. And so the Government figure (18.9 per cent is the most recent figure) is a gross underestimate. Last month a paper by a researcher at a local think-tank came up with a figure of 45 per cent based on actual stock prices. All hell broke loose. The paper was withdrawn and the researcher resigned in protest. Part of the problem is that he is Chinese.

"Malaysia boleh!" is Malaysia's national catch cry. It translates to "Malaysia can!" and Malaysia certainly can. Few countries are as good at wasting money. It is richly endowed with natural resources and the national obsession seems to be to extract these, sell them off and then collectively spray the proceeds up against the wall.

This all happens in the context of Malaysia's grossly inflated sense of its place in the world.

Most Malaysians are convinced that the eyes of the world are on their country and that their leaders are world figures. This is thanks to Malaysia's tame media and the bravado of former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad. The truth is, few people on the streets of London or New York could point to Malaysia on a map much less name its prime minister or capital city.

As if to make this point, a recent episode of The Simpsons features a newsreader trying to announce that a tidal wave had hit some place called Kuala Lumpur. He couldn't pronounce the city's name and so made up one, as if no-one cared anyway. But the joke was on the script writers — Kuala Lumpur is inland.

Petronas, the national oil company is well run, particularly when compared to the disaster that passes for a national oil company in neighbouring Indonesia. But in some respects, this is Malaysia's problem. The very success of Petronas means that it is used to underwrite all manner of excess.

The KLCC development in central Kuala Lumpur is an example. It includes the Twin Towers, the tallest buildings in the world when they were built, which was their point.

It certainly wasn't that there was an office shortage in Kuala Lumpur — there wasn't.

Malaysians are very proud of these towers. Goodness knows why. They had little to do with them. The money for them came out of the ground and the engineering was contracted out to South Korean companies.

They don't even run the shopping centre that's beneath them. That's handled by Australia's Westfield.

Next year, a Malaysian astronaut will go into space aboard a Russian rocket — the first Malay in space. And the cost? $RM95 million ($A34.3 million), to be footed by Malaysian taxpayers. The Science and Technology Minister has said that a moon landing in 2020 is the next target, aboard a US flight. There's no indication of what the Americans will charge for this, assuming there's even a chance that they will consider it. But what is Malaysia getting by using the space programs of others as a taxi service? There are no obvious technical benefits, but no doubt Malaysians will be told once again, that they are "boleh". The trouble is, they're not. It's not their space program.

Back in July, the Government announced that it would spend $RM490 million on a sports complex near the London Olympics site so that Malaysian athletes can train there and "get used to cold weather".

But the summer Olympics are held in the summer.

So what is the complex's real purpose? The dozens of goodwill missions by ministers and bureaucrats to London to check on the centre's construction and then on the athletes while they train might provide a clue.

Bank bale outs, a formula one racing track, an entire new capital city — Petronas has paid for them all. It's been an orgy of nonsense that Malaysia can ill afford.

Why? Because Malaysia's oil will run out in about 19 years. As it is, Malaysia will become a net oil importer in 2011 — that's just five years way.

So it's in this context that the latest debate about race and wealth is so sad.

It is time to move on, time to prepare the economy for life after oil. But, like Nero fiddling while Rome burned, the Malaysian Government is more interested in stunts like sending a Malaysian into space when Malaysia's inadequate schools could have done with the cash, and arguing about wealth distribution using transparently ridiculous statistics.

That's not Malaysia "boleh", that's Malaysia "bodoh" (stupid).

Malaysia's latest 'throw-money-into-the-wind' would probably be the RM400 mil Istana Negara in planning. For crying out loud, build what? Gold toilets?? With that amount they can do so much for the people. They could be upgrading rural areas, preserve our environment/culture, give more into the education field, or heck, raise the salary of policemen so they can stop nanti rasuah. Yes yes, I know they need more for the policemen part, but RM400mil could be put aside for that methinks. I really need to read more about these issues.

Investment in the people has never gone wrong... what could you get out of bricks but just momentary recognition? Like everyone has said, first class facilities (not properly maintained) but third class citizens. Perhaps after building the people up, we could stop hanging onto success stories of foreigners (who possess a tiniest link to Malaysia will do ...say, if you applied for PR here before, or your greatgreatgreat-grand-aunt-cousin was a Malaysian etc) . If you treat the people good, they will give the equal amount of it back. Don't give me the whole love-your-country-even-with-sad-minuscule-pay. Unless the country is dirt poor, I can understand, but no. If you can afford stupid extravagant things, like this castle, the London sports complex and sending an astronaut to space to burn himself 'teh-tariking', you should be able to afford to take care of your people more.

I do believe that Malaysia boleh. Besides Boleh Parrot, I mean, really boleh. It's just that it can just be so frustrating and stifling here sometimes. If only the higher authorities owns a sort of pride that doesn't hitch a ride, not too arrogant to admit mistakes, to discuss with their brain in full usage (passion is good, but when it turns into insults and name calling, it's hard to give them respect) and not blind to the realities of this potentially great country... if only they would think thoroughly before declaring something (HP in school and reduced traffic fines, anyone?), and also be able foresee the consequences of their actions/plans, the problems that may arise from it, how to tackle it, (all these falls under good planning really) and have the intelligence+wisdom to make decisions. If they would just look within their own country more and look at the big picture.

I'm blahpetty-blah-ing because I'm waiting for my computer to be scanned since it might have some kind of annoying virus. Shit.

EDIT: [for my post on Mahathir ] Apparently the day I missed reading the papers, was when Mahathir told everyone that Badawi is not the first choice but Najib is. Ouch-low-blow??? That puts Pak Lah and Pak Ajib XD in a sort of awkward position... I don't agree about washing your clothes in the full view of the world, when it could be done behind doors . Eh, I'm a bit atas pagar for this issue.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Hairy business and Celebrity Lookalike

Feeling sleepy when i'm on the computer, but when i try to sleep i can't. But i'm still sleepy, bah.

Dreamt i had long hair, and my mom lopped it off and i became depressed. Don't know what's up with that, because i personally prefer short hair on myself, though currently trying to grow longer locks without getting the itch to reach out for the scissors.

Can't seem to bring myself to spend over rm30 for a haircut. So far, 99% of my hair cuts costs rm20 and below. The one time i spent a lot on a haircut, it came out horrible. Well, that put me off for sure.

Before hairdressers all over the world start hating me, i'd like to clarify that your skills deserve that amount of fee, and i'm just a tight arse where money is concerned sometimes.

You'd be too if your state of wallet resembles mine. Need to get a job, fo' sho'.

Anyway, going to the hairdressers is like playing russian roulette... only that 5 out of the 6 chambers are filled, and only one would make you feel relieved. Suffered bad haircuts my whole life, but i get people pointing out that it's my face shape (it probably is). Please, don't remind me of my mushroom-resembling phase back in F1 . Whenever i see those pictures i get a huge urge to grab a nearby bowl and place it on my head, exclaiming gleefully, "perfecto fit!!!" or simply "new fungal species". Furthermore i was a fat mushroom, bursting in my pinafore and wore big geek glasses (gold tinted rims omfg!!1!1one).

How the hell did this guy fell for me when i looked like that???? Unphantomable, really.

My best haircut was in F5, when i followed Kirsten Dunst's character in crazy/beautiful. But then again, i just came out from the hospital and was thin. Even bought a pair of jeans a size smaller, but couldn't wear it again after a week. Ahhh, my one week of glory was over!!

EDIT: Found a pic of me and a friend back in F2 (no, he's not the one who fell for me). And I realised that I have an uncanny resemblance to a certain celebrity.
















Unfortunately, it's Drew Carey.

Friday, November 17, 2006


Got distracted while drawing the machine for my Multimedia project. Photoshop + tablet

(click for bigger)

Then I remembered that I had some work to do, and I better get to it dammit. So quick doodle, yea.

Oh, if you notice, the watermark does't read DEVILtonight anymore, because I'll be shifting over to merrycarousel@Devart. It seems more appropriate because DEVILtonight suggests some kinky stuff at night, and it's not like I'm getting any anyway, lol. New account is still empty at the moment, but I'll fill it up once I'm done with my assignment...

Oh, another assignment whoring time, we had to recreate HTML website into flash, minimum 5 pages, so I did this website. It's a website that translated Traditional Japanese Children Stories into English, so they have the option to view the translations.


It's pretty fun because I'm learning Japanese and I ended up reading the stories instead of completeing my work XDXD Hey, kill two birds with one stone, do assignment + study language! Hope you don't mind the evil evil ads, which ruins the layout... sorry for not putting in a preloader m(_ _)m, so you gotta wait for a while before the story pops out...

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Fairytale skewered

The truth about Cinderella

This is BRILLIANT! I haven't laughed so hard since... since... I don't know when. Sinfully funny weh! Watch watch!

It's in Cantonese...


Beauty & the Beast
Sleeping Beauty
Snow White (diff from Disney)

Ouch, my tummy is still hurting from all the laughing.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Trailer for Porco Rosso

Aloha, this is an assignment whoring post!! Wahahahahah!!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Did a very simple countdown and put together a trailer from Porco Rosso. Dunno why this time the player doesn't appear, so just click here . Everything on the countdown is drawn by moi, and the anime is property of Studio Ghibli. Music is from Porco Rosso soundtrack too. Ahhh, I love bi-planes!!! Had fun drawing this one.

Pimpin' Seong Jee Kuan's ! (Yea, I know his totally pwnz mine TT_TT)

Adam, upload your sexy chicken feet!!!

PS: Note to Bouncy Oompha Loompha, aka Muns (XDXD), I couldn't catch you online... for the moment I don't need your voice, I'm using subtitles. I mean, it sounds really good on it's own, my own voice also, but when I put them together, it sounds very wonky... I think the recording needs to be done in the same room or something, so it'll sound more natural. Thank you so much for helping me with my proj (me and Jenna bows to you XDXD) Still have the intention to put in voice, but maybe when you get back from UK? Of course the dateline will be over by then, but I'll be doing for my own.

Man, this blog is starting to turn into a msg board for my buddies (^-^)

Friday, November 10, 2006


Uhm. I just majorly embarassed myself today.

Quick! Hole!!!

It involves my stage fright (which returned in giddy vengence, buAHahahahaha!!! TQ for asking), my big mouth, a huge stage (Hall of Fame...), a panel consisting of industry people and lecturers, and a nice little crowd of people.

The ripples that your cup of water made was not from T-Rex, but rather, me. Sorry to the people who felt my hippo tremors T_T. I was shakin' like Elvis but I ain't dancin'.

It's not as bad as I may make it seem, but it's still VERY mortifying for me. I haven't felt like a fool for a long long time. This visit from the past that I'm not to inclined to meet again, but fate, ah! Nearly wanted to cry but didn't, because I'm reminding myself that I'm still learning, step by step. Even if it will bring a lot of clumsy tripping and many falls on my face (metaphorically), my falls are getting less frequent.

???????????????! ?????????????????????

Even though sometimes I blink and I'm back at where I started. It's annoying, all I can say. I feel like such a weak creature. Keep, keep walking forward. Fix your eyes on the path in front of you.

But it's good I suppose. It volley-smashes my flaws to the ground for all to see, but at least I can see what went wrong. I mean, I moaned to a few people abt this, but all of them go, "Nevermind, chalk it up as experience." If it was supposed to make me feel better, at that moment, it didn't lol. As said, am very embarassed, but then again, what's this compared to the number of times I've embarassed myself? The number is amazzzzing, like phwoar!!! I have my super thick hide to rely on. Not to mention my layers of gemukness. I love my friends for still being a friend even though I can be a little weird, awkward and unOrthodox sometimes.

It's a bit hard to admit your own shortcomings. In fact, I had to pull my self-confession out by cajoling, quick sharp tugs, and finally, threats. Bloody mule. Then I'm glad I did.

On another note, I'm very easily amused. Chat log with William, I can't look at it without chuckling:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


Monday, November 06, 2006

Petronas Ad

Filler post I suppose: Petronas Ad

Seriously, watch it. A universal message, and it nearly made me cry.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Short Ramblings

     Sigh, Studio Ghibli's people is giving a talk in Technology Park on Monday, and I'm having a goddamn final presentation at the same time. WHYYYYYY??????? Of all the time they could have it on, it lands right smack on presentation day. No marks for this bull's eye, dude. I doubt I can skip it without dire consequences, so that option is out of the window.

I can make it for the talks (though not Ghibli) in the morning, but who the heck will take me back to college for presentation? I now feel the pain of being licence-less.

This plain sucks =(((((.

     Hobbit will be going though, so at least I can hear what happened through him. *gets a dinky table, two chairs, a room, a paintball gun for intimidation purposes and an interrogation lamp* Ready! I have three days to develop a rough and pissed-off officer voice. Maybe I should get a beard too... *gets bricked*

     Just finished dinner. Fragrant spiced rice (very yummy today), roasted goose (the skin + the fattyness, zomg), salad and a cup of wine (a tad too bitter for my liking), and a lamb leg still cookin' in the oven. The reason for this extravagant meal? My grandma was supposed to come by today, but cancelled at the last minute, and my mom has already prepared the lamb leg.

     Waste not, right? Ah, yes, the poor ground of my family's house is crying from the pressure of the gemukness in the house =_=;;;. I've gone fatter TT_TT. Also, the thing is when I'm stressed, I gain weight, even though I'm already a flubber. But Kez, now, she loses weight even though she's flubberless.

God, you're so unfair DDDD=.

     So anyway, Aunt A came, with her pup Jingles (freshly showered from pet saloon, with ribbons in her hair), with the offering of roasted goose in her other hand. Of course Aunt A is well-known for cursing like a sailor (in fact, even a sailor would be shocked by her >:D. New term: *cursing like Aunt A*) , thus it's ALWAYS interesting =DDDD I told her I like my wine sweet. Her reply is "Fuck you la!" My mom and her friend were laughing XD. And no, am not offended at all la... humoured more like it.

Too bad I'm like, stuck in my room, most of the time today.

Sigh. Back to work.

EDIT: Mocha was whining at the door as usual, but now he's whining even more because he wants to get to know ickle Jingles more. He sat there crying to get closer to her, for quite a long time (He's outside, Jingle's inside the house).Mam jokes that he likes her.

Aunt A: (to Mocha, sweetly) Jingles says way in hell!! She doesn't want you... she wants an expatriate!!! Preferably Australian~
Mam: Summore he's capalang
Aunt A: Yea la, not pure breed oso!

Poor Momo!! XDXD *hugs him* It was so amusing. Momo actually upped his whining when Aunt A spoke. He's damn adorable when he whines (btw, he whines all the time, for absolutely no reason, from the time he was a pup till now). His face and eyes are so animated, he's a naturally expressive canine, yo! Aih, if only my camera wasn't so crappy and could actually record sound, I'd upload it up for the sake of adorableness.

But I'll just bombard you with his pictures =DDDDD.

momo awake
momo ZZZzzZZZ
momo as a whiny puppy (paws so cute!)
he barfed on me as a pup =_=

As a whiny adult >.<
( Don't mind all the sleepy pics. He's actually very active)

Friday, November 03, 2006

Heed the 'barking'

Two Oreo crumbs on the hooha about Tun Mahathir:

Not that I agree with some of Mahathir's actions during his time, and though I do agree that he's been criticising the government a lot, but still, that man has done a lot for Malaysia. To ask someone, who has given nearly his whole life for Malaysia, to shut up is more than ungrateful and is very disrespectful. If this is how certain current politicians are treating Tun Mahathir, hurling him words that his time has passed, that his opinions are not needed, that he should had fixed it during his 'rule'....

If Tun Mahathir's voice is not heeded by these people, what more about our voices, the civilian's?

If they can't even reserve a level of respect for him, what kind of respect can we expect from them to us?

No comment is better than an idiotic comment.

The only one handling the issue properly is Pak Lah, so kudos to him. His character is worth respecting. The words that comes out from his mouth actually goes through his brain first!! I could never ever imagine him engaging in name-calling, insults, putting someone's worth down etc (which happens very often in the Dewan -> comedy gold).

There was a reader's SMS comment in the Star today, which went:

The Govt should ignore Tun Mahathir. Why entertain him? Let him bark alone until he is exhausted.

Sureeeee, if you put it that way, let me continue the story. Wear earplugs, and wait until he all hoarse from endless barking and stops. Then when the 'thieves' come, where they proceed to tie you up, mess up your house, and steal your valuables... then after, with much difficulty you untie yourself, you scold him, "NABEHWTFSATAY!! Why didn't bark?!?"


EDIT : Note to Seiji (providing you're still alive from doing 3D non-stop, haha), someone is selling them NANA shoes!!! Same as Singapore ones. So, now, go forth, and fulfil thy CD fetish want XDXD

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Hey Blondie

If you ever tried to imagine me as a blonde, but fail to go past Donatella Versace's look... nah:


Nice anot? But it looks rather dry, I might need to go for treatment or some sort.

Okay, okay, I'm just bullshitting. It's a wig yo. Also, I must admit that I've photoshopped three bloody giganto pimples from my face. Shit-serious giganto. It's like a baby Krakatoa waiting to erupt at a moment's notice. As triplets. Anyway, let's stop talking about my oily face and back to the wig.

I think I look *quite* okay what. Wig was for a cosplay plan that I'm scrapping, since I'll be hopping down to Singapore this holiday, with Pui Yee (!!!). Will I bleach my hair anytime soon? Nope. I'd rather have my hair in blue or pink, and I'd be more comfortable if I did that in, say, cities in US and Japan. Another reason for the location is so that my family won't sneak up behind me holding a vat filled with black dye. But currently I'm not too wiling to spend my money on my hair when I could have better use for it. You know, more to knowledge/character building rather than superficial wants and what not.

Really, I didn't bleach my hair la. See, proof.

red glasses
Hey blackie.

... okay, my real intention is to show off my new glasses XDXD. Erm, yea new glasses. Just right after my comment on not spending money on superficial stuff. I have a valid reason la. My old ones are frameless and getting too loose (TT_TT sorry for having a large head okay!), which sometimes fall off when I tilt my head down. Plus, it's on sale in Ampang Point, RM199 for frame and lenses. Paid by mom =DDD. The optician suggested that since my power is high, we ought to go for the higher index lenses, which will be thinner. Ended up adding another RM90 for it (medium option, the lower is RM50, while the high range is RM150 (<-- NO WAI!!!).

My bro nearly got a pair himself, but decided not. Two days later, he came back with two pair of glasses, saying he got them both for under RM199 or smthg. TWO!! RM199!!! In Sg Wang or smthg.


But I really like my new glasses. I used to hate wearing my old ones when going out (and yet, too lazy to put my contacts in) . How do I explain it... it's like I just don't feel that comfortable in it. It reminds me of how I was like in high school, and it doesn't reflect how I am today. I had two choices actually. The other was black, where my mom, bro and the two opticians agreed collectively that I look much better in the black one. Red is so hard to match, red is horrible etc. And for once, I stuck with my own choice, and the result is, I didn't regret sticking to it. Oh, the tide has turned.

When I went to collect it, the fit was... well, snug-tight, but I didn't think much of it because new spectacles take a while to loosen up. after a day wearing it though, it's obvious that it needs some serious readjustment as my head was in the process of becoming an hourglass-shape...

Oh, the brand of my glasses is 2". It's kinda ironic, because for the past year, I've been chuckling at their ad everytime I pass it in a shopping mall. It's those type that when I saw it the first time, made me stop short because my first glance of it is so ... misleading. It's a life-size cardboard cutout ad. Some HK or Taiwan singer is in it and it looks smthg like this (Okay, he wasn't smiling, just actin' all coooool and stuff, with baggy pants and all, ya'know...):

2 inch
Only 2 inch?!? Oh, you poor poor man...

I mean, geez, can put the brand name a bit higher anot? (It was lower, but I malas edit la. Got assignments dei!) I get bombarded with those bloody spam abt banana enlargement all the time, so it's slightly unnerving to see this , which seems like the vice versa service that. Their range of glasses seem nice though. The colour range is yummylicious~!

On the subject of spam mails, I have an advice.

bulk mail, like whoa

Ye shalt not piss spammers off. I did, and my bulk mail increase from a daily 20++ to a hundred over a day. And they're duplicated =_=;;;

same same
Yup, they signed my mail up for every bloody spam newsletter they have, 10 times. Fuckers.

Because one time, I got really pissed with those letter that goes like, hi, i'm the relative of this so-and-so billionaire who, liek, just died, but i can't get his money without your help, if you help, i'll give you 10% of the fortune. But oh, you gotta pay me first, liek, for all the bank account & lawyer settlement... (<-- written in a very professional way though, but still I can't understand how people actually believe that shit.) So I replied to two scammers like those, around the lines of "Please sod off. Don't give me these kind of nonsense. May your ass land in jail for a long time too. "

Ya, I dug my own hole. =(

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


It's lunchtime, and I'm hungry.

What to eat?

I don't feel like popping instant noodles into the microwave for two minutes. Or frying rice in eggs, with a sprinkle of salt. Eggs with sausages? Fried chicken breasts soaked in teriyaki sauce, served with rice? Oreos with rice?

So I did the first thing a lazy girl would do.

Raid the cupboard of cans.

I did attempt to think like a good little hardworking asian girl. My version being, boiling some udon noodles and then cooking Campbell's delicious mushroom soup as sauce. Or perhaps, luncheon meat? But then I'd have to wash the pan and to open a whole can for one person would seem like a waste!

Then I spotted it.

Tuna. With garlic. TC Boy brand.

Why, how unusual! Tuna AND Garlic? Excellent, it's like combining two atomic-breath-bombs!! In a very convenient 8cm-diameter/5cm-high tin can too, if I may add. Darth Vader ought to have some, I bet it'll be like self-asphyxiation or smthg. I don't know about you, but I have't seen such a thing (hidden meaning: I haven't been to the supermarket for half a year)

That's what I was thinking as I was squatting there, with Mylo looking quizzically at me.

Thus, it was the Chosen One, and I eagerly peeled off the top (the can's top, NOT my top) and scooped some into my bowl of rice. And oh, the leftover veggies from last night. Balanced meal mah (Nutritionists reading this will smack their foreheads, and going, "D'OH!!" in exasperation)

The verdict? Fun at first, but the 'novelty' of it wore off in approximately 5 minutes. Then I spent the next 10 minutes separating the slightly spicy tuna from the garlic. I prefer plain tuna floating in oily goodness, tqvm.

I guess I'm a traditionalist in some ways.

Lesson? Just fry that damn luncheon meat.

What? Can't hear me? Come closer, my dear... *unleashes tuna/garlic breath*

EDIT: Wait, it's ginger. Damn, like that oso can mix up. Don't let me in your kitchen, boys and girls!