Friday, November 03, 2006

Heed the 'barking'

Two Oreo crumbs on the hooha about Tun Mahathir:

Not that I agree with some of Mahathir's actions during his time, and though I do agree that he's been criticising the government a lot, but still, that man has done a lot for Malaysia. To ask someone, who has given nearly his whole life for Malaysia, to shut up is more than ungrateful and is very disrespectful. If this is how certain current politicians are treating Tun Mahathir, hurling him words that his time has passed, that his opinions are not needed, that he should had fixed it during his 'rule'....

If Tun Mahathir's voice is not heeded by these people, what more about our voices, the civilian's?

If they can't even reserve a level of respect for him, what kind of respect can we expect from them to us?

No comment is better than an idiotic comment.

The only one handling the issue properly is Pak Lah, so kudos to him. His character is worth respecting. The words that comes out from his mouth actually goes through his brain first!! I could never ever imagine him engaging in name-calling, insults, putting someone's worth down etc (which happens very often in the Dewan -> comedy gold).

There was a reader's SMS comment in the Star today, which went:

The Govt should ignore Tun Mahathir. Why entertain him? Let him bark alone until he is exhausted.

Sureeeee, if you put it that way, let me continue the story. Wear earplugs, and wait until he all hoarse from endless barking and stops. Then when the 'thieves' come, where they proceed to tie you up, mess up your house, and steal your valuables... then after, with much difficulty you untie yourself, you scold him, "NABEHWTFSATAY!! Why didn't bark?!?"


EDIT : Note to Seiji (providing you're still alive from doing 3D non-stop, haha), someone is selling them NANA shoes!!! Same as Singapore ones. So, now, go forth, and fulfil thy CD fetish want XDXD

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