Thursday, November 02, 2006

Hey Blondie

If you ever tried to imagine me as a blonde, but fail to go past Donatella Versace's look... nah:


Nice anot? But it looks rather dry, I might need to go for treatment or some sort.

Okay, okay, I'm just bullshitting. It's a wig yo. Also, I must admit that I've photoshopped three bloody giganto pimples from my face. Shit-serious giganto. It's like a baby Krakatoa waiting to erupt at a moment's notice. As triplets. Anyway, let's stop talking about my oily face and back to the wig.

I think I look *quite* okay what. Wig was for a cosplay plan that I'm scrapping, since I'll be hopping down to Singapore this holiday, with Pui Yee (!!!). Will I bleach my hair anytime soon? Nope. I'd rather have my hair in blue or pink, and I'd be more comfortable if I did that in, say, cities in US and Japan. Another reason for the location is so that my family won't sneak up behind me holding a vat filled with black dye. But currently I'm not too wiling to spend my money on my hair when I could have better use for it. You know, more to knowledge/character building rather than superficial wants and what not.

Really, I didn't bleach my hair la. See, proof.

red glasses
Hey blackie.

... okay, my real intention is to show off my new glasses XDXD. Erm, yea new glasses. Just right after my comment on not spending money on superficial stuff. I have a valid reason la. My old ones are frameless and getting too loose (TT_TT sorry for having a large head okay!), which sometimes fall off when I tilt my head down. Plus, it's on sale in Ampang Point, RM199 for frame and lenses. Paid by mom =DDD. The optician suggested that since my power is high, we ought to go for the higher index lenses, which will be thinner. Ended up adding another RM90 for it (medium option, the lower is RM50, while the high range is RM150 (<-- NO WAI!!!).

My bro nearly got a pair himself, but decided not. Two days later, he came back with two pair of glasses, saying he got them both for under RM199 or smthg. TWO!! RM199!!! In Sg Wang or smthg.


But I really like my new glasses. I used to hate wearing my old ones when going out (and yet, too lazy to put my contacts in) . How do I explain it... it's like I just don't feel that comfortable in it. It reminds me of how I was like in high school, and it doesn't reflect how I am today. I had two choices actually. The other was black, where my mom, bro and the two opticians agreed collectively that I look much better in the black one. Red is so hard to match, red is horrible etc. And for once, I stuck with my own choice, and the result is, I didn't regret sticking to it. Oh, the tide has turned.

When I went to collect it, the fit was... well, snug-tight, but I didn't think much of it because new spectacles take a while to loosen up. after a day wearing it though, it's obvious that it needs some serious readjustment as my head was in the process of becoming an hourglass-shape...

Oh, the brand of my glasses is 2". It's kinda ironic, because for the past year, I've been chuckling at their ad everytime I pass it in a shopping mall. It's those type that when I saw it the first time, made me stop short because my first glance of it is so ... misleading. It's a life-size cardboard cutout ad. Some HK or Taiwan singer is in it and it looks smthg like this (Okay, he wasn't smiling, just actin' all coooool and stuff, with baggy pants and all, ya'know...):

2 inch
Only 2 inch?!? Oh, you poor poor man...

I mean, geez, can put the brand name a bit higher anot? (It was lower, but I malas edit la. Got assignments dei!) I get bombarded with those bloody spam abt banana enlargement all the time, so it's slightly unnerving to see this , which seems like the vice versa service that. Their range of glasses seem nice though. The colour range is yummylicious~!

On the subject of spam mails, I have an advice.

bulk mail, like whoa

Ye shalt not piss spammers off. I did, and my bulk mail increase from a daily 20++ to a hundred over a day. And they're duplicated =_=;;;

same same
Yup, they signed my mail up for every bloody spam newsletter they have, 10 times. Fuckers.

Because one time, I got really pissed with those letter that goes like, hi, i'm the relative of this so-and-so billionaire who, liek, just died, but i can't get his money without your help, if you help, i'll give you 10% of the fortune. But oh, you gotta pay me first, liek, for all the bank account & lawyer settlement... (<-- written in a very professional way though, but still I can't understand how people actually believe that shit.) So I replied to two scammers like those, around the lines of "Please sod off. Don't give me these kind of nonsense. May your ass land in jail for a long time too. "

Ya, I dug my own hole. =(

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