Saturday, November 04, 2006

Short Ramblings

     Sigh, Studio Ghibli's people is giving a talk in Technology Park on Monday, and I'm having a goddamn final presentation at the same time. WHYYYYYY??????? Of all the time they could have it on, it lands right smack on presentation day. No marks for this bull's eye, dude. I doubt I can skip it without dire consequences, so that option is out of the window.

I can make it for the talks (though not Ghibli) in the morning, but who the heck will take me back to college for presentation? I now feel the pain of being licence-less.

This plain sucks =(((((.

     Hobbit will be going though, so at least I can hear what happened through him. *gets a dinky table, two chairs, a room, a paintball gun for intimidation purposes and an interrogation lamp* Ready! I have three days to develop a rough and pissed-off officer voice. Maybe I should get a beard too... *gets bricked*

     Just finished dinner. Fragrant spiced rice (very yummy today), roasted goose (the skin + the fattyness, zomg), salad and a cup of wine (a tad too bitter for my liking), and a lamb leg still cookin' in the oven. The reason for this extravagant meal? My grandma was supposed to come by today, but cancelled at the last minute, and my mom has already prepared the lamb leg.

     Waste not, right? Ah, yes, the poor ground of my family's house is crying from the pressure of the gemukness in the house =_=;;;. I've gone fatter TT_TT. Also, the thing is when I'm stressed, I gain weight, even though I'm already a flubber. But Kez, now, she loses weight even though she's flubberless.

God, you're so unfair DDDD=.

     So anyway, Aunt A came, with her pup Jingles (freshly showered from pet saloon, with ribbons in her hair), with the offering of roasted goose in her other hand. Of course Aunt A is well-known for cursing like a sailor (in fact, even a sailor would be shocked by her >:D. New term: *cursing like Aunt A*) , thus it's ALWAYS interesting =DDDD I told her I like my wine sweet. Her reply is "Fuck you la!" My mom and her friend were laughing XD. And no, am not offended at all la... humoured more like it.

Too bad I'm like, stuck in my room, most of the time today.

Sigh. Back to work.

EDIT: Mocha was whining at the door as usual, but now he's whining even more because he wants to get to know ickle Jingles more. He sat there crying to get closer to her, for quite a long time (He's outside, Jingle's inside the house).Mam jokes that he likes her.

Aunt A: (to Mocha, sweetly) Jingles says way in hell!! She doesn't want you... she wants an expatriate!!! Preferably Australian~
Mam: Summore he's capalang
Aunt A: Yea la, not pure breed oso!

Poor Momo!! XDXD *hugs him* It was so amusing. Momo actually upped his whining when Aunt A spoke. He's damn adorable when he whines (btw, he whines all the time, for absolutely no reason, from the time he was a pup till now). His face and eyes are so animated, he's a naturally expressive canine, yo! Aih, if only my camera wasn't so crappy and could actually record sound, I'd upload it up for the sake of adorableness.

But I'll just bombard you with his pictures =DDDDD.

momo awake
momo ZZZzzZZZ
momo as a whiny puppy (paws so cute!)
he barfed on me as a pup =_=

As a whiny adult >.<
( Don't mind all the sleepy pics. He's actually very active)

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