Saturday, November 11, 2006

Trailer for Porco Rosso

Aloha, this is an assignment whoring post!! Wahahahahah!!!

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Did a very simple countdown and put together a trailer from Porco Rosso. Dunno why this time the player doesn't appear, so just click here . Everything on the countdown is drawn by moi, and the anime is property of Studio Ghibli. Music is from Porco Rosso soundtrack too. Ahhh, I love bi-planes!!! Had fun drawing this one.

Pimpin' Seong Jee Kuan's ! (Yea, I know his totally pwnz mine TT_TT)

Adam, upload your sexy chicken feet!!!

PS: Note to Bouncy Oompha Loompha, aka Muns (XDXD), I couldn't catch you online... for the moment I don't need your voice, I'm using subtitles. I mean, it sounds really good on it's own, my own voice also, but when I put them together, it sounds very wonky... I think the recording needs to be done in the same room or something, so it'll sound more natural. Thank you so much for helping me with my proj (me and Jenna bows to you XDXD) Still have the intention to put in voice, but maybe when you get back from UK? Of course the dateline will be over by then, but I'll be doing for my own.

Man, this blog is starting to turn into a msg board for my buddies (^-^)

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